Monthly Archives: OCTOBER 2020

Oct 26

Week 7 Review
Written by Wendi

Well another week is down and the B1G and the Mountain West FINALLY started league play and it did not disappoint.  Penn State lost to Indiana in OT in a controversial 2 point conversion.  Your thought?  Either way, Penn State is out of any championship talk.  Rutgers beat Michigan State which was funny as well.  Is Michigan State that bad or is Rutgers coming up???  In what seemed to be a struggle for Ohio State against Nebraska in the first half, Ohio State finally put the beat down on them in the 2nd half to win 52-17.  Purdue beat Iowa? I mean Purdue???  Northwestern beat the brakes off of Maryland (Laughing at mom picking Maryland).  Mom, just because Tua’s younger brother is QB there, isn’t an automatic win.  Maryland is not Bama.  Just saying.  And of course Michigan, although off to a worrisome 1st possession, Michigan ...

Oct 19


Week 6 Review

Written by David


Maybe it was a good thing that two games were postponed this week. The carnage could have been far worse I suppose. Maybe it was just me, but many of these games were close going into the 4th quarter which had me squirming in my seat.


Let’s just get this out of the way now, nobody is beating Clemson in the ACC. Nobody! They hung 70 plus points on a not as bad as you think Georgia Tech squad. Notre Dame, Miami or Virginia Tech may be the second best team in the conference, but there’s a large gap between them and Clemson.


Alabama appears to be the class of the SEC after soundly beating Georgia 41-24. The second half was disastrous for the Dawgs. Auburn went full blown Auburn and once again took another game to the final buzzer. This ...

Oct 12

Week 5 Review
Written by Wendi

Why is it that every year Texas and Oklahoma drag this game out.  Can there ever be just a clear out winner?  It took 4 OT with an Ehlinger INT in the endzone to finally put an end to this madness.  This game lasted about 5 hours but felt like an eternity.  I just don’t know who is worse, Texas or Oklahoma.  

In a game where everyone thought Florida would beat the Aggies, Florida’s defense could not stop Texas A&M and lost 41-38.  The more the SEC plays, the more they look like the Big XII.  No defense.  LSU lost to Missouri 45-41.  Alabama struggled to shake Ole Miss and the final was 63-48.  The only teams that were not able to score more than 10 this weekend in the SEC was Vandy and Miss St.  Mississippi State had 5 interceptions that I actually saw.  I don’t ...

Oct 5

Week 4 Review
Written by Wendi

Where do I even begin………..

We all knew Texas would eventually do a "Texas thing” and it had to happen when we all went 5 or above on them in the picks…..Texas, just do us a favor and quit playing.  Honestly.  I have no other words.  The start of the game should have given us the indication on how this would have been played out.  For those who didn’t watch, the kickoff had to be done 3 TIMES….To be fair, that wasn’t all Texas’ fault.  TCU was offsides 2 of those times.  And the Ref’s seemed unsure how to ref the game.  All in all  there were 26 penalties in the game.  12 for Texas and 14 for TCU.  What a sloppy game.  And what seemed like an eternity of a game, Texas lost 33-31.  You can’t even call this an upset.  You play Oklahoma this ...