Nov 26


There were a lot of big wins and a lot of shockers over the Holiday weekend and now conference championship games begin this weekend.

And now Wendi doesn’t get to eat her special breakfast.

Michigan’s revenge tour ran out of gas in Columbus, Ohio after getting throttled 62-39 by the Buckeyes. Ohio State came out the gate swinging and Michigan’s stout defense had no answers for the underneath crossing routes which torched the Wolverine D. Ohio State will face Northwestern in the Big 10 Championship Game. If Ohio State takes the Big 10 Championship, is that enough for Ohio State to sneak into the play-off? We’ll see.

After drubbing rival South Carolina 56-35, 12-0 Clemson will face 7-5 Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship game in another yawner of a championship game.

Oklahoma won a 59-56 thriller over West Virginia which knocked the Mountaineers out of the playoff discussion and out of the Big 12 conference championship game. So we get to see Texas and Oklahoma again. This time in the Big 12 Championship game. Yippee. Texas on the picks… what could go wrong?

It’s not like Washington State really had a chance of getting into the play-off anyway. But after losing to Washington in the Apple Cup 28-25, they won’t even be playing in the PAC-12 Championship game. Washington will face Utah in the rematch.  

And just like that, Notre Dame will be in the play-offs. Look, I get that the Notre Dame – USC game is a rivalry thing, but the better team takes care of their rivals. The Fighting Irish should have gone all Ohio State-over-Michigan against a bad USC team. Notre Dame is going to get annihilated whoever they face in the play-offs. I think UCF with a healthy starting QB would beat Notre Dame in a match-up.

Yeah I couldn’t stay up late enough to watch the LSU – Texas A&M in the seven overtime’s game. There was some pretty questionable officiating in which LSU got hosed...not once… not twice, but maybe even three times? Heck, the losing head coach got a Gatorade bath when the Tigers thought they finally beat A&M.

Auburn couldn’t get a lick going in the second half against Alabama after getting their doors blown off 52-21. Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa torched the Tiger secondary for 324 yards and 5 TD’s. He also ran one in for a score. Now Alabama and Georgia will face off in the SEC Championship game with the winner advancing into the play-off.

On to Pick’ems……

If you got confused on which one was Chewbacca and which was Wendi posing with Samuel in some Disney photo that was sent out, you’re not alone. And to be fair, when that photo was taken, she was probably still thinking about the Michigan-Ohio State debacle.

Luckily for Wendi, she picked Texas A&M over LSU while everyone else but Megan lost big points. If it hadn’t been for that pick, Wendi would have fallen further behind 1st place. Instead, she’s where she was at this time last week. 8 points from the top still.

Maybe Brendan had a strategy after all by refusing to put any points on the Michigan – Ohio State game. Just don’t look at the three picks after that….or the next two after that…In fact, just don’t look at his picks at all.

Dave is on fire with his upset picks. Picking Marshall over FIU was nice but rolling the dice with Middle Tennessee over UAB was impressive too. Yeah he came up short with the Troy over Appalachian State pick though.

Mom posted on GroupMe how she was not happy with her scores…You have no one but yourself to blame… and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh.


It wasn’t that long ago when Kim was near the top. But yeesh, have things gone south since then.


Good luck prying Cindie out of second place. Wendi tried, but got knocked back to 3rd place.


Most Points for the week…. Dave and Mike were tops for the week with 41 points. Picking some upsets helped.

Least Points for the week….. Okay Brendan, are you even trying? 19 points?! Seriously?  

Best Pick of the week…. Wendi and Megan sticking points on Texas A&M beating LSU while other lost out on big points.

Worst Pick of the week….  Adam throwing up 10 points on FSU beating Florida was the equivalent of throwing the Hail Mary pass from your own 10 yard line. It wouldn’t end well, and it sure didn’t for Adam either.

Who needs the $100 this week?   Wendi prematurely purchased Big 10 Championship tickets thinking Michigan would finally beat Ohio State and end up in the championship game. Wrong. After Michigan got humiliated, she’ll have to sell off those tickets. She also out a ton of dough from a weekend Disney trip.

Here’s how we rank going into Week 14 which is the last week of Pick’ems:

It’s between Cindie, Wendi, and I for the money!!!!

  1. David (513 Points)

  2. Cindie (506 Points)

  3. Wendi  (505 Points)

  4. Dave (494 Points)

  5. Megan (486 Points)

  6. Mike (484 Points)

  7. Adam (480 Points)

  8. Kim (477 Points)

  9. Mom (459 Points)

  10. Brendan (444 Points)

  11. Teddy (130 Points)

Good luck in the picks this week! After this, it’s off to Bowl Mania. Like Pick’ems, it’s a $10.00 entry fee and the winner takes all after the bowl games are complete. We’ll continue with the GroupMe chat for Bowl Season too.