Dec 14


Week 14 Review


  With 3 games on the picks that were cancelled and some football coaches being fired, what a Saturday full of upsets and shoe throwing.  For those who missed the game or the highlights, LSU beat Florida in a shootout.  End result, LSU was driving and was stopped short of the 1st down.  The Florida guy who tackled the LSU player, took his show and threw it downfield.  Why?  No one knows but him and penalty flags were thrown.  It ultimately led to the winning field goal by LSU.  I bet no one talked to him in the locker room.  Point is, when you are a 3 TD favorite over LSU, you should not have even had the score that close.  Just saying…Glad that game was not on the picks.  Thanks David. 


  Georgia struggled early against Missouri and was able to pull away in the second half.  Which was good because we all had 9 and 10 on that game.  Well except for Marc.  PSU and MSU game went back and forth for a bit and Penn State never looked back in the 4th quarter to win 39-24. 

  The Houston and Memphis game was a nail biter and came down to Memphis kicking the winning field goal. Houston was able to overcome losing 27-6 to start the 4th quarter to tie it late in the game.  But Houston’s defense could not stop Memphis as they were able to get into field goal range with 3 seconds left. 

  Man did Miami get the beat down from North Carolina.  Miami starts the season off good and then fizzles out down the stretch.  This has been their "MO” the past several seasons.  Wisconsin again struggled and lost to Iowa 28-7. 

Another close game was the USC and UCLA game. 

   In rivalries, the underdog tends to show up.  Ultimately USC outscored UCLA 20-3 and won the game 43-38.  Virginia Tech easily rolled past Virginia in their rivalry matchup. 

For some of the unbeatens, Colorado lost to Utah, Coastal Carolina almost lost to Troy 42-38 and managed to crack the top 10 in the AP poll. 


  Do I think it is fair, the B1G changes the rule to accommodate Ohio State in the playoffs?  No.  I am biased?  Of course….But you just can’t make the rules and then change them at the last minute to have your "darling” team complete when they didn’t make the cut.  Don’t make those rules and then you don’t have to worry about it.  What if there were 2 teams in the conference that had the same thing happen.  Then what? 


Fun Fact of the Weekend:  North Carolina had 554 rushing yards against Miami.  Yowzers.

On To pick’ems…

    None of us really had a bad week and that was refreshing to see. Apparently Mike does not want 5th place.  Guess he got tired of us making fun of him.  He was able to move past Kim again.  Problem is Mike, you are still 12 points behind me. 

  Even with one more week to go, it appears that David should win unless something really goes wrong.  Cindy tried her best to beat him.  In the end, she was just too conservative to make any aggressive moves…

Does anyone remember when Adam use to be very competitive in the picks and David use to get all nervous and threaten him he wouldn’t play the following year?  I remember but apparently Adam doesn’t.  Long were those days huh Adam?

  Looks like Samuel will finish all alone unless Adam wants to help him out. 

7th through 9th place is still up for grabs between Marc, Adam and Noah.  And 4th and 5th place is a battle for Kim and Mike.  Everything else should finish as is. 

Most points for the week:  Mike was able to snag 40 points with his lone loss being Miami which he laid 9 points on that game.  Should have gone lower…lol

Least points for the week:  Marc proved he couldn’t do it twice in a row like mom by only getting 30 points for the week.  What do you do when you have a perfect week?  Follow it up the following week with the lowest score.  I still love you though Marc. 

Best pick of the week:  Marc and Adam getting North Carolina to beat Miami.  Honestly, I just think they were going for the upset. 

Worst pick of the week:  There really weren’t any bad picks per se but Kim and Noah were the only ones to pick Michigan State.  Luckily they went low. 

Who needs the $100 this week?  After some home renovations, Kim will need to recoup some of the money she put down for her new wood flooring.  I personally would have waited for after Christmas….lol 

Here’s how we rank going into week 15:

1.      David – 574 points

2.      Cindy – 560 points

3.      Wendi - 531 points

4.      Mike - 519 points

5.      Kim - 516 points

6.      Mom - 505 points

7.      Noah - 488 points

8.      Marc - 484 points

9.      Adam - 484 points

10.   Samuel –466 points

There is a 108 point difference from first to last. 

Good luck on this final week.