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Sep 30


   "We are coming for you mom!!!!”

Written by Wendi: 


Luckily, there wasn’t too much excitement this week. Clemson almost lost to North Carolina if it weren’t for them trying for the 2-point conversion instead of tying to go into overtime.  Needless to say, Clemson won.  After beating UCF last week, Pittsburgh was on upset alert for most of their game against Delaware (mini-Michigan).  And by Mini-Michigan, I am talking about their uniforms.  Same colors and the winged helmet but just a brighter blue.  But instead of Delaware Wolverines, they are the "Fighting Hens”.  And boy were they plucking away at Pittsburgh.  Baylor is quietly sitting at 4-0 in the Big 12.  Are they back to the glory days like when RGIII was there?  Or is it just a fluke?  They play Kansas State next so that will be their first true test this season.  And even though Kansas has Les Miles, AKA ...

Sep 22


ESPN Pick’ems Week 4 Review


It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Michigan was going to lose to Wisconsin as a select few of us even had mid-range points on Wisconsin. Wendi’s throwing away all of her favorite Khakis today as she unpacks, but is looking into stock piling whiskey to cope with watching Michigan Football. But with the way the Michigan offense has been turning the ball over lately and their lack of offensive creativity, it was only a matter of time until THAT happened. All of a sudden, the Badgers have some confidence and momentum heading into conference play.


But Notre Dame has frustrations of their own too. Anytime Brian Kelly has gone against a Top-5 ranked opponent, it’s always been a letdown… to put it nicely. Now he’s 0-5 against Top-5 ranked teams. ...

Sep 15


Written By Wendi

ESPN Pick'ems Week 3 Review

Mom shouting "Show me the moneeeeyyyyy"

What another interesting weekend in the great sport of College Football.  There were some ranked teams go down to unranked foes.  The top 10 cruised on with the exception of Florida.  They squeaked by late in the 4th qtr over Kentucky.  Florida said "Not 2 years in a row Kentucky".  Felipe Franks went down in the 3rd qtr with an ankle injury and most likely will be out the remainder of the season.  Penn State struggled to putt Pitt behind them on the last rivarly game for the forseeable future.  The B1G had a bad day with a few ranked teams such as Michigan State and Mryland both losing to unranked teams.  Maryland finally fell flat after completely blowing out the last 2 opponents.  They could only muster 17 points against Temple.  UCF UCF UCF.  They were 28-0 ...

Sep 9


ESPN Pick’ems Week 2 Review


What a week 2 in college football. There were teams such as Michigan and Florida State barely surviving against lesser opponents. There were teams that had heart breaking losses such as Tennessee and Washington. And then we had a thriller in the LSU / Texas Match-up. Admit it, this is why you love College Football.


In the ACC, #1 Clemson took care of #12 Texas A&M 24-10 in convincing fashion. But after the Tigers, there’s nobody even close to being a threat to knocking them off at the moment. Florida State’s trying to figure out how to play the game of football and now Miami has dropped to 0-2. Quick, name the second best team in the ACC? Uhhhh…Virginia? <shoulder  shrugs>


It’s the Big 12’s turn to take a reputational hit after going 0-2 ...

Sep 1


ESPN Pick’ems Week 1 Review


College Football is back in full swing and it did not disappoint. However, Week 1 of college football was not kind to everyone.


Let’s begin with the SEC who took a bit of a reputation hit. The Vols got it started by dropping their season opener 38-30 to a Sun Belt team.  South Carolina had an epic meltdown after leading North Carolina 20-9 late in the 3rd quarter and lost 24-20. With Clemson transfer quarterback Kelly Bryant leading Missouri, the Tigers weren’t supposed to fall to Wyoming. Sure Ole Miss lost to Memphis but that was a tossup game anyway. Both Arkansas and Mississippi State had to work way too hard to finish off their cupcake opponents. And I’m confident those outside the SEC giggled as Alabama ONLY led Duke 14-3 at the half.