Nov 5


And now the real fun has begun as conference championship races begin to take shape.

NOBODY beats Penn State like THAT! The Michigan Defense put on a defensive clinic by holding Penn State to 186 total yards in that 42-7 bludgeoning. However, there’s this wee little issue standing in Michigan’s way of clinching the B1G East. That’s Ohio State…who got their nose bloodied by Nebraska. Sure, the Buckeyes won, but it took a ton of effort to put that game away.

Everyone kept talking about LSU’s defense this… LSU’s defense that… but nobody was talking about Alabama’s defense. Now they are. Does LSU have an elite defense to match up with Alabama’s elite offense? Sure! But does LSU’s mediocre offense match-up with Alabama’s elite defense? Nope… And that was the difference. And now, Alabama will face Georgia in the SEC conference Championship game.

Okay Notre Dame… that was a good 10 point win over a scrappy Northwestern team who has now fallen to 5-4 on the year AND who might end up in the Big 10 Championship game. If Michigan and Northwestern reach the Big 10 title game, Notre Dame can boast about beating both Big 10 conference champion representatives. Thanks a lot Michigan, Northwestern.

You probably weren’t paying attention, but it took a bit of everything for #8 Washington State to beat CAL in a 19-13 slugfest. The Cougars scored the winning touchdown with 0:33 seconds left in the game!! And cue the Pac 12 is garbage rant. As long as the Cougars win out, they’ll head to the Pac 12 championship game. Who they’ll face is a coin flip. Yeah, the South Division is kind of like the ACC Coastal Division.

Although it’s still possible for Texas to reach the Big 12 title game, West Virginia declined overtime by going for two and for the win over the Longhorns in a gutsy move. That was about as entertaining as a game could be. Unless you’re on the losing side of it. But the Big 12 is still a four team race between Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas, and Iowa State. Then two of these teams will have to play each other AGAIN in the championship game.

Hey Look! FSU won..<checks score sheet> Oh wait… never mind. The ACC Atlantic is a no brainer with Clemson, but the Coastal Division? A big bag if yuck. It’s highly possibly that Clemson will face a 3-4 loss team in the ACC Championship game. Go ahead and pencil in the Clemson Tigers in the Playoff.

On to Pick’ems……

Houston we have a problem. That was an inexcusable loss to SMU. And we all paid dearly for it too. Except Adam. I wonder what he saw there to only risk 5 points. But then again, what the heck was he thinking putting 7 on Iowa beating Purdue?

Speaking of Adam… he’s on virtual life support down 18 spots from the top. Another iffy week… or Wendi pulling the life support cord could finish him off.

Maybe it’s just me, but the majority of you all’s points are slowly getting further and further away from mine. I now hold a 7 point lead over Cindie and an 11 point lead over Wendi.

You’ve heard the saying…if a tree falls in a forest and if no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That about sums up Mike’s move to 7th place. <yawn>

Those of us in the top six don’t give a big whoop where Mike is right now in the rankings and probably didn’t even notice the move. But he sure is getting dang close to Adam.

Hey look, a total of 12 points have now been won betting for or against Texas so far this year which actually panned out. About a gazillion points have been lost betting for or against Texas in which the opposite occurred.

The majority of us got a good laugh as Mom was sitting with only 9 points late Saturday night… She did rip off the last three games though to get her point totals up to 32.

I get this sneaky suspicion that Dave will finish in the top 3. It was all fun and games teasing him last year as his picks bombed but he took his lumps. He may get the last laugh though.

Most Points for the week…. Mike and I receive this week’s honor after hitting 38 points. Better late than never huh Mike?

Least Points for the week….. Brendan is putting his best foot forward to ensure he locks up 10th place after snagging a lowly 31 points. He has officially hit rock bottom.

Best Pick of the week…. Mike, Dave, and Megan sticking points on Purdue beating Iowa. It came down to the wire but the pick paid off.

Worst Pick of the week….  With a bad SMU team upsetting Houston, we all lost Big except Adam.

Who needs the $100 this week?   Brendan could really use the money this week after all of the grief about Megan dressing as a dude for Halloween and then going out in public. Now all of Jacob’s soccer friends are under the impression he has two dads sharing the same bed.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 11:

  1. David (378 Points)

  2. Cindie (372 Points)

  3. Wendi (367 Points)

  4. Dave (366 Points)

  5. Megan (364 Points)

  6. Adam (360 Points)

  7. Mike (350 Points)

  8. Kim (346 Points)

  9. Mom (333 Points)

  10. Brendan (327 Points)

  11. Teddy (130 Points)

If you are not a part of the GroupMe fun yet, you’re missing out. On Saturday’s, or whenever…we talk nothing but football and tease each other as the games are going on.

Good luck in the picks this week!