Quick, a show of hands if you thought Louisville would do THAT to Florida State? Put your hand down, you’re lying. Those that picked Louisville to win went pretty low in their confidence points. Yeah that was a serious drubbing which will no doubt send Louisville in the Top 5.


Now’s the time to start jumping off the Auburn bandwagon. It’s not that Auburn’s a bad team, it’s just they lack THE quarterback to get it done. The ground game was fine rushing for 236 yards against a decent A&M defense but the passing game only had a meager 163 yards with no touchdowns. That’s the problem with a Gus Malzahn offense. In this system, it’s the quarterback or bust. For whatever reason, this offense wants to feature a QB with a great zone read game which opens up play action. Without, that, there seems to be no identity.


Poor Ole Miss. They had Florida State on the ropes three weeks ago and lost a 20 plus point lead in which FSU stormed back to win. This past Saturday, the Rebel Bears were up 24-3 just several minutes to go before half. Somehow Alabama ripped off 14 points in a span of 13 seconds and trailed 24-17 at halftime. From there, Alabama took control of the game and was up by 18 points after a pick-6 was housed. A flurry of Ole Miss Touchdowns in 9 seconds late in the 4th quarter gave the Tide a scare. However, that’s two Top 10 teams that Ole Miss had a three touchdown lead that wilted away.


Yeah we knew it was coming based on our picks. Nobody except a few gave Oklahoma a fighting chance. Ohio State was going to rip through Oklahoma and they did convincingly. The lowest points someone had on that game was 5 points. Everyone went pretty high. Remember when the media picked Oklahoma to be in the playoff just a few weeks ago? Yeah, well that pretty much took care of that.


Speaking of the B1G, they are making a strong argument for having the best conference this year. With Nebraska shocking Oregon and Michigan State besting Notre Dame, the out of conference wins look great. With teams such as Ohio State and Michigan in the conference, things are looking good for the B1G. Yeah, just forget that Iowa lost to North Dakota State this weekend.


So how many of us were laughing when Colorado was up by two scores over Michigan in the first half? Yeah I was as well though it didn’t last long.


Let’s to get to our Pick’ems Contest……


It was a surprising week in which we all did fairly well considering the great match-ups. We are officially through the 1st quarter of games. Which means, we have 3 more quarters to go.


I was telling people all week that many "experts” were predicting Nebraska to upset Oregon. So what did those people do (cough Cindie, cough Wendi)?… they went high on Oregon. Meanwhile, I went with the Oregon pick, but lost only one point.


There’s no truth to the rumor that Wendi flew out to Mike’s house to get assistance with her picks. However, Mike’s picks improved this week. If someone is flying out this weekend to Mikes, there may be something more to it.


Nobody is really noticing, but Mom is quietly in 4th place and only 8 points from 1st place.


Did you know that Cindie is the ONLY one in the group that has hit 40 plus points in each week so far? And that’s why she’s in 2nd place. She’d be in 1st place if she would have nailed the Oregon pick.


Most Points for the week:  Yeah that was Mike scoring 48 out of 55 points which still leaves him in 6th place, but he’s closing in on the rest of the pack.


Least Points for the week: Megan just can’t catch a break. She hits her highest total of points in 10 years years with 41 which were still the LEAST points scored in our group for the week. The problem, everyone else will always be better than Megan at pick’ems. Okay fine, so Mom also tied with Megan for the lowest points this past Saturday.


Best Pick of the week: Picking Louisville over FSU was the best pick of the week for Mike, Wendi, and Teddy. However, two of those three (Mike & Wendi) are in the bottom three.


Worst Pick of the week: This honor goes to none other than Cindie. There was a slight miscalculation on her upset bid of Appalachian State over Miami. The problem, it never even materialized as App State got their doors blown off at home. Luckily, she only had one point on the game. Most everyone went high on Miami and scored big points.


Here’s how we rank:


1.            David – 128 points (hasn’t lost the lead yet)

2.            Cindie – 125 points (shaking my head)

3.            Teddy – 122 points (It’s only a matter of time before he moves up)

4.            Mom – 120 points (sshhh…nothing to see here)

5.            Kim – 117 points (survived the 1st quarter of games)

6.            Mike – 114 points (won’t be in 6th place much longer?)

7.            Wendi – 109 points (where Michigan fans go)

8.            Megan – 97 points (are you not entertained?)


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