Sep 28


Week 3 Review

Written by Wendi

This weekend provided us with some laughable upsets and disappointing "non-upsets”.  Really Texas Tech?  You had one job..…..But nooooooooooooooo.  No one likes Texas and no they are not back.  That game was a typical Big 12 shoot out with no defense what so ever.  Speaking of Big 12, Oklahoma lost to Kansas St. for the second year in a row.  Not sure what team I would consider the "best” in that conference.  To earn a spot in the championship, one of them will have to get serious. 

After some predicting Army to upset Cincinnati, Cincinnati was only leading 10-7 at the half.  Some of us started to get a nervous for a bit and maybe Noah and Sammy knew what they were talking about by going high.  NOT!  Cincinnati was able to pull away in the second half to win 24-10. 

It appears Bama is still the best team in the SEC.  Mississippi State beat LSU.  I always did like Mike Leach.  Texas A&M squeezed by Vanderbilt 17-12.  It took a while before Florida could shake off Ole Miss.  Georgia struggled early.  Watching Kentucky and Auburn play was as exciting as watching paint dry.  Unless you were an Auburn fan of course.  Kentucky had 3 turnovers and in a close game like it was, that is something you cannot afford to do.  Oh South Carolina, why did you let me down…..????  All you had to do was get out of the way when they punted the ball.  That was all.  Your coaches tell you this so you know this.  WE ALL KNOW THIS.  Even my 7 year old knows this………………….  We all were secretly wanting South Carolina to win so that mom would not have another perfect week.  We all know how that ended. 

BYU ran past Troy like it did with Navy a couple weeks ago.  I told myself I would not go here as I don’t want to kick anyone while they are down but FSU??????  With a new coach, I thought this year would be different.  They are now 0-2, and got manhandled by Miami.  I would like to see Miami play Clemson.  Miami is looking like a different team this year.  Can they keep it up?  The Louisville and Pitt game had some people already putting Pitt as a winner after the first quarter.  They went up 13-0 in the first quarter before Louisville finally got a touchdown.  Lousville took the lead in the second quarter but that lead did not last long.  Pitt was able to hold them off to win 23-20.  That game had a total of 5 turnovers and Louisville was sacked 7 times. 

The PAC 12 finally decided to get on board with a 7 game schedule.  Here I thought the B1G’s 8 game schedule was weak.  I don’t know about you but I am ready for all the conferences to be playing at the same time. 

Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Despite the 63-56 win over Texas Tech, Texas only had 476 total yards and Tech had 441. 

On To pick’ems…

If anyone asks "what are the odds that mom can pull off a second perfect* week?”, what would you say?  I would laugh and say not possible and that she got lucky the first time. 

With all the spreadsheets and formulas you have David, you still have to call your 75 year old mom and ask her "How do you do it?”………..Yes, that is a true story.  Ask mom……Apparently David isn’t the only one.  Marc has asked the same question.  People – we have got to step up our game.  We cannot let an old woman win……We love you mom but all is fair in love and war.  But don’t worry mom, David is licking his chops waiting on you to fall to take over the top spot with Kim one point behind him.  Could this finally be Kim’s year? 

I am not sure if it’s just that Noah and Sammy think that Army is cool or do they think they are the best team in college.  Man did they both go high on Army to beat Cincy.  That was one of his pick’s that catapulted Noah toward the bottom to join Marc and Sammy.    We all knew it was going to happen but surprised it took 3 weeks to get there. 

Mike needed a rebound week and got it nailing 53 points.  Guess Mike wanted no part with Sam, Marc, and Noah.  Cindy has been pretty quiet and staying under the radar by slowly inching her way to the top. 

Has anyone heard from Adam?  Can someone please check on him?  He has not returned any calls and I am worried about him.  Seriously, Adam said that this will be his week on picks and he is just wanting us to have a little fun beating him before he takes the lead.  OK so that maybe didn’t happen but he’s hoping for sure.  Shape up Adam, your picks are looking like your team.  One has to give.  Which will it be?

Who cheated AGAIN the most this week Most points for the week:  How does the old saying go?  If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Least points for the week:  Noah finally made his debut in this category by only getting 32 points.  Noah, don’t listen to your dad.  He is setting you up to fail.  Trust me.  He gets his advice from a 75 year old dementia patient. 

Best pick of the week:  The Iowa State pick helped mom set up for her perfect week….BLAH!    

Worst pick of the week:  Sam and Noah going high on Army…..Maybe next time, they will think twice about that…..

Who needs the $100 this week?   For whatever reason, mom seems pretty desperate for this money.  She must have her eye on something……Either that or she is behind on her electric bill.  Either way mom, if you needed the money that bad, all you had to do was ask…..  You don’t have to make us look bad in the process…..

Here’s how we rank going into week 4:

1.       Mom – 148 points

2.       David – 134 points

3.       Kim – 133 points

4.       Cindie – 130 points

5.       Mike - 129 points

6.       Wendi - 126 points

7.       Adam - 122 points

8.       Noah - 114 points

9.       Marc - 106 points

10.   Samuel – 92 points

There is now a 56 point difference from first to last. 

Hoping next week is a more exciting week with more teams starting their week.  Good luck!