Oct 28

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ESPN Pick’ems Week 9 Review


What a mess Week 9 was for the Big 12. The conference’s flagship program Oklahoma got dumped by Kansas State in a shocking upset which upended our high points on the picks. And if that wasn’t enough, TCU upended Texas in another upset. Currently, the best football team in the State of Texas is 12th ranked Baylor who is sitting at 7-0.


I know they aren’t ranked in the top spot just yet, but the best team in College Football right now is probably Ohio State who murdered a really good Wisconsin Badger team on live television. The offense is ultra-efficient and the defense is a ruthless killer.


And right when you thought Michigan was staring down the barrel of an 8-4 season, they go and do THAT to Notre Dame. If Sammy played his cards right, this is the time to be asking Wendi for something special since she’s not in her ‘Michigan lost again to a top ranked team’ mood.


Should we start taking this undefeated Minnesota team serious after pasting Maryland 52-10? Probably not, they’ll probably drop three of their last four games which include #5 Penn State, at #19 Iowa, and #18 Wisconsin.


The only argument that Ohio State is not ranked #1? LSU has a stronger resume than Ohio State does by beating then ranked #9Texas, #7 Florida, and #9 Auburn. But, the LSU defense can get gashed a bit when playing an elite offense which makes the LSU / Bama match-up in two weeks even more intriguing. LSU has been battle tested against top teams… But Alabama? Their best win maybe was against Texas A&M.


The SEC East is about to get decided this weekend as #6 Florida and #8 Georgia battle in Jacksonville. Both already have losses though and it WILL be on the picks.


On to Pick’ems…


Another week has passed, and Mom’s still on top. Of course, Mom had to post the cold hard truth in GroupMe. "Remember Kids, I spanked you when you were little and I’m still spanking you.” After twenty minutes of cricket sounds, the best and only rational response that someone could come up with was from Mike who posted, "Yeah David.”


But seriously, is this the best we can do against Mom?


Although I am only two points down from Mom, I keep zigging when Mom is zagging. Cindie is playing the long game when she should be playing the short game against Mom.


Mom shoved Wendi out of the plane without a parachute and she’s in a free fall at 4th place.


Mike and Marc attempted to go on the attack against Mom from their foxhole but one of them forgot to throw the grenade after pulling the pin. The medics are STILL picking up the pieces.


The only special thing Kim is doing is dressing up her dog in Auburn gear… and Teddy still thinks whoever has the least amount of points wins.


It's not like Adam's in a rush to get his shot at Mom either as he see's the trail of utter destruction in front of him.


Dave already pulled out and waved the white flag against Mom and surrendered faster than Poland did to Germany in WWII.


And how bad are we REALLY doing against Mom? Mike summed it up with this post on GroupMe: "Wow, I only dropped 1 slot. I’ll take that as a victory.”  Megan should have replied with, "At least I kept my spot.”


Most points for the week: Adam and I scored a week high 38 points thanks to bad play on everyone else’s part.


Least Points for the week: Mike took the brunt of that grenade blast only grabbing 25 points.


Best Pick of the week: Wendi and Adam cutely sticking 1 point on Michigan to beat Notre Dame. They both came out as winners.


Worst Pick of the week: Let’s go with Wendi and Marc sticking 7 points on Texas beating TCU. Hell, even Dave had enough common sense to go 1 point on the Longhorns. Dave’s virtual response to Wendi and Marc… "Did you even watch the Kansas / Texas game a week ago?”


Who needs the $120 this week? Now that Cindie and Jim have gotten into bee keeping, the cash could go towards medical supplies such as band-aides, Benadryl, and several epinephrine auto injector kits since Cindie is already allergic to wasp stings. She is not certain if she is allergic to bee stings just yet. However, I would err on the side of caution.


Here’s how we rank going into week 10:


1. Mom – 386 points

2. David – 384 Points

3. Cindie – 375 Points

4. Wendi – 373 Points

5. Adam – 359 Points

6. Mike – 352 Points

7. Kim – 349 Points

8. Marc – 349 Points

9. Dave – 347 Points

10. Teddy – 340 Points

11. Megan – 339 Points

12. Brendan – 327 Points


If you aren’t apart of the GroupMe conversation, it’s not too late to join. Good luck in Week 10!