Oct 7


ESPN Pick’ems Week 6 Review


Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t figure out the Pac 12 or the Big 12 at the moment. In one week, Oklahoma State looks like a team competing for the Big 12 title and then the next…falls completely flat to a rebuilding Texas Tech team. Don’t let the final score fool you, Texas was in a fight with West Virginia. The same West Virginia that got their doors blown off by Missouri. Yeah, Oklahoma has not really played anyone yet, but that’ll change this week when they take on Texas. Oh and Baylor is undefeated!?!


The same goes for the Pac 12. Right when you think Washington was the killer team we thought they were…they lay an egg at Stanford. You thought Washington State was going to light it up this year? Wrong. They have dropped two straight games. One of them to a really bad UCLA team. Oregon might be the best team in the conference but they didn't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside against a California team that was starting their back-up quarterback and who couldn’t move the ball a lick. But to be fair, the Bears have a really good defense.


The SEC Divisional races are starting to settle things on the field. Either Florida or Georgia is going to win the East. Alabama and LSU will battle it out for supremacy in the West but Auburn will have a say even with their loss to Florida. Auburn and freshman quarterback Bo Nix STILL has to play Georgia on top of playing LSU and Bama. That’s a tough ask to win all three of those games. However, LSU hosts Florida this weekend.


Until further notice, Ohio State is the cream of the crop in the B1G. Outside of the Pitt game, Penn State has been destroying everything in its path and could challenge the Buckeyes in the East. For the record, Michigan will drop at least two more games. It’s Wisconsin or bust in the Western Division. Don’t even bring up the fact that Minnesota is 5-0 and could challenge Wisconsin. Let’s not get carried away.


Very quietly, Wake Forest is 5-0 in the ACC. It probably won’t last too much longer though. Watching the Virginia Tech / Miami game will give you ample reason to not watch ACC football this year. Virginia Tech went up 28-0 after four Miami turnovers in the first four possessions. Miami miraculously storms back to tie the game 35-35 to only miss the extra point. It didn’t matter though. The Cane Defense melted down and Virginia Tech was able to punch in a score.


UCF lost…again. That’ll cut out all the championship talk from Orlando.


On to Pick’ems…


It was pretty obvious when Wendi forcefully told Mom to have a seat… and Mom happily complied after snagging only 30 points. When Mom lost her 4 early points on Iowa, it was as though everyone smelled blood in the water.


And now all the pressure is back on Wendi as she regains the top spot.  


Everyone, including Brendan, got in a good laugh at Mike, Mom, and Kim as their first 3 picks went up in flames faster than the Hindenburg. That trio also finished at the bottom in points received this week.


Mike just can’t seem to pull up out of his nose dive. He started out in 2nd place in Week 1. Since then, the oxygen masks have dropped and the flight attendants are now starting to panic.


Brendan is now 63 points from the top. At this pace, he’ll be 100 points down in three weeks.


Cindie is just like that creeper that keeps hanging around. Every time I turn around she’s still right behind me. She’s still in a good spot at 4th place as she waits for someone to make a mistake.


You may not have noticed, but Marc seems to be making his move north. It was funny when he started out in 8th place. We giggled when he was in 7th place in week 3. We cracked some jokes last week when he was in 6th place. But now that he’s moved in to 5th place, people are starting to get uncomfortable.


Teddy can’t seem to figure out if he likes 5th place or 6th place better.


Just a normal routine wellness check on Megan… Yep… still in 11th place and not threatening anyone.


Most points for the week: Wendi, Marc, and Dave snagged 38 points in a very challenging week. Kudos.


Least Points for the week: It wasn’t that long ago when Kim was in 6th place. After only getting 29

points this week, she’s now hovering in the not so coveted bottom three spots.


Best Pick of the week: Megan was the lone person to pick Florida over Auburn. I’d say that turned out pretty well. But let’s address the elephant in the room… You’re still in 11th place.


Worst Pick of the week: Mike, Dave, and Kim sticking 9 and 10 points on Oklahoma State beating Texas Tech are the dummies of the week.


Who needs the $120 this week? Dave might be struggling to get up from the mat, but sticking 7 points on Virginia Tech beating Miami was pretty aggressive and it paid off. With this type of aggressive play, he’s clearly in need of the money. But if he doesn’t win the cash, there’s always plan B. Ask for a raise at the ole’ job.


Here’s how we rank going into week 7:


1. Wendi – 253 points

2. Mom – 250 Points

3. David – 246 Points

4. Cindie – 242 Points

5. Marc – 239 Points

6. Teddy – 237 Points

7. Adam – 230 Points

8. Mike – 229 Points

9. Dave – 228 Points

10. Kim – 217 Points

11. Megan – 209 Points

12. Brendan – 190 Points


If you aren’t apart of the GroupMe conversation, it’s not too late to join. Good luck in Week 7!