Oct 21


Week 8

  As I sit here sipping on my cold iced coke and eating my home cooked breakfast and ponder on yesterday’s game all I can say right now is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  And yes I had to say it that many times because not only did I sleep well but I woke up laughing because for the 3rd straight year, Ohio State has lost to an unranked team BADLY!  And just at the beginning of the season, I was ready to jump on the UCF bandwagon because we played poorly against Notre Dame and I thought our season was said and done for.  But now we have beat 2 ranked teams back to back.  And not only do I need that to convince me that Hell froze over but Megan nailed all of her 55 points and Nebraska got their first win of the season.  Megan?  There wasn’t as many upsets as there was the last 2 weeks, thank goodness and the evening wasn’t too exciting. 

  The Pac 12 is still in a hot mess on who will win their conference.  Washington State played lights out but in the second half, they almost blew the 4 touchdown lead they had at the half.  Utah handled business after trailing early against USC.  Washington got a big win over Colorado that they needed.  The conference winner will have 3 losses I predict.  Whether it is Washington or Washington State as they still have some tough games ahead of them. 

The ACC is kind of like the SEC – you have Clemson, and then everyone else.  In the SEC – you have Bama, and then everyone else.  You can claim that LSU may have a chance as they both will have bye weeks before they meet on November 3rd.  Bama wins easily.  While they may have a good defense, I don’t see them stopping Bama’s potent offense.  Auburn quietly won their game after a slow start.  I think Alabama and their fans are like "How could this sorry Tennessee team beat Auburn?”  This year’s Iron Bowl should be something.  Maybe that is when Auburn will finally decide to play. 

  Well as of now, it looks to be that Michigan is the best team in the B10.  I knew Ohio State was going to get tagged this year but I didn’t know when nor did I predict it to be from Purdue.  They have been flirting with disaster on both sides of the ball and it finally showed its ugly head.  I couldn’t contain my laughter.  Although Michigan won by 2 touchdowns, the stats show it should have been a blowout.  2 missed field goals, 2 fumbles in the wet rain, over 100 yards in penalties.  But a win is a win.  Michigan had more penalties than Michigan State had total yards.  They were held under 100 yards of total offense.  I don’t even see Bama doing that.  HAHA!  But apparently some Purdue fans think "they want BAMA”.  Not a chance Purdue, not a chance.  Penn State struggled with Indiana but was able to pull it out in the end. 

The Big 12 handled their business and won the games they should have.  Is it me or am I the only one that wants Texas to lose?  I mean, I am sick of hearing that they are back.  No you are not!  It was a fluke that you beat Oklahoma.  Even with the loss to Texas, Oklahoma still looks like the best team in the conference but tough games lie ahead for them. 

  And then there were 2 less undefeated teams.  Cincinnati and NC State (as if they had a chance against Clemson).  UCF is still undefeated and they won without their starting quarterback.  Go Knights. 

There will be some tough picks next week on the pickems so pick wisely as we are entering into the last few weeks of the contest.  You don’t want to get too far behind. 

On the the Pickems’

Good job Megan.  I guess she got tired of me making fun of her and Brendan at the bottom snuggled up next to each other.  Has anyone ever nailed the 55/55?  I don’t recall they have.  Megan needed just that to push her way up to 4th place.  Another good week for her, she may bolster up to 1st place.  I think Mom has stepped away from the big boy table and she is now 29 points from 1st place.  Unless Mike nails over 50 of his points the next few weeks, I think he has joined Mom and Brendan.  Who ever thought it was wise to put 8 or 9 points on Cincinnati?  Kim and mom *cough cough*.  I went 6 and it bit me in the butt and caused me to falter on my picks for the week. 

  Mom had another abysmal week as this is the 3rd week in a row she has received the least amount of points.  That is how you get excused from the big boy table mom.  <waves goodbye>.  Quit letting Neil tell you who to pick.  He doesn’t watch football mom.  And contrary to what he says, he doesn’t know what’s best for you.  I called to check on Mike this morning and Priscilla answered his phone and said Mike is still licking his wounds from the Auburn loss last week and that she did his picks for him yesterday.  At this point, can it get any worse for him?  Next week, it’s Pocket’s turn to do his picks.  There was some shuffling in the top ranks and got a little more separation.  As far as Kim, I think she forgot to mention the pickems in her prayers Saturday morning because she had a bad week as well.  If you haven’t noticed, there has been a pattern forming with Mike and Mom having back to back bad weeks the last several weeks. 

  At this point, Mike would like a hurricane come his way because it seems like it has helped Cindy to stay in the 2nd spot for 2 weeks in a row.

Most points for the week… Megan who nailed all 55 points.  Congrats, just don’t let it happen again. 

Least points for the week… Yet again, mom with 39 points.  You can go ahead and say "Uncle” now mom.  But mom has the last laugh because someone (me) paid her $10 entry so she isn’t out any money.  DOPE!

Best pick of the week… Goes to Megan and Adam for picking Temple over Cincinnati.  It helped Megan nail hers.  I’m still trying to figure out how all of a sudden she knows so much about football.  Cheating is an automatic disqualification.  LOL! 

Worse pick of the week… Mom’s name is back in with her and Kim going high on Cincinnati. 

Who needs the $100 this week?  I think I deserve this spot this week.  Not only has mom excused herself from the contest, but I want my money back.  I paid her entry fee and it makes me out double the money so I need to recoup some of that back.  I predict next week 53/55 points for me.  Next year mom, you are on your own.  It also didn’t help that in unintentionally spent $20 on Power Ball and MegaMillion Tickets to only get one number.  Guess it’s back to work for me tomorrow. 

Here’s how we rank going into Week 9:

1.David (298 points)

2.Cindy (295 points)

3. Adam (291 points)

4. Megan (288 points)

5. Dave (287 points)

5. Wendi (287 points)

7. Kim (284) points

8. Mike (272) points

9. Mom (269) points

10. Brendan (259) points

Good luck in this week’s picks.  We will need it.