Week 5 Hall Family Iron Bowl Pick Em’s Contest

Now that’s why I LOVE college football! Week 5 provided some outstanding match-ups in which many came down to the final wire. In fact, six of the games on our pick’ems contest went down to the wire.
Starting with the ACC….

Yeah, Clemson and Louisville are legit Top 5 teams. It’s a shame one of them had to lose. But for now, Clemson has the edge in the Atlantic and is now 5-0. I believe Louisville has a shot of still getting into the playoff but now it’s an uphill climb. Florida State lost to resurging North Carolina on the last play. Right when Florida State made their epic comeback, the Tar Heels rapidly moved into at field goal range. Of course the rest is history. What’s shocking is that the Seminoles are 0-2 in conference play. Ssshhhh…very quietly Miami is 4-0.

The Big 12 conference is a heap of burning trash. Baylor worked way too hard to beat a 1-4 Iowa State team. However Baylor and West Virginia are the only two undefeated teams in the conference. You’ve heard it here… the Big 12 will not have a representative in the College Football Playoff.

Now that the B1G has started conference play, some things are starting to settle. For one, I still believe Ohio State is the Top team in the conference. After watching the yawner of a game between Wisconsin and Michigan, nothing has changed that outlook. However, keep an eye out on Nebraska which is 5-0. Those road dates against Wisconsin and Ohio State in a few weeks will determine how good the Huskers really are. It’s very possible that they win 10 games.

The Pac-12 conference is also shaping up. In the North, Washington absolutely hammered Stanford which gives them the inside track to the conference championship game. In the South, things get a little muddied. Colorado is 4-1 overall, and 2-0 in conference play, but things are still early. Arizona State, Utah, and UCLA will still have a say.

How lucky is Tennessee? In the last 10 seconds of that game, both teams traded scores. A win is a win is a win. Now, the Volunteers are 5-0 and are in total control of the SEC East after beating both Georgia and Florida. In the West, Alabama and A&M are the undefeated teams. The Tide travel to Arkansas this week that A&M has already dispatched. In fact, these next 4 games are pivotal for Bama. Look at this schedule; at Arkansas, at Tennessee, Texas A&M, and at LSU. Oh, and LSU broke the school record for the most offensive yards in a game with 634. They absolutely pounded Mizzou 42-7. Yeah remember when I said the LSU program is in turmoil? Maybe that’s not the case. Who knew that firing Les Miles and the offensive coordinator would light a fire?

My Top 5 teams after watching 5 weeks of College Football:
1. Ohio State
2. Clemson
3. Alabama
4. Louisville ( I know they lost)
5. Washington

On to our Pick’ems contest………

Yes, I agree Wendi. It is time to address the elephant in the room.

I have it all figured out though. Jacob has put so much pressure on Megan on winning all of these awards/certificates in school. He’s now even scoring goals in soccer…..without a goalie present mind you. I’m sure Jacob has already posed this question to his mother. "Mom, do you have any awards or trophies that you can show me that might inspire me to do even better?” Megan would naturally look around the house pretending as though she had something to show. Just as she was about to grab a sharpie and notebook paper to ‘create’ an award, she slumps and says…, "Son, I am going to win the Hall Family Pick’ems contest which is $80.00. That’s worth more than your awards, certificates, and goals scored in soccer.” But little does Jacob know, his mother has NEVER won this contest and probably won’t. However, rest assured; there will be an "award” for the unfortunate soul that comes in last place. But for now, Megan NEEDS to win… something. Anything…

Quick, solve this riddle….. ‘From last you came, to third you went, and to the bottom again you go’.
If you guessed Mike, you’d be correct. But to fair, most everyone had a poor showing in Week 5.

Mom sank to the bottom in a matter of minutes. Mike starting losing points before the games even kicked off. 
Teddy let the pressure of 1st place get to him and Kim had an abysmal showing just because it’s... Kim.
When the dust all settled, I had a commanding 14 point lead over 2nd place and Megan, amidst the carnage, rose to 4th place.

But let’s be totally honest here…. That strategy of Megan NEVER works consistently. By next Monday, we’ll all be talking about her in last place again.

Cindie keeps raving on Jim’s advice on select games which have been flawless. You’d think she carve out some time in the bedroom to discuss the rest of her picks considering how atrocious they were. I wonder what that conversation would sound like……

Jim: Let’s get some intimate time in tonight…
Cindie: Great! I’ll grab the computer and we’ll talk picks…
Jim: (sighs)

If Jim were really smart, He’d be setting up his own 1-800 "Pick’ems Hotline”…. And charge by the second. But instead, for every catfish he catches, he throws it in the weeds behind him for the ONE that barbed him. That’ll teach those catfish!

Best Pick of the week: Those that picked Air Force (Cindie, Megan, and I) to beat Navy. Genius Pick!!! Of course, if Air Force would have lost, it would have made the ‘Worst Pick of the week’.
Worst Pick of the week: There were a lot of them… but let’s go with everyone that picked Florida State to beat North Carolina. That began the avalanche of points lost that most would not recover from.
Most Points for the week: Megan had a fantastic week hitting on 47 out of 55 points. Okay, you’ve had your fun. Back to mediocrity.

Least Points for the week: That’s Mike hitting on a miserable 14 points which is almost as impossible as hitting 55 points. You know it’s bad when Megan has yet to accomplish that feat.

So here’s how we stand after Week 5: Everyone is still in this contest!!!

1. David (204 points)
2. Teddy (190 points)
3. Cindie (186 points)
4. Megan (184 points)
5. Wendi (176 points)
6. Kim (175 points)
7. Mike (174 points)
8. Mom (171 points)
Good luck on your picks this week…. Not really!

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