Oct 19


Week 6 Review

Written by David


Maybe it was a good thing that two games were postponed this week. The carnage could have been far worse I suppose. Maybe it was just me, but many of these games were close going into the 4th quarter which had me squirming in my seat.


Let’s just get this out of the way now, nobody is beating Clemson in the ACC. Nobody! They hung 70 plus points on a not as bad as you think Georgia Tech squad. Notre Dame, Miami or Virginia Tech may be the second best team in the conference, but there’s a large gap between them and Clemson.


Alabama appears to be the class of the SEC after soundly beating Georgia 41-24. The second half was disastrous for the Dawgs. Auburn went full blown Auburn and once again took another game to the final buzzer. This time, they lost though.


The Big 12 resumes play this week after the majority of the teams were off this week.


Welcome back to Football BIG 10! They begin playing games this weekend.



On to Pick’ems:


In classic fashion, Mom and Kim buckled under the pressure. And things went south for them in a hurry too. They took some shrapnel after the Auburn loss, but that Virginia pick of theirs proved to be the fatal wound. Their picks eventually bled out as the North Carolina / FSU game ended when both lost out on 10 points each!


Now can I just hold on to the lead from here on out? We’ll see.


Meanwhile, Cindie’s trying to figure out where the heck everybody went after moving up two spots into second place. Don’t let Cindie fool you into thinking she’s just so busy doing work around the house that she doesn’t have time for picks. She’s making time and putting forth at least some effort.


<chuckling> …sorry, I just started thinking about Mom and Kim’s picks which made laugh a little.


Apparently Mike enjoys mediocrity. He had a chance to make a move north but politely declined after only snagging 30 points. He’s now been in 5th place five out of the last six weeks. To make matters worse, Noah’s only 10 points down from him.


Marc has had a heck of a two weeks. But let’s face it… he’s due where his picks will get blown into oblivion. He just can’t seem to get out of his own way. And he’s still in 9th place!!!


Sam has still been lifeless in the bottom spot for the last 6 weeks. He’s probably wondering why Megan and Brendan aren’t playing because he knows he would at least be beating them.


If you caught the Notre Dame / FSU game two weekends ago, the score alone should have made you pause on going high on North Carolina beating Florida State. Some people lost a lot of juicy points on that game <cough> <Mike, Mom, Kim, Noah, Marc & Sam> <cough>


Most Points for the week: Wendi snagged 39 points in a very challenging week. But the real problem is that she’s down 29 points from the top.


Least Points for the week: Mom takes this honor after only getting 23 points. She gets to wear the cone of shame this week.


Best Pick of the week: Noah was the only one to pick Memphis over UCF and Adam with the lone pick of FSU over North Carolina are well worthy of recognition.


Worst Pick of the week: Let’s go with Noah, Kim, and Adam rolling the dice by going high on Auburn beating South Carolina. It’s almost like they have never watched an Auburn game this year.


Who needs the $100 this week? Not only is Adam in a good mood after the FSU win but he could use the money as reimbursement after buying Sam a worthless Halloween costume that’ll get used only once.


Here’s how we rank heading into week 7.


1. David – 249 points

2. Cindie – 246 points

3. Mom – 237 points

4. Kim– 235 points

5. Mike – 221 points

6. Wendi – 220 points

7. Adam – 212 points

8. Noah – 211 points

9. Marc – 206 points

10. Samuel – 189 points


The picks are a challenge once again this week. Good Luck!