The first weekend of college football is almost complete. Texas and Notre Dame battle it out tonight in Austin. On Monday night, Ole Miss and Florida State will begin their quest to get into the college football playoff.

Weekends like this are why I love the big name match-ups. Thank You College Football Playoff for making this a reality.

So what happened yesterday? Well for starters, the LSU offense looked like the typical LSU offense. Nothing has changed from what I saw. The Badgers gave a very spirited effort in that win which was arguably the biggest shocker of the day. But thatís just the problem with preseason polls. What we THINK we know about a team is way different when the games actually begin. I think this is Les Milesí last year with the team.

Or Maybe Houston shocking Oklahoma was perhaps the biggest upset of the day? But that game was not as surprising considering what Houston did to FSU in the bowl game in 2015. Good for Houston, they only have a one game schedule now. Only Louisville stands in their way of going undefeated.

Alabama finally broke the will of USC in a 52-7 throttling. That defense was awesome to see.

Speaking of defense, how about Auburn holding the potent Clemson attack despite a losing effort? However, Auburn needs to find a quarterback sooner than later. I am not sure how rotating three quarterbacks in and out will allow continuity in an offense. But maybe Iím wrong.

And no Wendi, Michigan beating Hawaii is not worthy enough to be considered into this writing.

The SEC and Pac 12 have had better days.  Washington State AGAIN lost to a FCS school for the second straight year in the season opener. Mississippi State lost to Southern Alabama. UCLA was a team considered by many to be a dark horse to make the playoff. It can still happen but now face an uphill climb.

So what happened in our pickíems contest?

With money on the line, all of a sudden Megan nails Week 1 with 40 points which is good for 3rd placeÖfor now. But donít be fooled. Itís like watching the movie Titanic; itís a cute story at first, but we all know the inevitable is coming.  Those icebergs are looming for Megan.

It was almost like Mike was breaking in a freshman quarterback with absolutely zero confidence in his picks. Mike only assigned 2 points on Michigan who was favored by only 100 points! His picks and confidence points assigned to each were baffling.  But to be fair, how many of us have been burned by Michigan in the past? Mike clearly has a wound that has not been healed.

Good for you Teddy for picking Clemson and going somewhat high.

And why did all of the Auburn fans in our family place 10 points on Oklahoma? Teddy, Kim, and Mike must have had a chat while they were doing their picks. Itís no coincidence that each of you is now in the bottom three spots.

Yeah, so only getting 28 points the first weekend of college football sucked. But guess what? Those days are coming for us all. Maybe Mike is getting his out of the way early.

Wendi went 0-2 going against the grain. Wendi had points on UCLA and North Carolina. See how that turned out?

Shame on all of you (Kim / Mike / Mom / Megan) that placed 7, 8, and even 9 points on LSU. You bought all the hype that ESPN and others were talking about LSU.

As a reminder, this contest is NOT a sprint, but a marathon. We have a long ways to go!! Good luck next week on your picks!!!



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