Sep 15


Written By Wendi

ESPN Pick'ems Week 3 Review

Mom shouting "Show me the moneeeeyyyyy"

What another interesting weekend in the great sport of College Football.  There were some ranked teams go down to unranked foes.  The top 10 cruised on with the exception of Florida.  They squeaked by late in the 4th qtr over Kentucky.  Florida said "Not 2 years in a row Kentucky".  Felipe Franks went down in the 3rd qtr with an ankle injury and most likely will be out the remainder of the season.  Penn State struggled to putt Pitt behind them on the last rivarly game for the forseeable future.  The B1G had a bad day with a few ranked teams such as Michigan State and Mryland both losing to unranked teams.  Maryland finally fell flat after completely blowing out the last 2 opponents.  They could only muster 17 points against Temple.  UCF UCF UCF.  They were 28-0 halfway through the 1st qtr against Stanford.  Yikes.  UCF defenders were all over Stanford like flies on a cow.  They will always be National Champs in my eyes.  They have the rings to prove it.  That counts, right?  Did anyone see the ending of the Iowa/Iowa State game?  Wow!  Iowa kicks off to Iowa State with less than a minute left in the game and no timeouts for Iowa State.  Iowa State player runs into his own player that was fielding the ball.  Needless to say the ball hits the Iowa State player in the back and Iowa jumps on the live ball to recover.  Game over.  I was on the edge of my seat and just fell over.  I would hate to be those 2 guys after the game and in the film room.  USC goes down to BYU.  For 2 weeks in a row, BYU has overcome adversity and won.  But then again, it was Tenn-uh-see that they beat last week so I am not sure if that is anything to brag about this year.  Speaking of, Tenn-us-see finally one a game with the throttleing of Chatanooga 45-0.  All is well in Knoxville....well at least until this coming Saturday.  I imagine there isn't too many teams left on their schedule they are favorered to win starting in conference play.  Let's get back to BYU for just a moment. You had one job BYU, ONE JOB!  While promoting the 150 years of College Football, this was the best they could do:

Is that 150 years  "UP"?????  But I am sure with the win over USC, it's fine and no one batted an eye.  Except for those of us that picked US to win.  FSU's new initials are FSL.  Flori-duh State Losers.  I mean really.  You are now 1-2.  And for those that picked them to win, you know better.  Oh wait, that was me and Adam.  I for sure thought that they would have gotten it together by now.  Wishfull thinking.  Hopefully Adam is still with us and reading this.  If not, may he RIP.  The ACC is a hot mess and it is starting to look lkike Virginia may be the 2nd best team.  It's hard for me to even type that and not laugh.  Georgia Tech lost to the Citadel and VA Tech struggled to beat Furman. 

On to the pick'ems..

Am I the only one who thinks mom is cheating or getting some insider information?  I mean, honestly.  54 out of 55. Things like that don't happen to mom.  She is NEVER that lucky.  Lock her up like Martha Stewart I say.  Who's with me?  Mom has now taken a 10 point lead over myself.  But can she handle the pressure of being in 1st place?  My guess- NO!

Since Megan and Brendan became engaged, their picks have just floundered.  Is this a sign of how their marriage would be?  Are they fighting everyday and not just much thought into their picks?  Only they know the madness when it comes to their picks.  But whatever is going on, keep it up..

Adam's picks are starting to reflect on the FSU season.  We get it Adam, at one point or another, our teams have done that too but you have to pull it together if you want to compete for the prize. 

Mike had a good week.  Just hope his sales at the Paintball field were good too because we didn't hear a peep out of him on Saturday.  Or did Priscilla ground him and he had no outside communication?  Mike, are you still there?  Hellllloooooooo??

I see you David, creeping up and inching your way closer to the top spot. 

There is now 41 points separating 1st and last place.  That's alot of catching up to do after only 3 weeks.  It's going to be a long season for some of you unless you find away to turn it around.  Who would have thought Adam would have been at the bottom after 3 weeks????  I know at least one person who is happy about that (cough cough wink wink *David).

Looking at this coming weekend's matches, it looks to be some good ones and I am sure most of those will be on the picks. Choose wisely.

Most points for the week:  Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater.  At least that is what Samuel said about mom.  That works for me.  Good job on nailing 54 out of 55 points mom.  I guarantee you can't do that again. I bet $50 you can't...

Least points of the week:  This honor goes to Megan..again..I think. 

Best pick of the week:  Goes to mom for picking both BYU and Arizona to win.  She is the only one who picked those teams.  I'm starting to wonder if she is doing research or just getting extremely lucky. 

Worst pick of the week:  Anyone who picked Flori-duh State to win.  I guess one day me and Adam will learn our lesson...Maybe.  Depend on who they are playing. 

Who needs the money this week:  I do.  After mom taking the lead from me, I need to bribe the real estate office on hurrying up to let me move in to my new place so I don't have to see her everyday.  We are not on speaking terms at the moment.  No, really...Ask her. 

Here's how we rank going into week 4:

1. Mom - 131 points

2. Wendi - 121 points

3. Teddy - 114 points

4. Cindy - 113 points

5.  David - 110 points

6.  Mike - 108 points

7.  Marc - 107 points

8.  Dave - 105 points

9.  Megan - 102 points

10. Kim - 98 points

11.  Adam - 94 points

12.  Brendan - 90 points