Nov 4

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"Mom taunting us for 1st place”

Week 10 Review

Written by: Wendi

Well we all knew it was going to happen.  We saw it coming last year from a mile away.  Yep.  It’s done.  It happened.  FSU FINALLY fired Willie Taggart.  Not sure if the timing was good but I think everyone had enough at this point.  And after losing to an in-state rival in Miami 27-10, it was inevitable.  Now who will replace him??  Bob Stoops, Urban Liar Meyer, Les Miles if they can pull him from the Big 12??  Some even mentioned PJ Fleck who is currently undefeated in Minnesota.  Rumor has it that USC is wanting Urban Liar Meyer and will do anything to acquire him.  Well, only time will tell but they need to figure it out fast so they don’t hurt the recruiting this spring. 

Two unbeaten teams went down over the weekend.  App State lost on Thursday night and SMU finally took their loss against Memphis in an exciting offensive performance.  That now leaves 7 teams left which 4 play each other this weekend.  PSU vs. Minnesota and of course the big matchup between LSwho and Alabama. 

About half of the top 10 were on a bye week so luckily, there weren’t really any upsets.  Florida went down in Florida fashion against the Bulldogs and Georgia is on point to clinch the East if they can win out.  After the embarrassing loss to South Carolina a couple weeks ago, Georgia needed a big boost and got it. 

Utah and Oregon are still the best teams in the Pac 12 and if they can win out, they will place each other in the conference championship game.  Could the Pac 12 still have a shot at getting in the playoffs?  Utah made a statement win at Washington and Oregon man-handled the Trojans in the Coliseum 56-24. 

Michigan routed Maryland 38-7 and if they can continue to stay focused and do not have any turnovers, they may not lose as bad to Ohio State at the end of the month.  The last 2 games, they have not had any turnovers.  Maybe Jim Harbaugh was right saying that the offense is getting ready to "hit its stride”.

On To pick’ems…

If only you had 9 points on Nebraska game in Week 1….If only David…

Well just when you think this week would be a disaster on the picks, it wasn’t bad for most of us with staying in the 40’s for points. 

And just like that Megan and Brendan no longer hold the 2 bottom spots.  I got a late text from Megan Saturday night saying they were going to celebrate with some wine and fine dining.  Ok maybe she really didn’t but I bet they did anyway. 

Teddy decided to wait until the last 4 games to finally make the pics.  He got 2 out of 4.  I heard he didn’t want to play anyway. 

Dave went down faster than the Titanic.  It was more of an explosion instead of an iceberg though.    

With a show of hands, who is surprised mom is still in 1st place?  Every week we are like "She won’t be there for long”.  Well, she has been there a LONG time.  I mean, she doesn’t know much about football.  She probably doesn’t even know who the head coach of Oklahoma is.  You got Mike and David blaming each other on why Mom is in 1st place and not them.  Can she hang on for the next several weeks?  Pressure is on but she still isn’t fazed by it.  But only 13 points separate 1st and 4th place.  It is still up for grabs in the top 4. 

Poor David, just can’t stand that he is not in 1st place.  I know it keeps him up at night.  Gretchen can’t seem to understand why David is always so tired.  But you might want to start sleeping at night David or she won’t let you play next year. 

The top 6 spots remained the same with the bottom 6 shuffling through the ranks. 

Most points for the week:  Brendan has been able to climb himself out of last place by landing on this list again with 47 points. 

Least points for the week:  By only getting 50% of the 4 picks Teddy did this week, he scooted away like a dog rubbing its butt on the floor with 19 total points.  With this being the 2nd time Teddy skipped out on the picks, he may think about adding a reminder on his phone.

Best pick of the week:  Marc putting 2 on Miami to beat FSU.  Was it sheer luck or did he have any insider information?

Worst pick of the week:  Dave going 8 on Washington.  Dave, if you are looking for the upset, you go low, not high on those games. 

Who needs the $120 this week?  Megan and Brendan can both use it to replenish that imaginary fine dining outing they had instead of saving it for their wedding.  But either way, I am sure they went out celebrating.

Here’s how we rank going into week 11:

  1. Mom – 430 points

  2. David – 427 points

  3. Cindy – 421 points

  4. Wendi – 417 points

  5. Adam – 404 points

  6. Mike – 395 points

  7. Marc – 394 points

  8. Kim – 392 points

  9. Megan – 381 points

  10. Brendan – 374 points

  11. Dave – 369 points

  12. Teddy – 359 points


    Good luck this week!