Nov 30


Week 12 Review

Written by David


There were way too many games canceled or postponed. But College Football roars on…for now.


I’m sure you caught some of the Friday night games but as you’d guess, Texas is still not back. Their third loss came at the hands of Iowa State who has now ripped off two straight wins over the Longhorns. A missed Field Goal doomed the Longhorns in the 23-20 loss. Now Iowa State has the best conference record (7-1, 7-2 overall) and sits atop the Big 12 standings.


Oregon got into a shoot-out with Oregon State and fell to the Beavers 41-30 which has national implications. Many had picked the Ducks to win the Pac-12. Whoops.


Notre Dame just keeps on winning. The 31-17 victory over Mack Brown’s Tar Heels improved the Irish to 9-0 on the season. The Irish are on another collision course with Clemson in the ACC Title game.


Meanwhile, Penn State finally got their first win of the season…against Michigan. Luckily, nobody got too hurt in the pillow fight. But seriously, is Jim Harbaugh gone after this season after losing to 0-5 Penn State?


Alabama buried Auburn in the Iron Bowl 42-13. Next week, LSU gets a chance to stop the Bama attack.


So let me get this straight…Northwestern shocks Wisconsin and then turns around to drop a game against Michigan State the next week? Someone please explain how the heck THAT happens. I have no idea what's happening in the Big 10...nor the PAC 12.


On to Pick’ems:


With just a couple of weeks left of this contest, Cindie and I are eyeing the big prize barring any catastrophe.


But the bigger story line is this…will Samuel FINALLY get out of last place? Sam has been in last place in what feels like eternity but is only 7 points down from the 9th place spot which Marc occupies. Of course, if Marc does finish at the bottom, he’ll never hear the end of it. Marc, you never, EVER, lose to someone who’s in last place… that’s like Michigan losing to a winless team. <checks notes> Oh, that did happen.


But yeah, other than the above story lines…that’s it. You can pretend there’s a battle for 3rd place but do you have any confidence whatsoever in Mike doing anything special over the next two weeks?


Kim’s been too busy worrying about some leak in her house and Mom’s fine with reliving the glory of going two straight weeks of winning all the games. But at the end of the day what has that gotten her? 7th place.


Adam’s been in desperation mode trying to play catch up but always seems to be on the wrong end of the upset picks. And why the heck didn’t he go Penn State over Michigan?


I’m pretty confident Noah stopped trying about six weeks ago.


Most Points for the week: Mike ripped off 45 points and won all six games. But if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, there’s a huge asterisk on this one. At least Mom could claim that her 54 and 55 points were tops!


Least Points for the week: Adam got the short end of the stick again after getting a wee bit aggressive on the picks and snagging 27 points.


Best Pick of the week: Mom and Mike bucked the trend and rolled the dice with Penn State over Michigan. Kudos.


Worst Pick of the week: Mom and Adam’s pick of Troy over Appalachian State. I’m pretty sure Appalachian State just tacked on another score.


Who needs the $100 this week? Wendi could use the money this week after blowing some hard earned cash on a worthless trip to who cares instead of rooting her team on to beat Penn State.


Here’s how we rank heading into week 13:


1.       David – 499 points

2.       Cindie –  489 points

3.       Wendi – 459 points

4.       Mike -  446 points

5.       Kim – 437 points

6.       Adam – 426 points

7.       Mom – 418 points

8.       Noah – 411 points

9.       Marc – 402 points

10.   Samuel – 395 points

Good luck this week!