Dec 7


Week 13 Review

Written by Wendi

Oh man, what a weekend of upsets.  This is what college football is about.  I don’t the weekends where everything runs smoothly and nothing exciting happens.  Let’s talk about what we know.

Well auburn gave Texas A&M a run for their money but in the 4th quarter it was lights out for Auburn.  They could not keep the pace.  Bo Nix was looking like the Bo Nix Auburn needed him to be.  And that Bigsby guy is going to be something.  

Bama steamrolled LSU but then again, it wasn’t a surprise.  Bama will meet Florida for the SEC Championship game.  This will show us how good Florida actually is…

In a thriller of a game between Missouri and Arkansas, it came down to a walk off field goal to win the game for the Tigers.  I think Arkansas just left too much time on the clock when they scored.  Mike and Adam really needed that win.  Mike said he was going to pass me this week.  That was determined to be a lie.  

Kentucky beat the breaks off of South Carolina 41-18. 

Finally Texas did not let us down….well, most of us…Maybe Texas is back?  Mike?  Anyone? 

Wisconsin was favored over Indiana and with Indiana’s QB out, you would think this would have been an easy win…NOOOOO!  6 of us lost some pretty big points.  

Iowa State blew out West Virginia and is slated to go against Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game for the first time ever.  Go Cyclones. 

Is anyone other than me glad the Michigan game was cancelled?  No?  I can’t handle loss.  With the matchup against Ohio State this weekend, I am hoping Covid is still around…Just saying. 

For the matchup of the day – BYU and Coastal Carolina.  Maybe the Chanticleers (what is that anyway?) are that good?  Maybe they deserve some respect, maybe they are the Cinderella story of the year.  If you didn’t watch this game, you missed a good one.  A big defensive game and Coastal was out to prove themselves and boy did they.  At least to me they did.  Their remaining opponents are Troy and the Rajin’ Cajuns. 

Some undefeated teams went down.  We all know BYU, Marshall laid a goose egg against Rice 20-0 with 5 INT’s, Washington fell to Stanford. 

They weren’t undefeated but Oregon lost to a winless California.  TCU upset Oklahoma State. 


Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Don’t be like Adam, just don’t. 

On To pick’ems…

There was some shuffling from 4th to 9th place. 

Who wants 5th place?  Marc?  Mom?  Wendi?  Anyone?  <Mike raises his hand>  Pick me!  Pick Me!.  Ok Mike, you can have 5th place again.  So much for passing me right?  David told me about your phone call. 

Mom is thrilled to finally be out of 7th place.  I know this won’t help but the only reason you are there is because Adam tanked.  So it wasn’t on your own merit. 

Speaking of, Noah and March were able to move up 1 spot due to Adam.  I expect Adam to get a few phone calls this week from you guys thanking him for having such a bad week. 

Kim inched her way to 4th place again.  Can she finish strong without stumbling again.  It appears she has no water issues in her house since her picks were good this week.  

Cindy is struggling to gain an inch on David but is still holding strong in 2nd place 10 points behind David while David is squeezing his butt cheeks together trying not to let out any gas….… 

As for me, I checked out weeks ago…..I am content in 3rd  if I can just maintain the lead from 4th place. 

Most points for the week:  Marc has joined the elite club of an all perfect week.  I don’t know if it was dumb luck or did he know what he was doing?  With that being said, can he do it again to match mom’s 2 weeks?  Doubt it!

Least points for the week:  With only 23 points, Adam sunk from 6th to 9th place to join Samuel just as fast as he can say Chupacabra.  Seriously Marc, quit using my one-liners to your buddies. 

Best pick of the week:  Mike, Marc, Mom and Kim going Coastal Carolina and not buying into the hype of BYU. 

Worst pick of the week:  Mom and Kim going Kansas State?  Why?  I know Texas usually lets us down but only you thought it would be this week.  <I was going to talk about Adam- but at this point, it’s not worth it>

Who needs the $100 this week?  Marc is sitting so high on his horse right now, he needs the money to buy his own joke book and quit using my lines.  Only I get to say Chupacabra.  I hope you are celebrating in there Marc.  You deserve it this week.  But don’t get too greedy, or you will fall back to 9th place. 

Here’s how we rank going into week 14:

1.       David – 538 points

2.       Cindy – 528 points

3.       Wendi - 494 points

4.       Kim - 485 points

5.       Mike - 479 points

6.       Mom - 467 points

7.       Noah - 457 points

8.       Marc - 454 points

9.       Adam - 449 points

10.   Samuel –430 points

There is a 108 point difference from first to last. 

Good luck on the final week!