Dec 21

Week 15 Review
Written by Wendi

Well it was the finale, the big weekend showdown with the conference championship games and some other good match-ups. 

Am I still bitter and upset that Ohio State received favoritism and played against Northwestern?  Of course.  Did I want them to lose?  Definitely.  But unfortunately they did not.  But they did struggle to move the ball for most of the game and was able to pull away late in the game.  Ugh! 

Oklahoma said "not twice in a year”!  Oklahoma beat Iowa State in a low scoring (for Big 12 standards) defensive battle 27-21.  And for the 6th year in a row, Oklahoma is Big 12 champs. 

After being down 28-7 at the half, Utah scored 38 unanswered points to win 45-28.  And boy was I glad, I had 7 points riding on that game. 

In another low scoring game from Army, the outlasted Air Force ...

Dec 14


Week 14 Review


  With 3 games on the picks that were cancelled and some football coaches being fired, what a Saturday full of upsets and shoe throwing.  For those who missed the game or the highlights, LSU beat Florida in a shootout.  End result, LSU was driving and was stopped short of the 1st down.  The Florida guy who tackled the LSU player, took his show and threw it downfield.  Why?  No one knows but him and penalty flags were thrown.  It ultimately led to the winning field goal by LSU.  I bet no one talked to him in the locker room.  Point is, when you are a 3 TD favorite over LSU, you should not have even had the score that close.  Just saying…Glad that game was not on the picks.  Thanks David. 


  Georgia struggled early against Missouri and was able to pull away in ...

Dec 7


Week 13 Review

Written by Wendi

Oh man, what a weekend of upsets.  This is what college football is about.  I don’t the weekends where everything runs smoothly and nothing exciting happens.  Let’s talk about what we know.

Well auburn gave Texas A&M a run for their money but in the 4th quarter it was lights out for Auburn.  They could not keep the pace.  Bo Nix was looking like the Bo Nix Auburn needed him to be.  And that Bigsby guy is going to be something.  

Bama steamrolled LSU but then again, it wasn’t a surprise.  Bama will meet Florida for the SEC Championship game.  This will show us how good Florida actually is…

In a thriller of a game between Missouri and Arkansas, it came down to a walk off field goal to win the game for the Tigers.  I think Arkansas just left too much time on the clock when ...

Nov 30


Week 12 Review

Written by David


There were way too many games canceled or postponed. But College Football roars on…for now.


I’m sure you caught some of the Friday night games but as you’d guess, Texas is still not back. Their third loss came at the hands of Iowa State who has now ripped off two straight wins over the Longhorns. A missed Field Goal doomed the Longhorns in the 23-20 loss. Now Iowa State has the best conference record (7-1, 7-2 overall) and sits atop the Big 12 standings.


Oregon got into a shoot-out with Oregon State and fell to the Beavers 41-30 which has national implications. Many had picked the Ducks to win the Pac-12. Whoops.


Notre Dame just keeps on winning. The 31-17 victory over Mack Brown’s Tar Heels improved the Irish to 9-0 on the season. The Irish are on another collision ...

Nov 23

Week 11 Review
Written by Wendi

Football, Turkey and Cards, Oh My!
Football, Turkey and Cards, Oh MY!

What a weekend.  On a day with plenty of thanks to go around, we had a 3 TV setup, plenty of delicious food and David got spanked at spades all day long.  I don’t know about you guys but my favorite part was watching David have meltdowns in spades.  David never stood a chance when everyone was out to get him.  

What many thought would be a blowout, Indiana came pretty close to upsetting Ohio State.  Maybe if there were a few more minutes left in the game, they might have pulled it out.  But it seems as if this game may have been Ohio State’s toughest game of the season.  Another surprise was seeing Northwestern beat up on Wisconsin.  I believe Wisconsin had 5 turnovers.  You cannot win a game like that.  

Coastal Carolina struggled to put ...