Oct 14


In the words of Ray Charles

"Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind”

Written by Wendi:


Hey David, did you know that if you hadn’t messed up on the pick in week 1 on the Nebraska game, you would be in 1st place?

   Is it me or did the SEC’s reputation take a little beating on Saturday?  Ol’ Rocky Slop beats Mississippi State, South Carolina stuns Georgia at home and Vandy lost to UNLV at home. Those "chickens” proved to be too much for the bulldogs to handle.  Did anyone see the shocked look on the fans in the stadium as the game ended?  And for the South Carolina players that had the "hedges” in their mouths, I hope there wasn’t any pesticides on them.  Aside from Vandy, what is happening to the more "elite teams”?  I remember when everyone was sure Mississippi State was someone to reckon with.  Now they are the bottom dwellers of the SEC.  Florida proved it could not hang with the "DBU”.  If that’s what you call it.  Neither team really showed great defense in that game.  It was a back and forth kind of game til late in the 4th quarter when LSU pulled away in the game.  That LSU and Bama game is looking quite interesting as it approaches.  Could they be the one to hand Bama their first loss of the season?

  Even though the Texas and Oklahoma game finished with a 7-point difference, the score should have been much differently had Jalen Hurts not left 2 potential touchdowns inside the red zone with an INT and a fumble.  Texas was completely out played in this game.  9 total sacks for Ehlinger.  They could not get the ball moving in the 1st half.  I don’t even think they had 50 total yards in the 1st half.  Oklahoma playing with a little defense which is rare for the Big 12.  And by the way Texas, no you are not back, you have a long way to go…..

Wisconsin may be the real deal.  They are playing lights out.  They shutout Michigan State and they are the 4th opponent this year that Wisconsin has shut out.  Michigan struggled in the 2nd half with turnovers and poor playing on the road at Illinois.  With Penn State this week, Notre Dame next week and Michigan State and Ohio State still to come, Michigan may have 4-5 losses this year.  Could this be Jim Harbough’s last year at Michigan?  He still has not beaten Ohio State, not made it to conference championship game and struggles to beat any ranked team.  And secretly, Minnesota is still undefeated.  But they haven’t really played anyone yet.  They have Penn State in a few weeks and will be their first big test if they can stay unbeaten up to that point. 

Speaking of unbeatens, there were a few that went down this weekend.  Memphis being one of them.  It is hard to win with turnovers.  Just ask Michigan.  Appalachian State, SMU and Baylor are still undefeated as well.  Utah and Oregon look to be the best teams in the Pac 12.  And yes Clemson, you spanked a sorry FSU team (sorry Adam) but did you actually expect it to be close?  I could be wrong but I think Willie Taggart’s days are numbered in Tallahassee. 

On to pick’ems..

  Hey David, did you know that if you hadn’t messed up on the pick in week 1 on the Nebraska game, you would be in 1st place?

  Raise your hand if you are glad that Georgia game was not on the picks?  I know I am.  I am 99.9% sure we all would have gone 8 or higher on that game. 

  This was another week without really any upsets on the picks.  For 7 of us, Memphis was our only loss but it was all about point placement for that game which determined the outcome for the week.

  Mike will join the list of perfect weeks thanks to his pick on Temple.  Congrats.  Doubtful it will happen again.  I can see Mike now "Hey Priscilla, let me play a few more weeks, I know I can win, I just had a perfect week.  I will do the laundry for the next month if you let me play.” 

 Teddy, just because Auburn had a bye week did not mean you needed to have a bye week on your picks.  Luckily, you were able to snag the high points on the late games after being informed of your picks not being done.  But don’t worry you are in good company with Dave, Kim, Brendon and Megan. 

 I needed a few late-night upsets to go my way so I can keep the lead but my plan did not work and I dropped to 2nd behind mom.  Will she ever go away?

The top spots are heating up and there is NO ROOM for error in the next few weeks. 

Marc took a tumble by risking 8 on Texas Tech.  What were you thinking going that high?  But to be fair, mom had the same amount on Baylor and that game came down to the wire.  Mom was squealing like a high school girl during the 4th quarter of that game. 

David, Cindy, Adam and Mike inched their way closer to the top spot.  That may have been why I kept having hot flashes all day on Saturday.  I was feeling the heat. 

Even Brendan nailed 54 points for the week but don’t get too excited Brendan, you are still 15 behind Megan.  I guess you were able to concentrate on your picks with Megan in the ER and her not being there to bug you.  You can tell the truth.  It will be our secret. 

There is now 59 points separating first and last place.

 Hey David, did you know that if you hadn’t messed up on the pick in week 1 on the Nebraska game, you would be in 1st place?

  Most points for the week:  Mike can go ahead and add this to his list of achievements for nailing all 55 points.  He now has a total of ….1 achievement on his list.  I give you permission to have bragging rights this week.  Now get back in the kitchen and make Priscilla a sandwich, she called me to tell me she is hungry. 

Least points for the week:  Football was out of Teddy’s mind this week as it was a bye week for Auburn.  His 34 points landed him in 8th place.   

  Best pick of the week:  Mike will make this list as well by picking Temple.  Even though he went 1 on it, it gave him the perfect week.  I heard you all the way from Alabama snickering with all of us losing that game. 

  Worst pick of the week:  Marc, Marc, Marc8 points on Texas tech earned you this coveted spot.  Don’t worry, there is still about 6-7 weeks to go to catch back up.

  Who needs the money the most this week: Some how Megan had a needle inserted through the top of her foot and had to spend a majority of the day in the ER.  Either Megan needs the money for her "drug” problem or she just needs to money for the ER bill.  Admit it Megan, you are one of those trying to insert the needle in the foot and it broke off? 

  Here’s how we rank going into week 8…

1.       Mom – 303 points

2.      Wendi – 302 points

3.      David – 299 points (Hey David, just think you could be in 1st place right now)

4.      Cindy -294 points

5.      Mike – 284 points

6.      Adam – 280 points

7.      Marc – 278 points

8.      Teddy – 271 points

9.      Kim – 269 points

10.  Dave – 268 points

11.  Megan – 259 points

12.  Brendan – 244 points


If you are not in the top 6-7 spots by now, I am afraid you may be running out of time to win. 

P.S. David, see how ridiculous it sounds by you saying that EVERY week.  Get over it already.  You are not in first place and you messed up on your pick in week 1.  It happens.  I am tired of hearing it ALL THE TIME…………    Start calling you David "what if” Hall.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Good luck this week!  We will need it.