Dec 3


Well, the college football regular season is over and that means we’ll be transitioning to Bowl Mania. But first, let’s recap what happened.

What a great story for Alabama’s Jalen Hurts coming in to replace Tua Tagovailoa in the SEC Championship game and winning it.  After all that man has been through this whole season, it was very fitting. The game may have given Alabama fans hemorrhoids, but I feel for the Georgia fans.  Georgia keeps getting beat by Alabama in the most crushing of ways. And now Bama as the number 1 seed will be playing Oklahoma in the semi-final game which will probably be a shoot-out.

Clemson went through the motions in their 42-10 destruction of Pitt and will advance in the play off to play Notre Dame in the semi-final. You just get the feeling that Notre Dame is going to get crushed. ...

Nov 26


There were a lot of big wins and a lot of shockers over the Holiday weekend and now conference championship games begin this weekend.

And now Wendi doesn’t get to eat her special breakfast.

Michigan’s revenge tour ran out of gas in Columbus, Ohio after getting throttled 62-39 by the Buckeyes. Ohio State came out the gate swinging and Michigan’s stout defense had no answers for the underneath crossing routes which torched the Wolverine D. Ohio State will face Northwestern in the Big 10 Championship Game. If Ohio State takes the Big 10 Championship, is that enough for Ohio State to sneak into the play-off? We’ll see.

After drubbing rival South Carolina 56-35, 12-0 Clemson will face 7-5 Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship game in another yawner of a championship game.

Oklahoma won a 59-56 thriller over West Virginia which knocked the Mountaineers ...

Nov 19


Week 12 Review

Rivalry week is finally here…but that also means college football is soon coming to a close. But let’s recap what happened in Week 12.

10th ranked Ohio State and Maryland went into overtime and the Buckeyes prevailed 52-51 in a thriller only because Maryland went for the win on a two point conversion attempt that failed. And now this sets the stage for a top 10 match-up between Michigan and Ohio State for their annual rivalry game. Maybe it just me… or maybe because it’s a Buckeye home game… but I get this sneaky feeling that Ohio State will be ready for this game.

Texas kept their Big 12 Championship Game hopes alive in convincing fashion beating Iowa State 24-10. As long as they beat Kansas this weekend and hope for a West Virginia loss against Oklahoma, they’ll face Oklahoma in ...

Nov 12


Rivalry weekend cannot get here fast enough. But in the meantime….

Maybe it’s just me, but it took Clemson an awfully long time to finally smash in Boston College. Don’t get me wrong, the Boston College offense went nowhere against Clemson’s stout D. But Boston College showed you a glimpse of what could happen when Clemson’s offense showed up against a real live defense. And as long as Pitt wins one more ACC game, they’ll face the Tigers in the ACC Championship game… <yawn>. The ratings for this game will be absolutely atrocious.

And… Alabama’s offense just showed the nation what would happen once it faced a real live defense in their 24-0 shutout win over Mississippi State. For the first time all year, Alabama didn’t eclipse the 400 yard mark and sacked Alabama’s quarterback four times with many more hurries. But, the top defense ...

Nov 5


And now the real fun has begun as conference championship races begin to take shape.

NOBODY beats Penn State like THAT! The Michigan Defense put on a defensive clinic by holding Penn State to 186 total yards in that 42-7 bludgeoning. However, there’s this wee little issue standing in Michigan’s way of clinching the B1G East. That’s Ohio State…who got their nose bloodied by Nebraska. Sure, the Buckeyes won, but it took a ton of effort to put that game away.

Everyone kept talking about LSU’s defense this… LSU’s defense that… but nobody was talking about Alabama’s defense. Now they are. Does LSU have an elite defense to match up with Alabama’s elite offense? Sure! But does LSU’s mediocre offense match-up with Alabama’s elite defense? Nope… And that was the difference. And now, Alabama will face Georgia in the SEC conference Championship game.