Nov 16


Week 10 Review

Written by Wendi


You know, I didn’t even want to write the article.  As a matter of fact, I give up on college football this year.  Maybe I just need to get a new team to root for.  Any suggestions?  Yeah Michigan still sucks and got blasted 49-11 at home.  That was very difficult to watch.  In fact, I turned off the TV and went to bed early.  True Story.  Enough of that nonsense now.  Just glad David didn’t put them on the picks to force me to choose them.  I have a feeling though this week may be different.  I hate you David.  This is why you are NOT my favorite brother.  Just saying.

Back to Business!

Miami was able to score a late touchdown to seal the deal against Virginia Tech.  I heard mom yelling all the way from Neil’s stating she needed her 10 points.  It may be possible I heard Noah too but that may be because I was on the phone with David.  Either way, Miami got it done and still only has one loss.  West Virginia handled TCU the way most of us thought.  Well, except for Marc, Kim and Mike. 

Stanford looked like crap all game long and a lot of us lost some pretty high points.  They did attempt a late rally to end the game 35-32.  Dang you Cardinal.  Speaking of crap, Louisville looked the same way against Virginia.  Watching this game felt a lot like watching paint dry.  Anyone agree? 

The late games went on to be pretty exciting.  After leading 24-7 at the half for SMU, they just fell apart and allowed Tulsa to come back and win 28-24.  How does that even happen?  Sounds like something Michigan would do.  And maybe Auburn.  Northwestern won as expected.  And the Ole Miss and South Carolina game went back and forth the whole game until the end when Ole Miss pulled away.  And with that South Carolina parted ways with Will Muschamp Sunday.  Michigan may have an opening soon.  Just kidding…..I don’t like Muschump…Yeah you read that right…

Fun Fact of the Weekend:  The Ole Miss and South Carolina game had a total of 1256 yards.  Yowzers

On to Pick’ems:


This was another week with a lot of red on the scoresheet.  It could have been a lot worse for some (besides Kim). 

This may not come as a shock to you but mom and Mike had another bad week.  Just thought I would lead with that.  No seriously, they were the second worse of the day.  As a matter of fact, the only reason why Mike is in 4th place is because Kim bombed her picks. 

Marc finally crawled out of 9th place and both kids are where they belong.  At the bottom.  Samuel is 13 points behind Noah.  Can he do it?

The first 3 top spots remained the same with a shift between 4th and 6th place.  With Kim’s fall, Mike and Adam were able to move up a spot. 

There aren’t many weeks left and now would be the best time to start making your move.  Whether it be for last place or 3rd or 5th or even 7th place.  Or just be like Mike and settle for 5th.


Most Points for the week: Of course that would be David with 41 points.  Who cares!!!


Least Points for the week: With Kim only getting 12 points with only 2 games won, she plummeted from 4th to 6th place as fast as you can say CHUPACABRA. 


Best Pick of the week: Marc and Adam picking Virginia.  It was either dumb luck or they knew something we didn’t.     


Worst Pick of the week: 8 points on Hawaii will get you no where Kim.  The only thing needing repair right now is your picks.  I hear Noah is good at advice on picks.   


Who needs the $100 this week? While Kim was trying to make some home repairs, she didn’t put much thought into her picks this week and boy did it show.  She really needs to recoup some of that money in order to get back on track with her picks.  Maybe, maybe not!  She now sits 62 points from the top. 


Here’s how we rank heading into week 11:

1.       David – 416 points

2.       Cindy – 406 points

3.       Wendi - 379 points

4.       Mike - 366 points

5.       Adam - 359 points

6.       Kim - 354 points

7.       Mom – 345 points

8.       Marc - 336 points

9.       Noah - 331 points

10.   Samuel –318 points

There is a 98 point difference from first to last. 

Good luck this week!

Early Thanksgiving at my house on November 21st.   Be there or be square.