Oct 1


Really Penn State? That’s what you came up with on 4th and 5 trailing 27-26? A zone read up the middle after Ohio State has been stuffing the run ALL NIGHT? It’s not the play call that has me scratching my head but after TWO timeouts, this was the BEST play that they came up with. Penn State’s McSorley was on fire all night and the coaching staff took the ball out of his hands. And now Ohio State is the only undefeated team left in the Big Ten. As long as Ohio State gets off the bus, they’ll win the rest of their games.

It might be time to start taking Kentucky serious after beating a solid South Carolina team 24-10. Like real serious. However, things don’t get any easier this week as they go on the road to take on Texas A&M. Please God, don’t let this game be on the picks.

Okay Auburn, you wanna keep playing like THAT? You already lost to LSU, but if you don’t turn it around offensively, you’re going to get curb-stomped by Georgia and Alabama. And you just might lose to Texas A&M. 8-4 is not going to cut it on the Plains this year.

And Yeah, Alabama is rolling. The real tests will come in November.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard to get a handle on the teams in the Big 12. West Virginia appeared to be really good by blowing out Texas Tech 35-10 at halftime. But Tech all of a sudden came out roaring in the second half and had a chance to at least tie the game until a pick-6. The Mountaineers are a really shaky 4-0. Texas is quietly at 4-1 overall but the loss was to Maryland. And Maryland got destroyed by Temple 35-14 two weeks ago. TEMPLE!!! Yeah, Oklahoma looks great but it still took overtime to beat Army.

And now it’s uh oh time… the Red River rivalry game between Texas and Oklahoma comes this weekend. It. Will. Be. On. The. Picks.

It’s okay if you chuckled and felt warm and fuzzy inside as Michigan trailed Northwestern 17-7 at the half.  Though Michigan pulled out the win 20-17, just take solace in the fact that Michigan still has to play Wisconsin, at Michigan State, and at Ohio State. And yeah, those Maryland and Indiana games look a little more challenging too.

Notre Dame looks like a good team with Ian Book running the show at quarterback. That 38-17 win over Stanford was impressive. And all of a sudden, the Irish schedule doesn’t seem too difficult anymore the rest of the way. The game this week against Virginia Tech can be tricky, but Florida State is not yet Florida State and USC is trying to figure things out.

On to Pick’ems……

What appeared to be a very challenging week in picks turned out to be a dud in the grand scheme of things. Sure, there was a moment when Teddy’s picks were doing better than Mike’s, but it’s not like anyone embarrassed themselves.  

And after losing the first four games, I’d probably take some friends to the fair too in order to get my mind off of the pending disaster. Thankfully for Mike, the disaster never came.

However, if Ohio State were to have lost to Penn State…. Cindie, and I were going to come out looking like champs because the majority of you had some ridiculous high points on the Buckeyes. But now I’m grouchy because Ohio State’s offense moved through the Penn State defense like a hot knife through butter in their last two offensive possessions.

Dave couldn’t last a week on top. "That’s what she said,” as I imagine Wendi would cleverly say.

Now Kim gets her shot at the top spot. Although she’s probably just warming up the seat for Adam who has very quietly assumed second place.

If you haven’t heard from Megan and Brendan lately, it’s okay. There’s nothing to talk about as they sit in 9th and 10th place. In fact, I think Megan may be playing under Brendan’s name in order to have a double entry (which is not allowed anyway). And now that it’s obvious that Megan would do anything to win, we’ll probably see additional entries with the names of "Butterz”, "Nahla”, "Daisy” and "Pocket” next year.

It appears Teddy has mailed it in with double zeros that last two weeks. But did he REALLY have a chance?

After five weeks, everyone (not you Teddy) is still in this thing. Only 16 points separate the top from 10th place. If history is any indication though, the top from bottom will eventually expand.

Most Points for the week…. Adam nailed 47 points. And this is the point in which Adam says thanks for the money, and thanks for playing.

Least Points for the week….. Dave finally makes this list hitting a not so bad 36 points; Problem is, everyone else was better.

Best Pick of the week…. Wendi and I going Florida over Miss St; We had a good laugh as we watched everyone else lose out on mid to high points. .

Worst Pick of the week…. Dave was the lone shark that went 7 on Iowa State beating TCU. I could see the reasoning behind it and the actual game was close. But, taking chances like that will get you knocked out of the top spot.

Who needs the $110 this week?  Adam desperately needs to get paid this week after spending time with the kids so they can make "scary” pumpkin faces. Spoiler Alert…. They weren’t THAT scary.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 3:

  1. Kim (203 Points)

  2. Adam (202 Points)

  3. Mom (202 Points)

  4. Cindie (201 Points)

  5. David (200 Points)

  6. Dave (200 Points)

  7. Wendi (196 Points)

  8. Mike (193 Points)

  9. Brendan (190 Points)

  10. Megan (187 Points)

  11. Teddy (103 Points)

If you are not a part of the GroupMe fun yet, you’re missing out. On Saturday’s, or whenever…we talk nothing but football and tease each other as the games are going on.

Good luck in the picks this week!