Nov 19


Week 12 Review

Rivalry week is finally here…but that also means college football is soon coming to a close. But let’s recap what happened in Week 12.

10th ranked Ohio State and Maryland went into overtime and the Buckeyes prevailed 52-51 in a thriller only because Maryland went for the win on a two point conversion attempt that failed. And now this sets the stage for a top 10 match-up between Michigan and Ohio State for their annual rivalry game. Maybe it just me… or maybe because it’s a Buckeye home game… but I get this sneaky feeling that Ohio State will be ready for this game.

Texas kept their Big 12 Championship Game hopes alive in convincing fashion beating Iowa State 24-10. As long as they beat Kansas this weekend and hope for a West Virginia loss against Oklahoma, they’ll face Oklahoma in a rematch. However, if Oklahoma loses to West Virginia, The Longhorns will most likely face West Virginia in the Big 12 Title game. Great…this means Texas will be on the picks at least one more week.

Oh now you decide not to play defense West Virginia? Well, I wouldn’t call it defense but you get the gist. Oklahoma State put up 604 of total offense against the Mountaineers in a back and forth affair. At halftime, the Pokes trailed 31-14. However, Oklahoma State rallied by scoring 31 points in the second half despite winning the game with four turnovers.

UCF, congrats on your win over Cincinnati. Now go blast USF Saturday and destroy your American Athletic conference opponent in the AAC Championship game. Then we’ll talk about the pla…y..I just can’t do it. UCF is the best team in the AAC, but I don’t buy the rant, "we should be ranked in the top 4” mumbo jumbo. Is this system unfair? Yes. Could we expand the play-offs? Sure! Could they beat Michigan? Maybe. But they can’t run through a power 5 conference meat grinder. Not yet at least. UCF needs to find a buddy who’s not already in a major conference and pitch the idea to the Big 12 that they should be considered and join in on the fun. By doing this, UCF’s path to the play-offs would be real and they don’t have to wait for a deeply flawed system to get fixed.

You probably didn’t notice, but Pitt secured their spot in the ACC Championship game by blasting Wake Forest 34-13 and will face Clemson in two weeks. And yeah, they’ll probably get waxed by Clemson.

Utah also secured their spot in the Pac 12 Championship game and will await the Apple Cup Winner (Washington State at Washington State).

On to Pick’ems……

The battle for 1st place has taken a nasty turn. Wendi needed an all-timer of a great week and got one by scoring 52 points (her highest) and is now tied for second place with Cindie. Now she’s only down 8 points from the top.

It’s not like Cindie and I had bad weeks because we didn’t. Not even close. It’s just that the margin for error is razor thin at the top.

Uhhh… we see you Adam hiding 6 points behind second place.

Its desperation time with people making picks they would not normally make. Mike swung and missed on two upset picks. Megan also whiffed on both of hers. Dave attempted four upset picks and only one was successful.

Meanwhile… Brendan has held on to 10th place for six straight weeks. And that doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

Most Points for the week…. Adam had an excellent week snagging 53 points….and yeah, with two more weeks left to go, he’s making a run for 2nd place.

Least Points for the week….. Look no further than Dave, Megan, and Mike who scored a not so bad 43 points. To be fair… they were hoping for some upsets but didn’t get much help.

Best Pick of the week…. Dave sticking three points on Oklahoma State upsetting West Virginia paid off. The rest of his upset picks?...not so much.

Worst Pick of the week….  Apparently Mike hadn’t gotten the memo that UCF is a national title contender and went two points on Cincy for the upset special. Epic Fail.  

Who needs the $100 this week?   Mom knows she isn’t winning the cash in Pick’ems and has gone down the dark path of accepting "donations” at the street corners of Ozark, AL dressed in a red apron that says, "Doing the most good.”

(You’re just a disgusting pig if your thoughts took you down a Rated R path). I’m just describing Mom volunteering for the Salvation Army whose slogan is "Doing the most good”!!! Good for you Mom for volunteering!!!

Here’s how we rank going into Week 13:

  1. David (476 Points)

  2. Wendi (468 Points)

  3. Cindie (468 Points)

  4. Adam (460 Points)

  5. Dave (453 Points)

  6. Megan (450 Points)

  7. Kim (443 Points)

  8. Mike (443 Points)

  9. Mom (432 Points)

  10. Brendan (425 Points)

  11. Teddy (130 Points)

Good luck in the picks this week!