Nov 11

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ESPN Pick’ems Week 11 Review


Week 11 was a BIG week in College Football. Not only did we see unbeaten teams go down, but we saw exactly why Championships are won in November.


LSU stunned Alabama on Saturday but the most shocking part of it all…Alabama assisted the Tigers in the win. The Tide marched down the field on their opening possession looking to score seven points only to have Tua fumble the ball…without even getting touched. LSU recovered the fumble and would eventually score a touchdown off of that possession. But LSU was better than Alabama Saturday night. The Tigers played with poise and responded even as Alabama mounted a furious comeback. LSU has all but locked up the SEC West.


Minnesota remained unbeaten after upending Penn State 31-26 and now sits on top of the Big 10 West standings. Maybe it’s time to start taking Minnesota serious but games at Iowa and with Wisconsin won’t be easy. The Gophers are getting real close to clinching their ticket to the Big 10 Championship game.


Baylor is still undefeated after a thrilling win over TCU. Can the Bears continue their magical run with Oklahoma up next? We’ll soon find out. However, Oklahoma is a team begging to lose another game. Iowa State was a 2-point conversion away from beating the Sooners.


The Pac 12 is setting itself up for a very meaningful Championship game as long as Oregon and Utah continue to win out. Both of them each have one loss and if any of them drop another game, they’ll be out of any play-off discussion.


By beating Boston College, Florida State is just one win away from bowl eligibility. Congrats FSU.


And yeah, Ohio State continues to do nasty things to Big Ten teams. This week, Ohio State racked up 73 points on Maryland. Yikes!


On to Pick’ems…


Now it’s really getting fun. I’ve FINALLY reached the summit and now tied with Mom in 1st place. However, it’s getting awkward as we both know we’re planning each other’s demise.


Wendi’s luck ran out after playing a dangerous game of Pick’ems Roulette as she chambered 9 points on Alabama beating LSU. As a result, her picks are on life support and the outcome doesn’t look good either. For the record, I tried to talk her out of it, but she didn’t listen. I’m convinced Adam talked her into Pick’ems Roulette but there’s just no evidence to back that up.


Cindie’s relaxing drift in the lazy river at 3rd place has since turned into a panic after looking behind her only to see Adam attempting to strap a motor to his tube.


Adam played Week 11 to near perfection. And just like that…he’s in play for the money after gaining 12 points on Mom. Yeah, Adam benefitted from an Alabama first half flop, some heroics from Texas, and a USC last stand, but sometimes a little luck will go a long way.


With only three weeks left of Pick’ems, does anyone outside of 5th place have a shot? Mike, Marc, and Kim need to root for chaos in front of them but will have to have 50 point weeks going forward in order to have a chance. Currently, things look bleak at the moment.


The bottom four of Megan, Brendan, Dave, and Teddy are already looking forward to Bowl Mania.


Most points for the week: After piling up 54 points this week, Adam is now only 14 points from the top.


Least Points for the week: Wendi snagged 40 only points and as a result, got booted from 4th place.


Best Pick of the week: Megan either got lucky, or was anticipating Minnesota upending Penn State…either way, she nailed it.


Worst Pick of the week: Wendi sticking 9 points on Alabama beating LSU may have ruined her chances of winning any cash.


Who needs the $120 this week? Adam’s clearly after the money this week after his amazing week in Pick’ems. But after spending any extended amount of time with Sam will make anyone start demanding cash.


Here’s how we rank going into week 12:


1. David – 472 points

2. Mom – 472 Points

3. Cindie – 463 Points

4. Adam – 458 Points

5. Wendi – 457 Points

6. Mike – 442 Points

7. Marc – 437 Points

8. Kim – 436 Points

9. Megan – 430 Points

10. Brendan – 432 Points

11. Dave – 417 Points

12. Teddy – 405 Points


If you aren’t apart of the GroupMe conversation, it’s not too late to join. Good luck in Week 12!