Nov 12

Rivalry weekend cannot get here fast enough. But in the meantime….

Maybe it’s just me, but it took Clemson an awfully long time to finally smash in Boston College. Don’t get me wrong, the Boston College offense went nowhere against Clemson’s stout D. But Boston College showed you a glimpse of what could happen when Clemson’s offense showed up against a real live defense. And as long as Pitt wins one more ACC game, they’ll face the Tigers in the ACC Championship game… <yawn>. The ratings for this game will be absolutely atrocious.

And… Alabama’s offense just showed the nation what would happen once it faced a real live defense in their 24-0 shutout win over Mississippi State. For the first time all year, Alabama didn’t eclipse the 400 yard mark and sacked Alabama’s quarterback four times with many more hurries. But, the top defense ...



Nov 5

And now the real fun has begun as conference championship races begin to take shape.

NOBODY beats Penn State like THAT! The Michigan Defense put on a defensive clinic by holding Penn State to 186 total yards in that 42-7 bludgeoning. However, there’s this wee little issue standing in Michigan’s way of clinching the B1G East. That’s Ohio State…who got their nose bloodied by Nebraska. Sure, the Buckeyes won, but it took a ton of effort to put that game away.

Everyone kept talking about LSU’s defense this… LSU’s defense that… but nobody was talking about Alabama’s defense. Now they are. Does LSU have an elite defense to match up with Alabama’s elite offense? Sure! But does LSU’s mediocre offense match-up with Alabama’s elite defense? Nope… And that was the difference. And now, Alabama will face Georgia in the SEC conference Championship game.



Oct 29

Week 9 Review

It’s the week of Halloween where the majority of us will act dumb and do crazy things. But don’t go trick-o-treating at the door of the University of Texas Football team. You’ll get the trick each time. Yeah, I perhaps bought into the fact that maybe, MAYBE they’d really play well because of this play-off thingy and being ranked #6 and all. But sadly, I was wrong. My wife, who doesn’t know a lick about college football said this about the Texas Defense, "how come they aren’t trying to tackle the other team.”

And what’s even funnier... Texas may still win the Big 12.

I don’t know who feels worse….. Dave or Adam.

I’ll admit it. I really didn’t bother tuning into the televised murder of Florida State at the hands of Clemson because I knew what was ...



Oct 21

Week 8

  As I sit here sipping on my cold iced coke and eating my home cooked breakfast and ponder on yesterday’s game all I can say right now is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  And yes I had to say it that many times because not only did I sleep well but I woke up laughing because for the 3rd straight year, Ohio State has lost to an unranked team BADLY!  And just at the beginning of the season, I was ready to jump on the UCF bandwagon because we played poorly against Notre Dame and I thought our season was said and done for.  But now we have beat 2 ranked teams back to back.  And not only do I need that to convince me that Hell froze over but Megan nailed all of her 55 points and Nebraska got their first win of the season.  Megan?  There wasn’t as many ...



Oct 15

Admit it. This is why you love college football. There is no other sport like it in the world that is constantly full of surprises and upsets. And week 7 did not disappoint. So what happened around the country?

Beginning in the B1G, #8 Penn State lost a 21-17 heart breaker to an unranked Michigan State team. The Spartans always seem to upend a highly ranked Big 10 team each year. The Nittany Lions were the latest victim. 12th ranked Michigan trounced the 15th ranked Wisconsin Badgers 38-13. The Wolverines exploded for 17 points in the 4th quarter to put the game on ice. And Ohio State is begging to get tagged after sleeping walking in their win over Minnesota.

In the Big 12, #6 West Virginia succumbed to the always competitive Iowa State 30-14 in Ames, Iowa. If you haven’t noticed, top ranked teams ...