Right when we thought this past Saturday’s games would be boring, it turned out to be fun after all.

Alabama finally rolled after looking pedestrian in the first half to win 38-10 over a feisty Western Kentucky Team who may end up winning their conference. However, Ole Miss is up next.

Auburn looked good in their win against Nobody-U. Up Next is conference play.

And right when I thought Auburn’s defense was legit, I’m now wondering if it is a product of Clemson’s offense. Before you get grumpy, let me explain. Auburn’s defense played lights out against Clemson’s offense and then Clemson barely got by Troy 30-24. Clemson’s offense rolled up only 414 total yards against Troy. TROY!!!! Not to mention, Clemson’s defense gave up 386 yards. In fact Troy outrushed the Tigers in that game. Maybe, just Maybe Clemson doesn’t have the machine rolling just yet.

There were some last minute finishes between Penn State@ Pitt, Arkansas@ TCU, BYU@ Utah, and Texas Tech @ Arizona State which had implications on our Pick’ems contest. Each game came down to the wire.

Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t get excited about the Tennessee Virginia Tech match-up. I was more interested in the Arkansas TCU game. But hey, the SEC won two big out of conference games. And the B1G conference has played nobody yet. That all changes this week as Ohio State takes on the Oklahoma. If Oklahoma loses that one, it would be a hard sell to get into the 4 team playoff.

Rest In Peace Oklahoma State… Yes you were robbed at the end by bad officiating. But here’s the thing, never EVER put yourself in that position if you are the better team.

Michigan still got excited about Michigan blowing out a winless UCF squad which has dropped 14 straight games.

Moving on to our Pick’ems contest…..

Well, that didn’t take long. Megan and Wendi have shuffled to the bottom where they will stay for the remainder of the season. So that locks up 7th and 8th place. The only thing we have to figure out now is who takes 1st through 6th?

All of a sudden Mom is playing lights out hitting the most points in week 2 with 41. It’s almost like she needs the money or something. Maybe after getting into that little fender bender, this $80 will help pay for repairs.

Cindie and I are tied in the top spot at 83 points each but Mom, Teddy, and Kim are not far behind.

Mike is in recovery mode still from the 1st week and for now has dug his way out of the bottom into 6th place.

However, it’s still really early. The trick is to not fall behind too far.

Here’s how we rank through Week 2:

1. Cindie – 83 points
1. David – 83 points
2. Mom – 79 points
3. Teddy – 78 points
4. Kim – 72 points
5. Mike – 66 points
6. Wendi – 64 points
7. Megan – 56 points

Good luck on your picks this week… well, not really!

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