Oct 29


Week 9 Review

It’s the week of Halloween where the majority of us will act dumb and do crazy things. But don’t go trick-o-treating at the door of the University of Texas Football team. You’ll get the trick each time. Yeah, I perhaps bought into the fact that maybe, MAYBE they’d really play well because of this play-off thingy and being ranked #6 and all. But sadly, I was wrong. My wife, who doesn’t know a lick about college football said this about the Texas Defense, "how come they aren’t trying to tackle the other team.”

And what’s even funnier... Texas may still win the Big 12.

I don’t know who feels worse….. Dave or Adam.

I’ll admit it. I really didn’t bother tuning into the televised murder of Florida State at the hands of Clemson because I knew what was going to happen. The first time I checked, the score was 7-0 early second quarter. What felt like only minutes later, the score was 52-7.

Okay Notre Dame, I know its Halloween and all…. but it’s time to take off the mask of a top 4 team. Yes you beat Navy 44-22, and you beat Michigan to begin the fun, but the rest of the nation just has the crazy notion that you’re going to wet the bed embarrass yourself on national television if you get into the play off. It’s not like Notre Dame’s schedule is light and fluffy because it’s anything but. They still have games at Northwestern, FSU, Syracuse, and at USC.

With Georgia knocking off Florida, the SEC East battle is now between Georgia and Kentucky who play this Saturday in Lexington, KY. The winner of that game most likely represents the East in the SEC Championship game. And people… please stop, Kentucky is not all of a sudden a football school too. Go beat Georgia, then I’ll reconsider.

And the best team in the Pac 12 is….. Washington State?!  Really? The Cougars got a scare from Stanford but this is about as shaky as a team 10 team can be. Yeah sure, the offense hums but the Cougar D is like a paper tiger when push comes to shove. The only team to beat Washington State was Utah and they could meet again in the Pac 12 Championship game. But in this Pac 12 dumpster fire, anything can happen.

 I know there’s still a lot of football left to be played…. And I know it’s a what- if scenario… But WHAT IF Notre Dame rips through the schedule and finishes 12-0 and the rest of the power 5 teams either are undefeated (Alabama and Clemson) or has a one loss champion? Who gets left out? For spits and giggles let’s say that Washington State is your Pac-12 Champ at 12-1. SEC Champ (Bama) finishes 13-0 or LSU/Georgia finish 12-1. Michigan or Ohio State go 12-1, Oklahoma wins the Big 12 at 12-1 and Clemson goes 13-0. Is this a possible scenario? Yes. Is it likely to happen? No. But if it did, the noise would be at a deafening pitch to expand the play-off when too many one loss conference champion teams get left out.

On to Pick’ems……

Sticking with the Halloween them…The Pick’ems Grim Reaper is just around the corner for some. So where could the Grim Reaper pay a visit this week? Look no further than those that reside in Lakeland and San Marcos.

Oh Sure, Mike and Kim will say all the right things like, "Oh I still have a chance of winning,” as we nod our heads in sarcastic agreement only to whisper to everyone else, "Not a chance!”

For Halloween, Mike and Kim might as well dress up as buttered bread…. Because they are toast.

And no, there’s no truth to the rumor that Mom is having an affair with the Grim Reaper. Although I do sort of think there is some sort of attraction between the two.

Adam needed a great week in picks but instead was as disappointed as a kid opening up their candy bag from trick-o-treating and finding healthy granola bars and coupons.

Not a single person seems to be talking about it, but how the heck is Cindie still in 2nd place? She claims she’s without internet, but there appears to be a lot of research going into her picks which takes time. And the time Cindie should be spending is out cleaning her yard from some hurricane that blew through a few weeks ago.

A whopping total of 4 points in our picks have been won betting for or against Texas. An astounding 228 points have been lost betting for or against Texas. The cliché still stands. If you pick Texas to win… you lose. If you pick Texas to lose…. You lose again.

With five more weeks to go in our Pick’ems contest, it’s still a nasty battle between the top 6 spots although the margin for error grows slimmer each week.

And how the heck is Dave still in this thing?

Most Points for the week…. Wendi had her fun this week in Chicago AND in her picks by nailing 45 points!

Least Points for the week….. Kim needed a big week to stay in the competition but instead landed only 30 points. Don’t go to her house on Halloween, she’ll be handing out the bad candy now.

Best Pick of the week…. All of those picking Iowa State over Texas Tech (David, Cindie, Dave, Wendi, Megan, and Brendan) although that game came down to the final minutes.

Worst Pick of the week….  Adam… there was no way, no how, FSU was going to sniff an upset over Clemson. I don’t care if you wagered 1 point on the game. For Halloween, Adam is going as himself… a sad FSU fan.

Who needs the $100 this week?  Not only is Megan only down from the top spot by 11 points, she’s pulling out all the stops by dressing up as Stuart from Mad TV for Halloween. I just don’t know what’s more disturbing though…dressing up like a dude, or dressing up like a dude and actually pulling it off.

And cue the Brendan is gay jokes because he’ll be seen with a man on Halloween in 3…2….1….

Here’s how we rank going into Week 10:

  1. David (340 Points)

  2. Cindie (337 Points)

  3. Wendi (332 Points)

  4. Dave (329 Points)

  5. Megan (329 Points)

  6. Adam (326 Points)

  7. Kim (314 Points)

  8. Mike (312 Points)

  9. Mom (301 Points)

  10. Brendan (296 Points)

  11. Teddy (130 Points)

If you are not a part of the GroupMe fun yet, you’re missing out. On Saturday’s, or whenever…we talk nothing but football and tease each other as the games are going on.

Good luck in the picks this week!