Sep 4


 2020 has not been the year that anyone could have predicted, but now that College Football has begun, we may be able to get back to some normalcy. Granted, it may not look like what we’re used to seeing. The Big 10 and Pac 12 have canceled fall sports…for now. Select universities won’t be allowing fans into stadiums at least temporarily but most are only allowing a very small percentage of fans into stadiums. Be forewarned though. There’s always the possibility that once College Football kicks off, it can also come to abrupt halt due to virus concerns and the safety of student athletes.

But don’t let all of this scare you from taking part in the annual Hall Family Pick’ems Contest. Since ESPN couldn’t get their act together, we decided to take it upon ourselves to move forward with a Pick’ems contest and created our very own website so you can still take part in this sacred family ritual. That means we’ll be picking the ten games each week and all you have to do is go to to make your picks. Be sure to read up on the rules though as this website will be different than that of ESPN. The first set of games kick off on September 12th.

We all know the names of those who do traditionally well but this is 2020. Anything can happen. Maybe it’s possible that Brendan, if he decides to play, comes out swinging for the fence and is spot on with his picks each week. It’s also possible that he could actually be far worse too.

Instead of having a second place finish last year, maybe this will be the year that Mom wins Pick’ems. It’s also possible that’ll she’ll lock herself out of the house again and have to crawl in through the window just to make her picks each week.

Maybe this is the year that Kim is competitive once again in Pick’ems.

Maybe, just maybe it’s possible that Teddy could have a top 5 finish … never mind, that’s NOT possible. It may be 2020 but this still isn’t happening.

And remember that time Wendi won Pick’ems? Yeah I don’t remember that either, but maybe it can happen! It’s 2020.

Perhaps by breathing in all of that mold from her ceilings that it ACTUALLY assists Cindie in her picks and she can FINALLY win this thing outright…There’s also a high probability that this still doesn’t help.

In other words, get your money sent to Cindie, make your picks and lets bring on the 2020 College Football season. While it lasts!