Sep 14


Week 1 Review

Well, who wants a refund because I think the game is rigged?  I think with David and Mike in charge to where they can manipulate the game, it creates an unfair advantage.  All I know is that Me and Sam want a refund and will go play with ESPN.  I mean what are the odds that David and Noah are in the lead and me and Sam are at the bottom?  Who else agrees?  What a first week to start.  It sure is not the same without all of the teams playing.  And it definitely is not the same without fans in the stadiums.  Hoping the B1G and Pac 12 change their minds.  There was a rumor floating around that there may have been a revote for the B1G to play late October possibly yesterday. 

On To pick’ems…

Apparently the BIG 12 let down a lot of us on Saturday.  Losing to 2 non power 5 conference teams AT home.  Not a good way to start the season.  Oklahoma and Texas had no problems blowing out their opponents.  Texas Tech really struggled with a team called Houston Baptist.  Really?  Kansas lost to Coastal Carolina.  I am kind of glad the Oklahoma State game was postponed.  They may have let me down as well. 

ACC had an "OK” day.  I figured Clemson would have beat Wake Forest by more than what they did.  Maybe it was first game jitters.  And yes FSU is still a terrible team with the new coach.  Granted, it was the first game but FSU still looked like the same team from last year.  And the year before.  And the year before that.  Sorry Adam.  Maybe it is time to switch allegiances?  With Notre Dame more in the ACC this year, they had a slow start with Duke.  To be fair, Duke isn’t that terrible but Notre Dame is always expected for greatness.  HAHA, that was actually funny to type.  Notre Lame sucks and always will.  Who am I kidding?  Louisville went easily passed Western Kentucky.  UNC looked like possibly a team to beat in the conference as they rolled past Syracuse under Mack Brown. 

Texas State, what happened?  I mean you had a couple of opportunities to win the game after trailing late in the 4th qtr.  You missed the extra point to take the lead with a minute left in the game.  Ok, so you beat yourself up over that.  In Overtime, you missed a 20 yard field goal to go up by 3.  Ok, now I just think you are trying to lose on purpose.  And that is what happened.  Texas State lost in the most thrilling game of the day.  Seriously.  Texas State and UTSA was sadly the most interesting game that day.  And I heard David had to change his underwear a few times.  At least that is what Gretchen texted me. 

Most points for the week:  Noah had a whopping 41.  We all know this will not last and he will plop down to the bottom in no time. 

Least points for the week:  This is NOT a shocker.  Sammy pulling the caboose with 26 points.  I will not be taking advise from Samuel no more because both of us fell flat this weekend. 

Best pick of the week:  Mom, Kim and Noah going with Georgia Tech beating Florida State.  With more points focused on that game, that pushed them in the top 4 for the week. 

Worst pick of the week:  I don’t know which was worst.  Me dropping 9 on K State or Sam dropping 9 on Fla State. I think someone switched our picks.  Or I could be like David on the first week of last years game when he dropped 10 against Nebraska and complained the whole season about it saying someone at ESPN switched his picks.  You still won David so hush it. 

Who needs the $100 this week?  Adam will need the money for therapy to help with the ongoing issues with his football team.  Every team has some growing pains.  But I don’t know if FSU can be helped at this moment. 

Here’s how we rank going into week 2:

  1. Noah – 41 points

  2. David – 40 points

  3. Mom – 39 points

  4. Kim – 38 points

  5. Mike – 37 points

  6. Cindie – 35 points

  7. Adam – 33 points

  8. Marc – 32 points

  9. Wendi – 31 points

  10. Samuel – 26 points

Hoping next week is a more exciting week with more teams starting their week.  Good luck!