Nov 23

Week 11 Review
Written by Wendi

Football, Turkey and Cards, Oh My!
Football, Turkey and Cards, Oh MY!

What a weekend.  On a day with plenty of thanks to go around, we had a 3 TV setup, plenty of delicious food and David got spanked at spades all day long.  I don’t know about you guys but my favorite part was watching David have meltdowns in spades.  David never stood a chance when everyone was out to get him.  

What many thought would be a blowout, Indiana came pretty close to upsetting Ohio State.  Maybe if there were a few more minutes left in the game, they might have pulled it out.  But it seems as if this game may have been Ohio State’s toughest game of the season.  Another surprise was seeing Northwestern beat up on Wisconsin.  I believe Wisconsin had 5 turnovers.  You cannot win a game like that.  

Coastal Carolina struggled to put away Appalachian State early on and finally pulled away late in the game.  Same goes for Cincinnati and UCF.  Adam was not holding back hoping for an upset there.  Sorry Adam.  

Oklahoma and Washington had no problems cruising past their opponents.  However, NC State and Michigan fought like dogs to put away Liberty and Rutgers.  It took Michigan 3 missed field goals, a failed 2 point conversion and 3 overtimes to beat the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.  It truly was painful to watch.  

I think one of the biggest surprises of the weekend was Pittsburg beatdown of Virginia Tech.  Who saw that coming?  

Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Do me a favor and google the video clip on Memphis and Stephen F. Austin from Saturday where the player from Stephen F. Austin makes himself fall down trying to get a penalty.  It would help if the Memphis player’s hands were actually touching you.  Bad acting.  He must not be a drama major.  

On To pick’ems…

There was not a lot of movement in the rankings other than Marc going back into 9th place.  I guess he didn’t like 8th place and now Samuel is 7 points behind him trying to pass him up.  Who are you getting your advice from Marc?  It’s no working.  

While a lot of us hit our 40’s points, the usual suspects had 30’s.  Mike, Mom and Samuel.  At the rate Mike is going, he will be back in 5th as Adam is only 2 points behind.  

With Cindy hitting 45 points, she got 2 points closer to David.  Maybe that is why he kept losing in spades.  He was distracted by the Cindy closing in on him.  

There is a HUGE gap from 2nd to 3rd place.  32 total points.  I didn’t want to win anyway.

There are only a few weeks so you need to pick wisely in order to place where you want to.    

Most points for the week:  Cindy won the honors this weekend.  She went home to Jim on Sunday and celebrated with not only more work to be done on the house, but with some margaritas too.  Well the second part might not be true but I know the first part was.  

Least points for the week:  Not a shocker here, but Marc falls flat again with only 26 points to show for in 4 games.  But at least he got his 10 right?    

Best pick of the week:  For the lucky ones to pick LSU over Arkansas.  

Worst pick of the week:  Marc’s entire picks.  8 on Appalachian St, 2 on Indiana (although he got pretty close), 3 on Arizona, 9 on Arkansas…Why?  Quit listening to David…..

Who needs the $100 this week?   Wendi could use the money this week after hosting an early Thanksgiving Dinner and having her house ransacked by two kids and a few adults.

Here’s how we rank going into week 12:

1. David – 459 points
2. Cindy – 451 points
3. Wendi - 419 points
4. Mike - 401 points
5. Adam - 399 points
6. Kim - 398 points
7. Mom – 378 points
8. Noah - 372 points
9. Marc - 362 points
10. Samuel –355 points

There is a 104 point difference from first to last.  

Good luck this week!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who weren’t there this weekend and all who will be celebrating in a few days.