Nov 9


Week 9 Review

Written by Wendi


 Well aside from the Michigan vs Indiana game, the other 2 first set of games looked to be a disastrous start for the day but luckily, Texas got the win over West Virginia and USC scored 14 points in the final few minutes to win the game.  Finally Texas did not let us down….Well maybe they did for Kim, Marc and Adam.  As for Michigan, they suck.  I thought maybe last week against Michigan State was just a fluke because your rivals tend to amp up their game.  Nope, Michigan just sucks and for anyone (Mike, Adam and Noah) to point points on let alone 7 on Michigan, you deserve to lose.  I only put points on them because I can’t pick against them.  Even though I know they are going to lose.  There’s some magical force in my fingers and I just can’t click the other team on the computer. 

Georgia played as me and Mike expected.  I knew with them struggling on offense and turning the ball over, they would be no match for Florida.  I am just surprised we were the only ones to pick Florida.  But mom and Noah lost out on those juicy 9 points they had on Georgia though.  

Just when Florida State is up 14-3, they collapsed.  Pitt came roaring back to win 41-17.  In a show of hands, who wants to see Michigan and Florida State play each other? 

Oklahoma State struggled with Kansas State most of the game but was able to close the deal in the end.  If not, that could have been devastating to some as most went pretty high.  

Well Clemson finally lost.  To be fair, their backup is no Trevor Lawrence.  But Notre Dame looked pretty good early on and they almost blew it at the end as they let Clemson tie the game and it took 2 overtimes and after a failed lateral, Notre Dame pulls out the big upset and is poised to cruise through the rest of their schedule unless they have a meltdown.  Their final opponents are North Carolina, Boston College, Syracuse and Wake Forest. 

Oregon won outright in their first game of the season.  Now all conferences are playing but some of the Pac 12 games had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.  That could hurt anyone from the Pac 12 trying to make the playoffs.  The question will be did they win enough games even if they are undefeated?  

Tennessee led 13-0 at the half but early in the 3rd quarter, their quarterback took a nasty fall and went out for the rest of the game and ultimately lost the game without ever scoring again. 

Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Indiana beat Michigan for the first time since 1987.  Ugh.


On to Pick’ems:


Aside from Noah and Adam, we all fared very well by scoring 40-44 points on Saturday.  I am not sure if Adam is getting his advice from Noah but their picks looked awfully similar.  There was a little shuffling between 3rd and 6th place.  Everyone else stayed put but Noah is 1 point from taking 9th place and 12 points from taking last.  He cannot afford another bad week. 

And Mike, well, Mike is still in 5th.  Right where he started in the 1st week.  I am making my way closer and closer to second place.  Now all I need is for Cindy and David to have a really bad week as I am still 32 points from 1st place so it may take a miracle at this point. 

No matter how good of a week Marc has he still can’t seem to move up any but Noah is tumbling and this may be his chance but Marc needs to be spot on from here on out so he don’t tumble with Noah and allow Sam to pass them both. 

After a rough week last week, Mom was able to get 40 points but she is still in 7th place and now 57 points from the top.  Yeah she won’t be in first place again this season.  Sorry mom.  I hope you enjoyed it while you had it.


Most Points for the week: For the first time, Samuel celebrated with a Notre Dame win so he can claim top spot for the week.  Boy was he super excited.  Not that it mattered though because he is still in last place. 


Least Points for the week: Noah scoring 26 points is getting closer and closer to the bottom to join Marc and Samuel.  Another couple weeks like this, he will be in last place. 


Best Pick of the week: Mom getting her lucky pick on Notre Dame caused some to lose their 10 points.    


Worst Pick of the week: Not sure which is worse, Adam and Noah with their 7 on Michigan or Kim throwing 8 on West Virginia.  Kim lost 3rd place for it. 


Who needs the $100 this week? Adam will need the money this week as he is having a double hangover.  He needs to keep a fully stocked fridge and cabinet with liquor and beer.  You can’t have a hangover if you are still drunk right?  Not only did FSU collapse but so did his picks.  Have I not been saying his picks reflect his team?


Here’s how we rank heading into week 10.


1.       David – 375 points

2.       Cindy – 368 points

3.       Wendi - 343 points

4.       Kim - 342 points

5.       Mike - 339 points

6.       Adam - 326 points

7.       Mom – 318 points

8.       Noah - 302 points

9.       Marc - 301 points

10.   Samuel –290 points

There is an 85 point difference from first to last. 


I have not looked at the picks this week but I hear they are daunting.  Good luck!


Early Thanksgiving at my house on November 21st.   Be there or be square.