Sep 24


What the (bleep) was that Virginia Tech? You’re the number 13 ranked team in the country and lost to Old Dominion who hadn’t won a game to that point? Yeesh. As of now, the ACC is a hot pile of garbage. We know Clemson is the top dog in the conference… but quick, name the second best team in the ACC? Yeah, it’s time to push the panic button if you said Duke who is sporting a sneaky 4-0 record. They host Virginia Tech this week. But hey, FSU won. Really. I promise.

And what the heck Texas? Now you decide to show up and beat someone?

Yeah, Oklahoma really did get into a dog fight with Army and it took overtime to finish off the Black Knights. And don’t get me wrong, Army is sneaky good but I have that feeling Oklahoma is going to gag away a game they’re not supposed to.

It may not have been on your radar, but Texas Tech crushed 15th ranked Oklahoma State 41-17. With TCU dropping their game against Texas, West Virginia could end up being the second best team in the Big 12. That quest begins this weekend against Texas Tech.

Things are really bad in Nebraska. How bad? When Michigan looks like an offensive juggernaut against you, just know you’re in for a bad year. Scott Frost and this version of Cornhusker football doesn’t look competitive at all. You and 10 friends would have no problems scoring on Nebraska.

Oh hey, Notre Dame found a quarterback and finally looked like a top ranked team. Okay fine, it was only against Wake Forest who hasn’t figured out this football thing yet, but going with Ian Book over Brandon Wimbush provided a huge offensive spark.

Alabama had another dominating performance, but this time against a ranked Texas A&M team who gave Clemson everything it could handle two weeks ago. However, against an elite balanced offense, this year’s version of the Alabama defense will surrender points. But you better be ready to out score them.

The SEC East is actually fun this year. We know Georgia is going to win the East… blah, blah, blah… but seeing Kentucky dismantle Mississippi State was new. South Carolina is a scrappy team that’s not going to be an easy out. Missouri made Georgia break a sweat and Vanderbilt is not a doormat anymore. Okay fine, Tennessee stinks like garbage and Florida hasn’t figured it out yet.

On to Pick’ems……

There were some great games that went down to the wire that sent much of us panicking into the wee hours of the night. But after sifting through the carnage, Mike fell from 1st place and landed near the bottom at 8th place. Wendi also had a dismal showing and slid out of the top 4 spots.

And now Dave gets his chance to wear the big boy pants for the first time. That’ll go well at the work place.

Mike wet the bed in the most possible way imaginable. Any reasonable person won’t stick 9 on Iowa over Wisconsin or roll the dice with Indiana over Michigan State with 4 points.

The biggest winner was Mom who got to move up into second place. She’s the one always getting teased but who’s laughing now?

It may not last long……… but Kim made up her way up into 3rd place.

We really have to figure this Texas thing out. Texas has been on the picks three out of the last four weeks which is utterly ridiculous. How ridiculous? In week 1 we all went Texas and they lost. As a result we missed out on 57 confidence points combined. In week 3, the majority of us (except Dave & Adam) picked USC to beat Texas. Well, Texas won and those that picked against Texas lost out on 31 combined points. Dave and Adam only won 2 points combined. Now in Week 4, we all picked TCU to beat Texas, and Texas won big. We all lost a combined 53 points. So to recap… only 2 points have been won total for those that have picked Texas to win and they actually won. Everybody else, we have lost out on a total of 141 points picking for or against Texas in which the Longhorns did the exact opposite in the game.

Let’s be realistic though, the margin for error is razor thin for now. Just ask Mike. Only 18 points separate 1st place to 10th place. Teddy is in a whole category to himself but that’s not his fault.

Most Points for the week…. A total of four people racked up 42 points (Mom, Kim, Cindie, & Megan) in a very challenging week of picks.

Least Points for the week….. It was only a matter of time before Mike’s name was placed here as his appalling abhorrent not so good day landed him 21 points.

Best Pick of the week…. Mom stuck 8 points on Stanford beating Oregon. 8 POINTS!!!!

Worst Pick of the week…. Mike had 7 bad picks on the day but sticking 9 on Iowa beating Wisconsin was playing a virtual version of Russian roulette. It didn’t end well.

Who needs the $110 this week?  Teddy couldn’t make his picks last week due to medical issues. The $110 could have assisted with co-pays and prescription meds. Hoping you get well bro.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 3:

  1. Dave (164 Points)

  2. Mom (158 Points)

  3. Kim (157 Points)

  4. David (156 Points)

  5. Cindie (155 Points)

  6. Adam (155 Points)

  7. Wendi (152 Points)

  8. Mike (150 Points)

  9. Megan (146 Points)

  10. Brendan (146 Points)

  11. Teddy (103 Points)

If you are not a part of the GroupMe fun yet, you’re missing out. On Saturday’s, or whenever…we talk nothing but football and tease each other as the games are going on.

Good luck in the picks this week!