Dec 2

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Week 14 Review

In typical fashion, rivalry weekend did not disappoint.  Not only did Auburn crush Alabama’s playoff hopes, Wisconsin eliminated Minnesota’s as well. 

The day started with a beat down in Ann Arbor by the Buckeyes.  Michigan kept it close in the 1st half, but turnovers, lots of dropped passes, and penalties in the 2nd half allowed the Buckeyes to pull away.  Jim Harbaugh is 0-5 against the Buckeyes and a lot of fans are not happy about it. 

Clemson, LSU and Georgia handled their business by blowing out their opponents.  Oklahoma was finally able to put the game away against Oklahoma State.  Utah ran all over Colorado.  It will be a tight race to claim that 4th spot for the playoffs if these teams can win their conference game this weekend.  Utah will battle Oregon, Oklahoma will get a rematch in Baylor. 

Missed field goals, record high 13 penalties, 2 pick 6’s - what else could go wrong, right?  There I was, it was 4th and 4 and Auburn was set up to punt.  Wait, something’s going on?  There’s flags being thrown.  False start?  What on earth could it be?  Then they show Guz Malzahn pumping his fists of joy.  Bama has 12 men on the field for a 5 yard penalty to give Auburn an automatic first down.  Then they zoom in on Saban’s face.  He is not happy, oh he is not happy.  End result – game over.  Auburn wins.   Honestly though, who expected a shoot out practically? I know I didn’t.  Nonetheless, it was an exciting game.  I’m pretty sure David had to change his underwear at least once.  At least.

No one is talking much about it but Virginia beat Virginia Tech.  Duke beat Miami.  Hawaii beat Army (Whattttt?).  Memphis beat Cincinnati which they play again this weekend for the conference championship.  And yes Adam, Florida beat the Seminoles.  Are you still alive out there?  You got several teams including Appalachian State and Boise State vying for that Group of 5 spot in the New Years 6 Bowls.    

This weekend will be full of some interesting matchups for the Conference Championship games.  Well, except the Clemson and Virginia game.  That will be a doozy. 

On To pick’ems…

There was definitely some sweating going on up near Atlanta on Saturday.  I think David was worried that gap from 1st to 2nd place was getting smaller and smaller as the day progressed. 

A few of us nailed 50 or more points.  Mike was aiming for another perfect week but the Bruins just couldn’t do it. 

The top 5 stayed relatively the same but Wendi moved to 3rd and Cindy down to 4th.  That west coast mentality got to Cindy out in California and with that result, her picks sank.  Anyone who is west of the Mississippi River doing their picks will never come out on top.  Yes that means you too Mike. 

Marc started off so good at the beginning of the year.  I guess he couldn’t handle the pressure.  If it makes you feel better Marc, Sammy’s had 44 points this week as well. 

Teddy made his picks this week but I guess all he has left to play for is his pride.  Just one more week Teddy. 

Mom is still hoping and praying David can fall and she can re-claim the lead.  But unless there are some upsets this weekend, that is highly unlikely. 

And Dave, you may want to change your handle on the pickems from "We’re baaaaack!” to something a little more realistic.  Just like your handle, your picks are false advertisement.  Neither Texas or your picks are "back”.

Megan is just happy she is in 8th place now instead of at the bottom with Brendan.  All this wedding prep, she needs her space from Brendan. 

Most points for the week:  Mike at 53 points with his only loss being UCLA.

Least points for the week:  If Teddy would have put those 9 points on Oklahoma, his week would have been pretty good.  But putting 9 on Oklahoma State netted him 40 points for the week.

Best pick of the week:  Mike and Wendi putting their points on Wisconsin.  I guess they are the only ones that thought Minnesota’s defense couldn’t stop Jonathon Taylor.

Worst pick of the week:  Teddy with his 9 points on Oklahoma.  I might as well throw Marc’s 8 point pick on Alabama in there as well just for kicks and giggles. 

Who needs the $120 this week?  Cindy will need the extra money this week to hire a divorce attorney.  Apparently she was spotted on Target security cameras with a MUCH younger man shopping on Black Friday. 

Here’s how we rank going into week 15:

  1. David- 618 points

  2. Mom – 610 points

  3. Wendi – 608 points

  4. Cindy – 606 points

  5. Adam – 605 points

  6. Mike – 588 points

  7. Kim – 581 points

  8. Megan –573 points

  9. Marc – 559 points

  10. Dave – 558 points

  11. Brendan – 556 points

  12. Teddy – 486 points

This will be our last week and then it's off to Bowl Mania! Good Luck!