Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2018

Dec 3


Well, the college football regular season is over and that means we’ll be transitioning to Bowl Mania. But first, let’s recap what happened.

What a great story for Alabama’s Jalen Hurts coming in to replace Tua Tagovailoa in the SEC Championship game and winning it.  After all that man has been through this whole season, it was very fitting. The game may have given Alabama fans hemorrhoids, but I feel for the Georgia fans.  Georgia keeps getting beat by Alabama in the most crushing of ways. And now Bama as the number 1 seed will be playing Oklahoma in the semi-final game which will probably be a shoot-out.

Clemson went through the motions in their 42-10 destruction of Pitt and will advance in the play off to play Notre Dame in the semi-final. You just get the feeling that Notre Dame is going to get crushed. ...