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Aug 24

ESPN Pick’ems Preview 
Well, here we are gearing up for another college football season and another Pick’ems contest! This is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only do we get to watch College Football on Saturdays, but it’s an opportunity for us to humiliate  tease each other.  The picks for week 1 are out and most have signed up. As you already know, its $10 per person and the money needs to be sent to Cindie before the first college football game begins on 9/1/18.  
Yeah, so Megan won last year and apparently is already clearing space on the shelf for another trophy. And if you have seen her trophy shelf… it’s nothing to be proud of. By looking at the dates, those are the only two trophies she’s won. Ever! Jacob is only 8 years old and already has a trophy CASE.              ...