Oct 8


What you are about to read is based on a true story.  


Some of the names and timelines have been changed to protect the privacy of the victims.  So on "Friday” night late in the 4th qtr for the FSU and Miami, Wendilyn calls Adam Levine to talk to her child Samuelina.  As Adam Levine picks up the phone, she can hear Samuelina crying in the background.  Adam Levine quickly rushes her off the phone and says "I need to call you back”.  After the game ends, Adam Levine calls Wendilyn back and she continued to ask "What are yall doing?”  He goes on to say that he is taking Samuelina to the store to get candy.  Could this be a coincidence or could he have possible harmed Samuelina and tried to bribe him with candy to keep from telling his mom?  My theory is that Adam Levine got so angry that his team blew a 3 TD score to Miami that he hit Samuelina and instantly regretted what he did and tried to save face.  There was a photo circulating with Samuelina laid out with red eyes.  Is this proof enough?   Well whatever happened is a mystery and the bribing must have worked because Samuelina has not brought this incident up to his mom.  If you have any tips, please call 1-555-455-7789.

Now what in the name of Sam Hill happened on Saturday night?  I am at a loss of words.  Now that it is Monday, I hope we have all recovered from our hangover on what could have been a GREAT night for all of us had it not been for all the upsets.  #notmypicks.  There wasn’t one, or 2, or even 3 upsets.  There was plenty to throw around.  I don’t know who cried more, Mike or Kyler Murray during his post-game press conference.  And yes, he was crying.  Both of them.  It was so bad for Mike that he was ready to meet his maker Saturday night.  Whoever went more than 2 on Oklahoma should be ashamed of themselves.  <Brendan>.  I am still not sold on Texas being "back”.  It may be my disdain for them but I’m still not convinced. They almost blew the 3 TD lead like FSU did.  And just so you know FSU only had 45 total yards in the 2nd half. The next time Texas is on the picks, they will be playing 

someone they should blow out and then we all go high on Texas and then you know what comes next, Texas loses and the reinforces us that they are not back and still suck.  Sorry, not sorry Dave.  A lot of the picks game down to the wire and mom and Mike were hanging on for dear life and were getting the noose tied.  Luckily for mom, she was at the fair and didn’t have to do it right away, she was willing to wait until she got home.  Has anyone heard from her by the way?  It’s pretty sad when the likes of David and Cindy are thanking Michigan for the win.  David, I still have your Michigan shirt you wore last time.  I have an extra one for you too Cindy. 

Can you imagine the onslaught if Michigan and Notre Dame lost?  I mean most of us would only have single digit scores be the nights end.  Mom and Cindy would have ended the week with ZERO if that would have happened.  Do you remember a couple weeks ago when Mike had a very bad week and only won 3 games?  Who’s laughing now??  By 7:30 that night, mom only had 6 points.  6!!  Ohio State looks very beatable.  I don’t know about you but Iowa States QB Purdy looked so "purdddy” beating Oklahoma State.  The whole state of Oklahoma sank faster than the Titanic.  And just in case you may have may have missed it, Auburn lost 23-9. 

The ranked teams in the SEC going on the road had a bad day.  Kentucky can go back to being a basketball school.  Did they think they could actually beat the likes of Alabama?  "Snell yeah”.  Who are they kidding?  Auburn is plotting to get rid of the head coach already.  I hear a rumor they are trying to double Nick Saban’s salary at Bama in hopes of landing him as their head coach.  Or even Less Miles?  5 ranked teams lost to unranked teams.    And just as Saban usually does, even though you blow a team out over 30 points, you still criticize the defense just because they scored 31 points to your 6th stringers you had in the game. 

On to pickems

What seemed like a good week turned into stuff made of nightmares.  I had a dream last night that I only won 1 game.  It was awful I tell ya.  Just awful.  This week is going to be the same.  Looking at the schedule, and I can already tell we need to start praying now.  A majority of us only won 3 games.  Mom, Cindy and Adam won 2.  Teddy and Dave both won 5 which boosted Dave to the #1 spot for the week.  But the next 6 spots are not that far off.  I don’t know about you but I am really starting to think that Megan created Brendan spot to give her a second entry.  It would only work Megan if you weren’t doing the exact same picks.  You and Brendan are still pulling the caboose.  It’s either that or they were truly meant for each other and think the same when it comes to football which isn’t good because Brendan knows nothing about college football. 

It looks like Teddy has recovered from his kidney stones.

Most points for the week… Teddy with a whopping 27.  I think this is a record low for the high score.  David you want to double check that?

Least points of the week… Mom coming in at a total of 14.  Check the record on this as well David? 

Best pick of the week… I would go with a tie on this.  If it weren’t for the few of us going 10 on Michigan, the scores would be a lot worse.  And Megan being the lone lucky pick of Iowa State but it doesn’t really matter because she is 18 points off the lead.

Worst pick of the week… All. Of. Us.  Just all of us.  <hanging my head>

Who needs the $110 this week?...  Priscilla.   Yes Priscilla because she has to help cover funeral costs for Mike.  WHO PUTS 10 POINTS ON AUBURN GOING TO STARKVILLE AT NIGHT? 

Here’s how we rank going into Week 7

1. Dave 223 points

2. Kim 222 points

3. David 221 points

4. Adam 220 points

5. Cindy 219 points

6. Wendi 218 points

7. Mom 216 points

8. Mike 208 points

9. Brendan 206 points

10. Megan 205 points

11. Teddy 130 points

And just in case you missed it again Auburn lost 23-9.  Good luck this week.  We will all need it.