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Sep 15



Sep 9


ESPN Pick’ems Week 2 Review


What a week 2 in college football. There were teams such as Michigan and Florida State barely surviving against lesser opponents. There were teams that had heart breaking losses such as Tennessee and Washington. And then we had a thriller in the LSU / Texas Match-up. Admit it, this is why you love College Football.


In the ACC, #1 Clemson took care of #12 Texas A&M 24-10 in convincing fashion. But after the Tigers, there’s nobody even close to being a threat to knocking them off at the moment. Florida State’s trying to figure out how to play the game of football and now Miami has dropped to 0-2. Quick, name the second best team in the ACC? Uhhhh…Virginia? <shoulder  shrugs>


It’s the Big 12’s turn to take a reputational hit after going 0-2 ...



Sep 1


ESPN Pick’ems Week 1 Review


College Football is back in full swing and it did not disappoint. However, Week 1 of college football was not kind to everyone.


Let’s begin with the SEC who took a bit of a reputation hit. The Vols got it started by dropping their season opener 38-30 to a Sun Belt team.  South Carolina had an epic meltdown after leading North Carolina 20-9 late in the 3rd quarter and lost 24-20. With Clemson transfer quarterback Kelly Bryant leading Missouri, the Tigers weren’t supposed to fall to Wyoming. Sure Ole Miss lost to Memphis but that was a tossup game anyway. Both Arkansas and Mississippi State had to work way too hard to finish off their cupcake opponents. And I’m confident those outside the SEC giggled as Alabama ONLY led Duke 14-3 at the half.