Nov 12


Rivalry weekend cannot get here fast enough. But in the meantime….

Maybe it’s just me, but it took Clemson an awfully long time to finally smash in Boston College. Don’t get me wrong, the Boston College offense went nowhere against Clemson’s stout D. But Boston College showed you a glimpse of what could happen when Clemson’s offense showed up against a real live defense. And as long as Pitt wins one more ACC game, they’ll face the Tigers in the ACC Championship game… <yawn>. The ratings for this game will be absolutely atrocious.

And… Alabama’s offense just showed the nation what would happen once it faced a real live defense in their 24-0 shutout win over Mississippi State. For the first time all year, Alabama didn’t eclipse the 400 yard mark and sacked Alabama’s quarterback four times with many more hurries. But, the top defense in the SEC? Not Alabama nor LSU. It’s Mississippi State. And yeah, the Bulldogs did get hosed on at least two calls. One took a touchdown off the board. The officials had a bad day.

Utah is a win away (or another Arizona State loss) from either facing Washington State or Washington in the Pac-12 Championship game. Can Utah continue to win without their starting quarterback and starting running back? That’ll be answered this week as they go on the road to face Colorado.

You missed the defensive performance that Oklahoma fielded against Oklahoma State. No really, the Sooner defense was never there and that’s why you missed it. The Cowboy offense racked up 640 yards against the Sooner D. 640 YARDS!!!! The Sooners won 48-47, but only because Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy elected to go for two and failed.

We kind of wrote off Ohio State, but that 26-6 over Michigan State in East Lansing was impressive. It gets real in two weeks when they host Michigan for the Big Ten East Title. The winner of that game will advance to the Big Ten Championship game to face….uh…let me double check…Northwestern?! Yup, Northwestern clinched the Big Ten West.

Maybe it’s time to think Notre Dame is the real deal after blasting Florida State.

On second thought... Let’s not.

On to Pick’ems……

And just like that, Megan and Dave have joined Adam in the fight for 4th place. Megan and Dave needed a big week to stay in contention for 1st place and didn’t help themselves. It didn’t help that Cindie, Wendi, and I snagged 48 points or higher for the week either.

Don’t look now, but Mike is making a run for 4th place after hitting 50 points last week and is only down 10 points from Dave. However, with Mike imagining life as a ‘Carney’ fresh on his mind. thanks to the National Peanut Festival, Dave has nothing to worry about.

Cindie and I have had a Kung Fu death grip on the top two spots for five straight weeks but Wendi is seriously challenging Cindie for 2nd place only down 4 points.

You REALLY want to know how bad it is in purgatory? Take a look at the gulf between Kim (8th place) and Brendan (last place). 25 points!!!! Yikes!

And the likelihood of Brendan playing Pick’ems next year is now at an all-time low.

Most Points for the week…. At this point, Mom is playing for pride week and nailed 51 points just to ensure she doesn’t slip into last place!!!

Least Points for the week….. Things have turned south in a hurry for Megan after hitting a not so bad 43 points. The problem is…everyone else performed better.

Best Pick of the week…. How about those of us (David, Mike, Mom, & Kim) that STILL picked Utah to win despite their starting quarterback and running back out with injuries!!!!

Worst Pick of the week….  I don’t know what Megan was thinking sticking 1 point on Colorado to upset Washington State….. But it didn’t happen as the Cougars easily won. But then again, half us don’t know what the heck Megan thinks when she sees a hot water heater.

Who needs the $100 this week?   Megan needs a boost of confidence after confusing the hot water heater with the furnace in humbling fashion and not doing well in her picks last week. Winning some loot could help her confidence.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 12:

  1. David (428 Points)

  2. Cindie (420 Points)

  3. Wendi (416 Points)

  4. Dave (410 Points)

  5. Adam (407 Points)

  6. Megan (407 Points)

  7. Mike (400 Points)

  8. Kim (395 Points)

  9. Mom (384 Points)

  10. Brendan (375 Points)

  11. Teddy (130 Points)

Good luck in the picks this week!