Monthly Archives: AUGUST 2019

Aug 5


Fall is just around the corner which signals the start of the College Football season. And with the start of the College Football season just weeks away, it also means that the annual Hall Family ESPN Pick’ems Contest is about to kick off. So here’s a reminder of what happened last year:

1.      David (559 Points)

2.      Cindie (552 Points)

3.      Wendi  (551 Points)

4.      Dave (535 Points)

5.      Adam (532 Points)

6.      Mike (530 Points)

7.      Megan (527 Points)

8.      Kim (522 Points)

9.      Mom (507 Points)

10.  Brendan (466 Points)

11.  Teddy (130 Points)


So what can we expect from this year's participants? We have no idea on how many will decide to play just yet, but one thing is certain…David, Cindie, and Adam will always be favored.


Shockingly, Wendi may have found her groove and could be a threat to finally win one of these things.


Sure, Megan won the whole ball of wax in 2017, but that’s not happening again. Hell won’t freeze over twice.


Mike always starts off with a bang. But he’ll have ...