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Oct 28

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ESPN Pick’ems Week 9 Review


What a mess Week 9 was for the Big 12. The conference’s flagship program Oklahoma got dumped by Kansas State in a shocking upset which upended our high points on the picks. And if that wasn’t enough, TCU upended Texas in another upset. Currently, the best football team in the State of Texas is 12th ranked Baylor who is sitting at 7-0.


I know they aren’t ranked in the top spot just yet, but the best team in College Football right now is probably Ohio State who murdered a really good Wisconsin Badger team on live television. The offense is ultra-efficient and the defense is a ruthless killer.


And right when you thought Michigan was staring down the barrel of an 8-4 season, they go and do THAT to Notre Dame. If ...

Oct 21

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ESPN Pick’ems Week 8 Review


So….week 8 was fun right? This is starting to be a really weird college football season. Upsets and near upsets from out of nowhere are becoming the norm. Yeah, Illinois beating Wisconsin stole all the headlines but there was some others you probably didn’t watch like Vanderbilt shocking Missouri 21-14 and Miami dropping their game to a miserable Georgia Tech team. And for fun, BYU knocked off Boise State in the late night game that went into the wee hours of Sunday morning.


And then there were some close calls such as Texas getting into a shootout with freaking Kansas of all teams in Austin and barely coming up with the win. Purdue gave #23 Iowa a fight which was unexpected. And who knows what’s going to happen this week.


Okay Wisconsin, if ...

Oct 14


In the words of Ray Charles

"Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind”

Written by Wendi:


Hey David, did you know that if you hadn’t messed up on the pick in week 1 on the Nebraska game, you would be in 1st place?

   Is it me or did the SEC’s reputation take a little beating on Saturday?  Ol’ Rocky Slop beats Mississippi State, South Carolina stuns Georgia at home and Vandy lost to UNLV at home. Those "chickens” proved to be too much for the bulldogs to handle.  Did anyone see the shocked look on the fans in the stadium as the game ended?  And for the South Carolina players that had the "hedges” in their mouths, I hope there wasn’t any pesticides on them.  Aside from Vandy, what is happening to the more "elite teams”?  I remember when everyone ...

Oct 7


ESPN Pick’ems Week 6 Review


Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t figure out the Pac 12 or the Big 12 at the moment. In one week, Oklahoma State looks like a team competing for the Big 12 title and then the next…falls completely flat to a rebuilding Texas Tech team. Don’t let the final score fool you, Texas was in a fight with West Virginia. The same West Virginia that got their doors blown off by Missouri. Yeah, Oklahoma has not really played anyone yet, but that’ll change this week when they take on Texas. Oh and Baylor is undefeated!?!


The same goes for the Pac 12. Right when you think Washington was the killer team we thought they were…they lay an egg at Stanford. You thought Washington State was going to light it up this year? Wrong. They have dropped ...