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Oct 15

Admit it. This is why you love college football. There is no other sport like it in the world that is constantly full of surprises and upsets. And week 7 did not disappoint. So what happened around the country?

Beginning in the B1G, #8 Penn State lost a 21-17 heart breaker to an unranked Michigan State team. The Spartans always seem to upend a highly ranked Big 10 team each year. The Nittany Lions were the latest victim. 12th ranked Michigan trounced the 15th ranked Wisconsin Badgers 38-13. The Wolverines exploded for 17 points in the 4th quarter to put the game on ice. And Ohio State is begging to get tagged after sleeping walking in their win over Minnesota.

In the Big 12, #6 West Virginia succumbed to the always competitive Iowa State 30-14 in Ames, Iowa. If you haven’t noticed, top ranked teams ...



Oct 8

What you are about to read is based on a true story.  


Some of the names and timelines have been changed to protect the privacy of the victims.  So on "Friday” night late in the 4th qtr for the FSU and Miami, Wendilyn calls Adam Levine to talk to her child Samuelina.  As Adam Levine picks up the phone, she can hear Samuelina crying in the background.  Adam Levine quickly rushes her off the phone and says "I need to call you back”.  After the game ends, Adam Levine calls Wendilyn back and she continued to ask "What are yall doing?”  He goes on to say that he is taking Samuelina to the store to get candy.  Could this be a coincidence or could he have possible harmed Samuelina and tried to bribe him with candy to keep from telling his mom?  My theory is that Adam Levine got so angry ...



Oct 1

Really Penn State? That’s what you came up with on 4th and 5 trailing 27-26? A zone read up the middle after Ohio State has been stuffing the run ALL NIGHT? It’s not the play call that has me scratching my head but after TWO timeouts, this was the BEST play that they came up with. Penn State’s McSorley was on fire all night and the coaching staff took the ball out of his hands. And now Ohio State is the only undefeated team left in the Big Ten. As long as Ohio State gets off the bus, they’ll win the rest of their games.

It might be time to start taking Kentucky serious after beating a solid South Carolina team 24-10. Like real serious. However, things don’t get any easier this week as they go on the road to take on Texas A&M. Please God, ...