Oct 15


Admit it. This is why you love college football. There is no other sport like it in the world that is constantly full of surprises and upsets. And week 7 did not disappoint. So what happened around the country?

Beginning in the B1G, #8 Penn State lost a 21-17 heart breaker to an unranked Michigan State team. The Spartans always seem to upend a highly ranked Big 10 team each year. The Nittany Lions were the latest victim. 12th ranked Michigan trounced the 15th ranked Wisconsin Badgers 38-13. The Wolverines exploded for 17 points in the 4th quarter to put the game on ice. And Ohio State is begging to get tagged after sleeping walking in their win over Minnesota.

In the Big 12, #6 West Virginia succumbed to the always competitive Iowa State 30-14 in Ames, Iowa. If you haven’t noticed, top ranked teams fall all the time in Ames. Will Grier’s Heisman hopes may have also gone down in Ames. Texas has moved to 5-0 (6-1 overall) in conference play after struggling to get by Baylor 23-17. The scary part…. Baylor actually had a decent chance of winning but could not punch their last possession in the end zone. But now The Longhorns control their own destiny in the Big 12.

The SEC had a two top ranked teams in LSU and Georgia battling for SEC supremacy which turned into a rout. The Tigers won 36-16 and held the Georgia offense in check most of the day. Meanwhile, in Auburn, the other Tigers lost to a listless Tennessee team 30-24 at home which sent the Gus Bus crashing. Tennessee quarterback, Jarrett Guarantano, lit up the Auburn secondary for 328 yards and two touchdown passes. Armageddon has begun on the plains of Alabama. It’s possible that the only remaining ‘gimmie’ game for Auburn is against Liberty. That means the Auburn could lose four additional games.

Alabama rolled Mizzou 39-10 but they were a different team when Tua Tagovailoa exited the game after re-aggravating a knee sprain. Sure, Jalen Hurts was fine under center completing 7 of 8 passes for 115 yards… but the offense is not as explosive compared to when Tua is orchestrating the offense. Their biggest test is waiting for them in Baton Rouge against LSU in November.

The Pac 12 wasn’t able to escape upset Saturday either as 7th ranked Washington was bested by the 17th ranked Oregon Ducks 30-27. Previously undefeated Colorado finally went on the road to face a quality team and the USC Trojans smacked the Buffs 31-20.

In the Coastal Division, the ACC continues to be a horror show as Miami turned the ball over 3 times in their 16-13 loss to Virginia. Outside of Clemson and NC State, the Atlantic Division is not much better.

By now, if you if haven’t figured out your teams sucks….. It probably does.

On to Pick’ems……

By now we’ve all seen the All-State Insurance Mayhem commercials. I find it quite odd that I mainly see them during the commercials in between college football games. The last two weekends of college football have been nothing short of mayhem and our picks are exhibit A of this claim.

Brendan’s picks were on a whole other level of mayhem though. But seriously, what the "eff” was that Brendan? 7 points?!?!

At least Teddy had the decency to bow out of last week.

Mom has quietly excused herself from the adult table after snagging 14 points in each of the past two weeks. She has now fallen to 8th place.

You know it’s coming, your friends know, and your Mom knows what’s about to happen…… but at any moment, Wendi is about to have a huge blow-out in her picks. It usually coincides the same week Michigan loses. And this Saturday, the Wolverines travel to Michigan State…Uh oh!

We all know that Teddy has eliminated himself from this competition and is already dead and buried. Brendan’s obituary is getting prepared as plans for his burial arrangements get underway. But with only 7 more weeks to go in this Pick’ems contest, one bad accident could quickly land Mom or Mike in the morgue too.  

If you weren’t sneakily hoping that Cindie would not do her picks because of some Hurricane wrecking everything….you’re probably lying. That dang Hurricane blew her into 2nd place though.

It’s still a fist fight for the top spot as Cindie, Kim, Wendi, Dave, and myself take turns in first place. Adam and Megan are waiting patiently to join in the fray in the event someone gets knocked out.

Most Points for the week…. In a bad week for the majority, Megan snagged 28 points by picking some upsets in order to catch up to the pack. It worked…for this week.

Least Points for the week….. 7 points!! Brendan had the ultimate bowel movement of epic proportions which left his pants and his picks in utter disaster. Thanks for playing. It was fun.

Best Pick of the week…. Cindie and Dave taking Virginia over the Miami turnover chain. Cindie stuck 7 points on that game. Yeesh!

Worst Pick of the week…. Everyone that went six or higher on West Virginia beating Iowa State (Cindie, Wendi, Mike, Kim, Adam, Dave, Mom, Brendan). Shame on you for not knowing that Ames, Iowa is a place where dreams go to die for top ranked teams.  

Who needs the $110 this week?  Without a doubt, Cindie could use the cash this week to assist in the clean-up after Hurricane Michael tore up the Florida panhandle and portions of her home and property.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 8:

  1. David (245 Points)

  2. Cindie (243 Points)

  3. Kim (242 Points)

  4. Wendi (241 Points)

  5. Dave (240 Points)

  6. Adam (238 Points)

  7. Megan (233 Points)

  8. Mom (230 Points)

  9. Mike (229 Points)

  10. Brendan (213 Points)

  11. Teddy (130 Points)

If you are not a part of the GroupMe fun yet, you’re missing out. On Saturday’s, or whenever…we talk nothing but football and tease each other as the games are going on.

Good luck in the picks this week!