Sep 4


The first weekend of college football is in the books and it failed to disappoint. Needless to say, it’s refreshing that college football is back. There were some mild upsets across the country and also some near misses. Such is life though during season openers as teams begin working out the kinks.

Outside of Clemson, the ACC flagship programs faltered over the weekend. Top ranked Miami was a big bag of nothing in their 33-17 loss to LSU. Florida State could not overcome the Hokie defense in a 24-3 loss to Virginia Tech. With match-ups against out of conference power five teams, the ACC had their nose bloodied going 0-3.

Texas is back… being Texas, and like last year, dropped their season opener against Maryland. Yeah, Oklahoma looked pretty impressive against an FAU Team expected to win Conference USA. However, don’t sleep on West Virginia who routed Tennessee 40-14. You may have missed it, but Kansas was upset 26-23 in an overtime game with Nicholls which was an all-girl team. Okay, the all-girl thing may have been a slight exaggeration, but Kansas State barely edged South Dakota which would have been disastrous look for the Big 12.

Ohio State aside, the Big Ten East looked more like the BIG East mess. It took Overtime for top ranked Penn State to beat Appalachian State. Michigan State avoided the upset attempt of Utah State and the Wolverines looked lifeless falling to Notre Dame.

The SEC Western Division made a big opening weekend splash. Auburn may have upended Washington’s play-off chances in their win, Alabama routed Louisville, Ole Miss roughed up Texas Tech, and LSU gave Miami a black eye. Nobody’s talking about it yet, but Texas A&M hosts Clemson this weekend in a must watch game.

Quick, name the PAC 12 team that had the best win over the weekend? Yeah, I couldn’t do it either. USC had a slow start against UNLV but finally pulled away in the second half winning 43-21. Stanford had to sweat a little in their win against San Diego State. UCLA lost to Cincinnati 26-17 in Chip Kelly’s debut. Arizona lost a shocker to BYU.

On to Pick’ems…….

Welcome to Pick’ems Brendan… You’re in last place!

After taking his bumps and bruises last year, it looks like Dave may have learned a thing or two. Not only did he follow Pick’ems Rule #1 in going low on any Texas match-up, he also rolled the dice on Rule #2 by placing 8 points on Michigan losing. Brendan will learn.

Yeesh….Mike had a heck of a start thanks to his gambling effort that paid off by going 10 on Auburn. Already, there’s a 15 point gap from the bottom to the top.

Not only did Adam break Rules 1 and 2, he also broke Rule #3 which is having your name next to Wendi’s. Brendan will catch on to this, but having your name next to Wendi’s means you’re not doing so well. Although Wendi is currently tied for 8th place, this may be the best that she does all year.

C’mon, did you really think Megan was going to do well? Me neither.

Most Points for the week…. Mike scored 52 points and currently sits in 1st. Will another gambling effort pay off this week?

Least Points for the week….. Cindie was too busy nursing a baby squirrel named ‘squeaker’ and Brendan took the advice of Megan which landed both of them 37 points.

Best Pick of the week…. So you thought NCAA sanctions on Ole Miss would keep Mike, Teddy, and Mom, and Brendan from picking them against Texas Tech? You thought wrong. Nice pick!

Worst Pick of the week…. The clowns that went high on Texas beating Maryland. Looking at you Adam, Wendi, and Brendan.

Who needs the $110 this week?  Mike is off to a hot start and is in need of some cash for a kitchen remodeling project he’s working on thanks to a leak that secretly destroyed the flooring among other things throughout his house.

If you are not a part of the GroupMe fun yet, you’re missing out. On Saturday’s, or whenever, we talk nothing but football and tease each other as the games are going on.

Good luck in the picks this week!