Sep 10


Let’s get this out of the way first….Clemson is going undefeated.  As long as the team doesn’t take a dump, the only challenge they’ll get from here on out will be in the ACC Championship game. In the loss, Texas A&M may have stumbled across the blue print in to beating this year’s version of the Tigers by bombing away on the secondary. Aggie quarterback Kellen Mond had the game of his life throwing for 430 yards and three touchdowns which was a career high. However, the A&M run game got stuffed by Clemson’s front four which is considered to be the best Defensive Line in the country.

The Eastern Time zone folks may have missed it, but Arizona State kicked a game winning field goal as time expired to knock off Michigan State in a thriller. All of sudden, the Spartans chances of reaching the play-off just got harder with games against top ranked Penn State and Ohio State looming.

However, the Big Ten conference as a whole is struggling with out of conference opponents. Northwestern lost to Duke, Nebraska fell to Colorado, and Michigan State couldn’t finish off Arizona State. I’m not even going to mention Purdue losing to Eastern Michigan, a Mid-American Conference Team. The week before, it was Michigan falling to Notre Dame.

Yeah, Georgia is still the king in the SEC Eastern Division after taking care of business on the road against South Carolina. The rest of the division though is a big bag of yuck though. Florida? After 31 years, finally lost to Kentucky. Tennessee… Did you see them play in week 1?

However, the Western Division is as strong as it’s ever been from top to bottom. Okay not you Arkansas. IF Texas A&M plays like that each week, they’ll be a tough out. Alabama and Auburn did their usual thing against cupcakes and had impressive week 1 victories. LSU did some not so nice things to Miami in Week 1. Ole Miss is an offensive Machine and Mississippi State came up with a road win by running over Kansas State this weekend.

Is Stanford really going to be the class of the Pac 12? Sure, they looked good by keeping USC out of the end zone in a 17-3 victory but something feels a bit off. Their schedule is brutal with road games against Oregon, Notre Dame, Arizona State, Washington, and Cal. That’s just the road games. They’ll lose at least two of those games. The LA Teams (UCLA, USC) now have a record of 1-3. LOL.

On to Pick’ems……

You may have missed it, but Brendan flashed the middle finger as he passed several of us from his last place spot to 4th place this week after nailing 50 points. Clearly Brendan wants a trophy of his own because Megan fell to a very familiar place at the bottom.

Mike is still in 1st place with a comfortable 9 point lead over 2nd place. But let’s be honest….You, your Mom, and everyone else know what’s about to happen. Eventually, a leak will spring and the floor will come out from under you. It’s like I have heard this before.

Very quietly Mom is hanging around... Just like she does at the Ole’ VFW. She’s only down 13 points from the top spot and currently sits in 5th place.

What the heck was that Wendi? Michigan lost last week to Notre Dame and her 38 points reflected the loss. Now all of a sudden, Michigan whooped the snot out of Nobody University and she scores 51 points this week? She’s about as consistent as the Michigan Football team.

I see you trying to move up Adam.. I see you.

Okay… who was the idiot that put 9 points on Florida beating Kentucky? <Looks at score sheet> Ugh….that was me! Give me a break… Kentucky hadn’t beat Florida since I was 9 years old. I just didn’t know that Florida was going to do THAT. To be fair, there were several of us that went pretty high on Florida though.

After seeing the early games kick off, I noticed Brendan had 9 points on Houston beating Arizona. I was thinking…. what a moron, he doesn't know a lick about college football. After Arizona got destroyed by Houston, I came to the realization that I was the moron.

Most Points for the week…. Wendi racked up 51 points in week 2. Can she keep this up?

Least Points for the week….. It’s only week 2 and Teddy is already battling for last place after getting 38 points.

Best Pick of the week…. Brendan sticking 9 points on Houston for the win.

Worst Pick of the week…. All of us that went 7 points or higher on Florida beating Kentucky (Teddy, Cindie, Kim, Dave, and myself).

Who needs the $110 this week?  Wendi thought a hurricane was coming her way and spent some money on supplies. The $110 should help reimburse her costs.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 3:

  1. Mike (98 Points)

  2. Wendi (89 Points)

  3. Dave (89 Points)

  4. Brendan (87 Points)

  5. Mom (85 Points)

  6. Adam (83 Points)

  7. David (83 Points)

  8. Kim (83 Points)

  9. Cindie (82 Points)

  10. Teddy (81 Points)

  11. Megan (80 Points)

If you are not a part of the GroupMe fun yet, you’re missing out. On Saturday’s, or whenever…we talk nothing but football and tease each other as the games are going on. It was hysterical this past weekend

Good luck in the picks this week!