Sep 21


Week 2 Review

Written by Wendi

Things got a little more exciting this week as more teams joined in on the schedule.  This week will get even more interesting as the SEC joins in on the action.  The B1G decided to start an 8 week schedule starting late October.  Not sure how all of that will factor in on championship talk with the other conferences playing more games.  But it seems as if Nebraska is not happy with the tough schedule they were given.  Because they are voicing their grievances about giving up a couple of their "sure-wins”.  The Pac 12  and the MAC have yet to weigh in on any future games this year but it is just a matter of time before they do.  There were some surprises this weekend for the games and pickems.  Let’s take a look.

On To pick’ems…

Let’s start with the BIG 12.  What on earth is going on……This year is not looking to be the year….Oklahoma State struggled with Tulsa….Tulsa……I mean….To be fair, Oklahoma State’s QB did get knocked out early in the game.  It finally took their 3rd string QB to light a spark to pull away late in the 2nd half.  But if this is a sign for the rest of the conference, Texas and Oklahoma better watch out.  Maybe this year will be the year that Texas is "back”.  Highly unlikely but check back with me halfway through the season. 

Notre Dame and Clemson easily rolled passed their opponents.  I would like to see Clemson and Notre Dame go at it.  Then maybe Notre Dame can see just how "good” they are.  UCF looked really good against Georgia Tech.  On both sides of the ball.  The same Georgia Tech who embarrassed Florida State at home.  I think Bama would have a tough time.  Just my opinion……They are the real champions of 2017.  You can’t convince me otherwise.  (chanting)  UCF! UCF! UCF!.....

Miami and Louisville started off as a thriller of a game but fizzled out shortly after.  Does Louisville know what defense is?  So.  Many.  Broken.  Coverages.     They looked dazed and confused out there against Miami’s new offense.  Is Miami’s offense that good or is Louisville that bad.  Why oh why would anyone put higher than 5 on that game?  Sam and Noah!  Go figure.  Wake Forest and NC State was a back and forth game.  With 8 points on that game, Mike could not afford to lose (which he did by the way).  I saw ariel footage in San Marcos yesterday with Mike protesting football outside the courthouse.  Mike was so distraught he couldn’t keep his paintball team focused and got eliminated over the weekend. 

Troy was a team that surprised me.  Yeah it was Troy and Middle Tennessee but they looked good none the less.  I expected more out of the Duke and Boston College game.  Now to the "game of all games” this weekend.  Halfway through the 3rd Quarter, who went ahead and wrote off Navy losing to Tulane?  Out of those who raised their hands, how many of you had Tulane picked?  With who is left, how many of you were snickering at those of us who went high on Navy?….HAHA Jokes on you.  Seriously, what a comeback.  Not sure who all watched that game but wow.  I guess after getting crushed by BYU the week before and getting crushed by Tulane, at some point you need to bench your QB.  That is exactly what happened and then the "magic” happened with the backup.  What I saw from Navy and their "passing” game was impressive.  I have not seen a QB at Navy throw as much as this one did with accuracy.    Navy scored 27 unanswered points to win the game 27-24. 

We all knew Noah could not last 2 weeks at the top.  Mike took a tumble down.  Kim and Cindy are quietly sitting and waiting for everyone to fall.  This is only the second week and 35 points separate 1st and last place.  Yikes. 

Who cheated the most this week  Most points for the week:  Mom had a perfect week with 54 points.  But I will put an asterisk on this one because of the Baylor and Houston game being cancelled and we don’t know the outcome.  Mom, did you think we would give it to you this easy???

Least points for the week:  (A DJ on the radio) "I would like to dedicate this to Marc.  Wherever he is listening, this song is for you.”  (song starts) All by mysellllfffff, don’t wanna be, All by mysellllffffff, anymore….”

Best pick of the week:  Mom got lucky on her BC and Miami pick which helped her "perfect*” week.  Yes, there is an asterisk there.  Mike and Adam also benefited from those 2 picks as well. 

Worst pick of the week:  Marc, just because GT beat FSU doesn’t mean they can compete with UCF. 

Who needs the $100 this week?   Mom will need this to have a "emergency fund” for a locksmith.  You have another "perfect*” week mom, you will find yourself locked out again.  Don’t call me, I can’t help you.

Here’s how we rank going into week 3:

  1. Mom – 93 points

  2. David – 84 points

  3. Noah – 82 points

  4. Kim – 81 points

  5. Cindie – 80 points

  6. Wendi - 78 points

  7. Adam - 77 points

  8. Mike - 76 points

  9. Marc - 59 points

  10. Samuel – 58 points

Hoping next week is a more exciting week with more teams starting their week.  Good luck!