Dec 9

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ESPN Pick’ems Week 14 Review


All the Championships games have ended and it worked out probably like most anticipated it to. Yeah, Utah getting blown out by Oregon was a bit of a head scratcher but let’s be honest… the PAC 12 wasn’t probably getting into the play-off anyway.


Sure, Wisconsin had its moment against Ohio State but nobody really took it THAT serious even when the Badgers led 21-7.


Even though Baylor tried to get our hopes up…AGAIN… by attempting to shock Oklahoma, the Sooners proved to be the better team in the end. Again.


And yeah, LSU’s offense is really good even against a really good defense. With or without injuries. But the Tiger Defense looks to be hitting its’ stride too.


The ACC Championship game was total garbage just like the conference. It was a fun year for Virginia, but that same Virginia team also lost to Miami during the regular season. However, Clemson is really good and will continue to be the flagship program in the ACC.


And now the bowl match-ups are set.


On to Pick’ems…


2019 Pick’ems has ended and now it’s off to Bowl Mania for another shot to win some cash. But first, let’s take a look back to see how each of us did and which college football team we resembled.


Player: Teddy

Final Ranking: 12th Place

Where did it go wrong? He started off hot and climbed into 3rd place during weeks’ 2 and 3. After that, it was just a steady descent down to last place. A few weeks of missing picks didn’t help his case. The outlook for next year’s Pick’ems contest looks bleak unless major changes are made.

Team He Most Resembled: (2-10) New Mexico – They were really horrible.


Player: Brendan

Final Ranking: 11th Place

Where did it go wrong? Everything went wrong. After week 1, he had already hit rock bottom and things didn’t really change all that much for most of the season. The poor guy never made it past 10th place which is almost hard to do. Thankfully for Brendan, Teddy played.

Team He Most Resembled: (2-10) Arkansas – They were equally as horrible.


Player: Dave

Final Ranking: 10th Place

Where did it go wrong? Dave’s highest ranking came in week 2 at 6th place but let’s face it, though he was competitive at times, he was never a threat to win the cash. He had a horrible week 10 where he snagged a lowly 22 points when everyone else was in the mid to high 40’s.

Team He Most Resembled: (4-8) Stanford – At least they were competitive at times.


Player: Marc

Final Ranking: 9th Place

Where did it go wrong? Marc’s aggressiveness got in the way more times than not. He had his one big moment and climbed as high as 5th place but lost out on high points during critical weeks and bombed. He tried to right the ship but the ship sunk.

Team He Most Resembled: (4-8) South Carolina – The Gamecocks has their one big moment by beating Georgia. Nothing happened afterwards.


Player: Megan

Final Ranking: 8th Place

Where did it go wrong? She started off in 3rd place in week 1 and afterwards… her picks were as bad as the person she’s living with. By week 4, she was in 11th place and was never a threat to do anything else. In fact, I’m not even sure why she plays.

Team She Most Resembled: (4-8) Colorado State – They were never a threat to do anything special.


Player: Kim

Final Ranking: 7th Place

Where did it go wrong? Kim’s week 2 went terribly wrong after getting only 14 points when everyone was near the 30 point range. Unfortunately, she could never really climb back out of the hole as the damage had been done. Otherwise, she was competitive most of the time and in her final five weeks, scored 44 points or higher.

Team She Most Resembled: (5-7) Oregon State – At least they scored points.


Player: Adam

Final Ranking: 6th Place

Where did it go wrong? Adam started off in a hole and worked his self into a respectable 5th place until the last week where he attempted to shoot for the moon… but instead, shot himself. He had a chance at making a run for the top spot but never made it happen.

Team He Most Resembled: (7-5) Texas A&M – The Aggies had their chance at top ranked teams, but lost each time.


Player: Mike

Final Ranking: 5th Place

Where did it go wrong? Believe it or not, Mike was in 2nd place in Week 1. It only lasted one week though because week 2 ruined him and things went south in a hurry. And right when he had a chance to catch up, Week 9 bit him and he never recovered. A top 5 finish is not bad, but he had his chances.

Team He Most Resembled: (7-5) Iowa State – They were a pretty good team, but were wildly inconsistent.


Player: Cindie

Final Ranking: 4th Place

Where did it go wrong? Cindie was probably the most consistent player and never finished any lower than 4th place. She reached as high as 2nd place in week’s 12 & 13, but slipped down the stretch. She never played aggressive enough to win.

Team She Most Resembled: (9-3) Iowa – A really consistent team that had a hard ceiling.


Player: Wendi

Final Ranking: 3rd Place

Where did it go wrong? Wendi held 1st or 2nd place for seven weeks but week’s 8 and 9 really set her back after feeling the pressure. During the last four weeks, she hit 50 points or higher to finish out the contest on a high note. In 2018 she finished in 3rd place, and this year is no different.

Team She Most Resembled: (10-2) Baylor – They couldn’t beat the team they needed to beat.


Player: Mom

Final Ranking: 2nd Place

Where did it go wrong? Mom came to play and was in the top spot for 8 weeks! Week 12 wasn’t kind to her and that was the only blip. Otherwise, it’s pretty embarrassing when your Mom is beating you in Pick’ems.

Team She Most Resembled: (12-1) Oklahoma – The Sooners had only one slip up during the season.


Player: David

Final Ranking: 1st Place

Where did it go wrong? It started off as a horror movie in week 1 as I found myself in 11th place thanks to a gagged 9-point pick which wasn’t my fault. But luckily, I counted on some of you also bombing your picks in which I was able to make up some ground. By Week 4, I was in 3rd place and the rest is history. I have now won the three out of the last four years in Pick’ems.  

Team I Most Resembled: (13-0) Clemson – It wasn’t pretty for the Tigers in the beginning either but look where they’re at now!


Here’s how we finished up:


1. David – 671 points

2. Mom – 663 Points

3. Wendi – 661 Points

4. Cindie– 660 Points

5. Mike – 637 Points

6. Adam – 635 Points

7. Kim – 634 Points

8. Megan – 622 Points

9. Marc – 611 Points

10. Dave – 610 Points

11. Brendan – 605 Points

12. Teddy – 486 Points


If you haven’t signed up for Bowl Mania, now’s the time to do it. It will be a $10 entry fee. If you plan on playing, have your money sent to Cindie prior to the first bowl game kicking off. Good Luck!