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Dec 9

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ESPN Pick’ems Week 14 Review


All the Championships games have ended and it worked out probably like most anticipated it to. Yeah, Utah getting blown out by Oregon was a bit of a head scratcher but let’s be honest… the PAC 12 wasn’t probably getting into the play-off anyway.


Sure, Wisconsin had its moment against Ohio State but nobody really took it THAT serious even when the Badgers led 21-7.


Even though Baylor tried to get our hopes up…AGAIN… by attempting to shock Oklahoma, the Sooners proved to be the better team in the end. Again.


And yeah, LSU’s offense is really good even against a really good defense. With or without injuries. But the Tiger Defense looks to be hitting its’ stride too.


The ACC Championship game was total ...

Dec 2

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Week 14 Review

In typical fashion, rivalry weekend did not disappoint.  Not only did Auburn crush Alabama’s playoff hopes, Wisconsin eliminated Minnesota’s as well. 

The day started with a beat down in Ann Arbor by the Buckeyes.  Michigan kept it close in the 1st half, but turnovers, lots of dropped passes, and penalties in the 2nd half allowed the Buckeyes to pull away.  Jim Harbaugh is 0-5 against the Buckeyes and a lot of fans are not happy about it. 

Clemson, LSU and Georgia handled their business by blowing out their opponents.  Oklahoma was finally able to put the game away against Oklahoma State.  Utah ran all over Colorado.  It will be a tight race to claim that 4th spot for the playoffs if these teams can win their conference game this weekend.  Utah will battle Oregon, Oklahoma will get a rematch in Baylor.  ...