Sep 30


   "We are coming for you mom!!!!”

Written by Wendi: 


Luckily, there wasn’t too much excitement this week. Clemson almost lost to North Carolina if it weren’t for them trying for the 2-point conversion instead of tying to go into overtime.  Needless to say, Clemson won.  After beating UCF last week, Pittsburgh was on upset alert for most of their game against Delaware (mini-Michigan).  And by Mini-Michigan, I am talking about their uniforms.  Same colors and the winged helmet but just a brighter blue.  But instead of Delaware Wolverines, they are the "Fighting Hens”.  And boy were they plucking away at Pittsburgh.  Baylor is quietly sitting at 4-0 in the Big 12.  Are they back to the glory days like when RGIII was there?  Or is it just a fluke?  They play Kansas State next so that will be their first true test this season.  And even though Kansas has Les Miles, AKA the Mad Hatter, they are still with only 2 wins for the season.  But if they get one more win, they will be tied with the same number of wins as last year.  Apparently there were a few of us sitting on the edge of our seats for the Arkansas and A&M game.  As usual this game did not disappoint with the excitement.  We all know mom was snickering with going low on that game while the rest of us went high.  But as in Arkansas fashion, they blew it.  Auburn beat the breaks off of Miss State.  I think since the Auburn player tumbled into the Miss State mascot "Bully”, it deflated the team’s moral.  Is Miss St that bad or is Auburn that good?  They play Florida this week and may be a challenge.  I am sure this pick with be on there this weekend.  And Adam, you don’t think we noticed but we saw FSU beat NC State 31-13.  And you thought they couldn’t get six wins.  They are almost there.  I don’t hear it much on TV or anything but Penn St is blowing out just about everyone they play.  The Cougars out ran the Maryland Turtles (Terps) 59-0 on Friday night.  I think Notre Dame had their hands full with Virginia for a little while until Virginia couldn’t keep pace.  Wisconsin struggled offensively this week after the rout over Michigan last week while Michigan blew out Rutgers 52-0.  But then it is "In-a-rut-gers” and they just fired their head coach with only 8 wins the last 3 seasons.  Meeechigan plays Iowa this week and will be another test for Michigan to find their identity.

Iowa State did their best to come back and win but their defense could not stop Baylor from marching down the field and kicking a field goal to regain the lead.  If it wasn’t for that loss, me and David would have had perfect weeks as well.  Ah, wishful thinking. 

On to pick’ems..

   This may have been the first time that at least 9 of us got 50 or more points in one week.  Unfortunately for mom, she only had 48 and it gave everyone else a chance to inch closer to her.  She came to my house Sunday afternoon and she was drenched in sweat. I asked her why was she sweating.  She replied and said because she is feeling all the pressure.  That you are mom.  That you are.  There wasn’t much movement but and with everyone nailing most of their game and scoring more than 50, it made for a good and not so dramatic week.  But it won’t last long.  I think by looking at this weekend’s schedule, this week will be a make or break kind of Saturday.  It looks to be a tough one.  I don’t think there will be too many more easy weeks like this one unless ESPN is feeling generous. 

Am I the only that thinks Megan and Brendan should just quit now?  Maybe, just maybe, they have too much money and just wanted to give the winner an extra $20 for their entries and just bomb on their picks?  Or could it be that they just don’t know what they are doing?  I am going to guess the latter. 

    And yes Adam, I will finally address that you nailed all 55 points.  There, are you happy?  Congrats, would you rather have a cookies or Willie Taggart fired?  Well I can’t really help with the coach being fired but I may be able to make you some cookies.  What kind do you want? <sarcasm>

  A few of us needed Teddy to slip down the rankings and he didn’t disappoint this week.  He managed to get 45 points with losing 4 games.

  There is now 62 points separating first and last after 5 weeks. How is that even possible? 

Most points for the week:  Do I have to really mention it again?  You can’t make me.  I won’t do it.  Nope, still won’t. 

Least points for the week:  At least it wasn’t you Megan but instead this shout out is to your betrothed Brendan.

Best pick of the week:  To the select few that picked Hawaii over Nevada.  Apparently you haven’t noticed who they have beaten in the Pac 12.  Their only loss is to Washington.  


Worst pick of the week:  I’m not going to acknowledge Megan and Brendan’s Virginia pick over Notre Dame but will go with Mike and Teddy drinking that Wash St Koolaid.  They blew a huuuuge lead over UCLA and lost last weekend.  


Who needs the money the most this week: With all the sweating mom needs to go buy a new handheld fan to keep on her at all times. 

Here’s how we rank going into week 6…

1.       Mom – 220 points

2.      Wendi – 215 points

3.      David – 212 points

4.      Cindy -209 points

5.      Teddy – 202 points

6.      Marc – 201 points

7.      Mike – 198 points

8.      Adam – 195 points

9.      Dave – 190 points

10.  Kim – 188 points

11.  Megan – 172 points

12.  Brendan – 158 points

Good luck this week!  We will need it.