Nov 23

Week 11 Review
Written by Wendi

Football, Turkey and Cards, Oh My!
Football, Turkey and Cards, Oh MY!

What a weekend.  On a day with plenty of thanks to go around, we had a 3 TV setup, plenty of delicious food and David got spanked at spades all day long.  I donít know about you guys but my favorite part was watching David have meltdowns in spades.  David never stood a chance when everyone was out to get him.  

What many thought would be a blowout, Indiana came pretty close to upsetting Ohio State.  Maybe if there were a few more minutes left in the game, they might have pulled it out.  But it seems as if this game may have been Ohio Stateís toughest game of the season.  Another surprise was seeing Northwestern beat up on Wisconsin.  I believe Wisconsin had 5 turnovers.  You cannot win a game like that.  

Coastal Carolina struggled to put ...

Nov 16


Week 10 Review

Written by Wendi


You know, I didnít even want to write the article.  As a matter of fact, I give up on college football this year.  Maybe I just need to get a new team to root for.  Any suggestions?  Yeah Michigan still sucks and got blasted 49-11 at home.  That was very difficult to watch.  In fact, I turned off the TV and went to bed early.  True Story.  Enough of that nonsense now.  Just glad David didnít put them on the picks to force me to choose them.  I have a feeling though this week may be different.  I hate you David.  This is why you are NOT my favorite brother.  Just saying.

Back to Business!

Miami was able to score a late touchdown to seal the deal against Virginia Tech.  I heard mom yelling all the way from Neilís stating she needed her ...

Nov 9


Week 9 Review

Written by Wendi


 Well aside from the Michigan vs Indiana game, the other 2 first set of games looked to be a disastrous start for the day but luckily, Texas got the win over West Virginia and USC scored 14 points in the final few minutes to win the game.  Finally Texas did not let us downÖ.Well maybe they did for Kim, Marc and Adam.  As for Michigan, they suck.  I thought maybe last week against Michigan State was just a fluke because your rivals tend to amp up their game.  Nope, Michigan just sucks and for anyone (Mike, Adam and Noah) to point points on let alone 7 on Michigan, you deserve to lose.  I only put points on them because I canít pick against them.  Even though I know they are going to lose.  Thereís some magical force in my fingers and I just ...

Nov 2


Week 8 Review

Written by Wendi


On a day for tricks or treats, Saturday was just that.  It had some upsets and surprises.

That old green scary monster came out of the closet and upset Michigan at home.  This makes Jim Harbaugh 1-6 at home against both State Rivals.  He is on his last year of contract that has yet to be renewed.  Is this the end of the Harbaugh era?

Just when you think you get a read on Auburn and Texas, they surprise you.  Auburn demolished LSU 48-11.  But you know what that means?  Auburn will fall flat on their face against Mississippi State in a couple of weeks...Texas upset Oklahoma State in overtime in a Texas fashion.  And like Mike said, Texas is not back.  Or are they? 

Another tricky upset was Virginia over North Carolina.  I know it was not on the picks but I ...

Oct 26

Week 7 Review
Written by Wendi

Well another week is down and the B1G and the Mountain West FINALLY started league play and it did not disappoint.  Penn State lost to Indiana in OT in a controversial 2 point conversion.  Your thought?  Either way, Penn State is out of any championship talk.  Rutgers beat Michigan State which was funny as well.  Is Michigan State that bad or is Rutgers coming up???  In what seemed to be a struggle for Ohio State against Nebraska in the first half, Ohio State finally put the beat down on them in the 2nd half to win 52-17.  Purdue beat Iowa? I mean Purdue???  Northwestern beat the brakes off of Maryland (Laughing at mom picking Maryland).  Mom, just because Tuaís younger brother is QB there, isnít an automatic win.  Maryland is not Bama.  Just saying.  And of course Michigan, although off to a worrisome 1st possession, Michigan ...