Sep 17


Week 3


  I think there is no denying FSU’s fate this year.  After the performance at Syracuse, I think the whole "Dora the Explorer turnover backpack” idea needs to be thrown out.  And in case some of you may have missed it, unlike Miami’s turnover chain, they have a turnover "bag” or "backpack” or whatever you want to call it.  Whatever it is, it’s just not working.  I am only thinking they can squeeze out a few more wins this season.  Poor Adam!  I hear UCF may be having fan tryouts!  Rumor has it, many fans are contributing to a GOFUNDME account to help fund the buyout to get rid of the coach.  After week 3, that is just sad.  Notre Dame is pushing its boundaries with mediocre teams.  They had a tough time at home with good ol Dandy Vandy.  You almost had your 1 point Megan.  Almost.

  The B1G had a rough weekend.  You had Wisconsin getting upset at home against BYU.  Northwestern lost to Akron, Purdue lost to Missouri, Illinois lost to USF, Nebraska lost to Troy, Temple beat up on Maryland, and Rutgers lost to Kansas.  Kansas!!!  Kansas is on a winning streak by the way.  Watch out Big 12.  Ohio State struggled offensively against TCU.  There was some bad officiating in that game as well.  I bet Scott Frost is betting he would have stayed at UCF.  UCF is 2-0. Nebraska 0-2 and visiting Michigan this Saturday so you know that will be on the picks.

   Speaking of bad officiating, did anyone see the Texas and USC game?  That was just awful.  There is no way that shouldn’t have been a safety.  It is sad when the announcers say the same thing and make other comments on other penalties and no calls.  And no Texas, you are not back.  USC just stinks.  USC made Texas look like Alabama.  I just hope they celebrated well that night because it won’t last long once they get going in conference play.

  Did anyone see that ol’ Mean Green North Texas do the trick fair catch run back play for a touchdown?  Only Arkansas would have fell for that.  Whatever happened to playing until the whistle blew?  Apparently the sloppy pigs didn’t get that memo and got beat by North Texas.  They ran all over Arkansas.  North Texas was having a pig feast that night. 

  Now on to the elephant in the room!  Auburn??  Anyone there?  Hello, I can’t hear you?  Maybe the reception is bad in the house but I hear no one on the other end!  For those who may have missed it, LSU, they had a walk off field goal in the last seconds to end the game.  Auburn lost a home winning streak that day.  Geaux Tigers!!  And yes we get it Bama, you are the #1 team in the country, quit flaunting it.  They play Texas A&M this week so this may be the biggest test yet for Bama this year. 

On to the Pick’ems. 

I blame hurricane Florence.  I mean we all took beatings.  Mike is still in the lead but that is closing in on him real fast.  Dave and Wendi are 2nd and 3rd respectively.  The lead is now only 3 points from 2nd place. I think Mike is feeling the heat now.  Wait, what?  Wendi is still up there?  What is the world coming to?  She did have a bad week but so did everyone else so I guess he helped her out. 

Looks like Brendan is back where he belongs at the bottom with Megan and Teddy.  Apparently Teddy forgot to do his picks but logged on and made them before he could lose out on any more games.    Mom and Adam are still trying to make their move to the top.  It is almost that time for mom to take her tumble towards the bottom.  Pretty soon, we will be hearing "I’ve fallen and I can’t get back up”.  Kim and Cindy just can’t seem to get going on their picks.  Maybe there is next week for you. 

Most Points for the week…. Dave was able to squeeze 37 out of 45.

Least Points for the week….. Teddy with 22.  Maybe next time, he will log on early enough to do his picks.  He must have had a hangover from the night prior and work up late.  LOL

Best Pick of the week…. This week the coveted spot goes to Mom.  Now, someone go take her out for ice cream and coffee since she is the only one who went with LSU over Auburn.  Time for bed now mom.  You are making us look bad. 

Worst Pick of the week…. This is a tough one since a few of us had some different picks.  This is a tie between everyone picking against Texas (You pick Texas, they lose, you don’t pick Texas, they win.  I wish they would quit putting Texas on the picks), mom and Brendan going with Boise St and Wendi being the only one to pick Utah.  That’s what happens when you think Utah plays tough at home and switched the pick. 

Who needs the $110 this week?  Megan and Brendan sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.   First comes love, then comes fighting for last place.   If they handle their picks like they do their finances, they need this $110 to help pay bills.   Quit letting an 8 year old with 1 arm make your picks.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 4:

1.       Mike 129 pts

2.       Dave 126 pts

3.       Wendi 120 pts

4.       Adam 117 pts

5.       Mom 116 pts

6.       David 115 pts

7.       Kim 115 pts

8.       Cindy 113 pts

9.       Brendan 113 pts

10.   Megan 104 pts

11.   Teddy 103 pts

26 points separates 1st place and last. 

Good luck with this week’s picks!!