Oct 5

Week 4 Review
Written by Wendi

Where do I even begin………..

We all knew Texas would eventually do a "Texas thing” and it had to happen when we all went 5 or above on them in the picks…..Texas, just do us a favor and quit playing.  Honestly.  I have no other words.  The start of the game should have given us the indication on how this would have been played out.  For those who didn’t watch, the kickoff had to be done 3 TIMES….To be fair, that wasn’t all Texas’ fault.  TCU was offsides 2 of those times.  And the Ref’s seemed unsure how to ref the game.  All in all  there were 26 penalties in the game.  12 for Texas and 14 for TCU.  What a sloppy game.  And what seemed like an eternity of a game, Texas lost 33-31.  You can’t even call this an upset.  You play Oklahoma this weekend.  We don’t know which Texas or Oklahoma team is going to show up.  I don’t recommend anyone going higher than 1.  If you do, shame on you and I don’t feel bad if you lose those points.  I am warning you now.

Speaking of Choke-lahoma.  They have now lost 2 games in a row.  To put in perspective, they have not done that since 1999 which was Bob Stoops’ first season.  This is not the year for the Big 12.  Their only hope is a mediocre Oklahoma State and maybe, just maybe Baylor to make any type of championship run.

Alabama and Clemson rolled as expected.  For the UAB/UTSA game, some of us were worried about it which reflected some of the low points on the game.  David must have had the inside scoop on it as he risked 8 points and got it. 

Kansas State kept up the momentum after upsetting Oklahoma by beating Texas Tech.  Luckily for Mike, Sam and Marc, they didn’t lose high points. 

The Memphis and SMU literally came down to the last second as SMU kicked a field goal to take the lead with only seconds left on the clock.  Memphis could not do anything with the ball after they tried to do a lateral.  They dropped the ball and that was the game.  The UK/Ole Miss game took overtime to settle.  You would think the kicker for Kentucky was a transfer from Alabama.  Their kicker missed the PAT which made it a lot easier on Ole Miss.  Which naturally, that was the deciding factor.  Ole Miss went on to score a TD and made the extra point to win the game.  Some of us needed the Kentucky win because there were quit a few that put mid to high points on Ole Miss.


Navy and Air Force game went on to be a bust.  Apparently, it was the same Navy team that showed up to play BYU a few weeks ago.  I am not sure why Navy went with a different QB.  If they would have stuck with the same QB that came back from a huge deficit against Tulane, maybe the outcome would have been different.  I haven’t read up on it but not sure why he didn’t play.  He seemed to have a pretty good arm and made good decisions in the pocket.  I am no coach, so what do I know?

Speaking of bust, wow did that Georgia/Auburn game make you want to fall asleep.  What happened Auburn?  Bo Nix is starting to become the Shea Patterson of Michigan.  You are a sophmore still making freshman mistakes.  Bo was running for his entire life the whole game.  Even Auburn’s defense looked gassed the entire game.  This was Georgia’s QB first college start and Auburn just got embarrassed.  I expected better Auburn…..We know Bama has the SEC West locked.  I doubt they will slip.  For the East, should be Florida or Georgia.   


Fun Fact of the Weekend:  UCF lost to Tulsa and FSU actually won….Typically I would have put some type of statistic but I couldn’t pass this up. 

On To pick’ems…

Yep, mom finally started her descent.  She is still in the lead but not as commanding of a lead as it was.  David, Kim and Cindy really needed mom to have a bad week and that is exactly what happened.  Mom only snagged 31 points for the week.  Mom had to use or oxygen mask as her "cabin pressure” was falling.  I went to her house to find Sam’s mask for school tomorrow as we thought he left it there the other day and she looked rough.  She wasn’t feeling well.  Seriously.  Either it was her picks or the Coronavirus.  It’s ok mom, you weren’t the only one with a bad week.

Man did I stink it up.  I was able to get an SMU win but that Kentucky pick I really needed but didn’t get.  With everyone picking Ole Miss 4 or higher on their points could have really helped me out.  Now Sam is all mad because he is grounded for getting more points than me.  Not only that but he went to school today for the "first” day of in person schooling with a black eye.  Sam finished 4th for the week with a whopping 37 points.  I told him if he told the teacher he would get arrested and sent to jail.  Yes he is more afraid of that instead of a beating at home.  Maybe I need to use Sam’s logic for his picks.  "Mom, I am picking ISU over Oklahoma because you remember when ISU scored "X” amount of points the other day?”.  Yeah apparently it really works.

Marc and Mike had another bad week.  Just when Mike thought things were looking up for his picks.  Mike no matter how hard you try on your picks, you will always be mediocre.  Just like Auburn.  Noah is still also making his way closer to the bottom. 

See Adam, like I said last week, your picks reflect your team.  You had a good week by nailing 36 point and finishing 5th for the week and FSU finally won a game.  That made your way past me into 6th place and 1 point behind Mike.

Most points for the week:  David nailed 40 out of 55 points in this challenging week inching his way to mom.  I would praise you even more if you didn’t put Texas on the picks….But you did so you don’t get this accolade respectfully.

Least points for the week:  Yep, that is me….My only excuse is David keeps putting Texas and Auburn on the picks.  Stop David…….Those teams sucks.  You pick them, they lose.  You don’t pick them, they win….You are just sabotaging us so you win.  I am on to you.  Mike, can you please pick the games instead? I will be your favorite sister.  No seriously, have you ever had an injury and you feel like that limb is just hanging by a tendon?……Yeah my arm feels like my picks.  Barely hanging on.  I’m afraid my picks will need some type of surgery (like me) or transfusion to get back up to where I need to be.  I cannot have another bad week.  If so, Marc or Sam could beat me and we can’t have that now, can we?

Best pick of the week:  With Sam putting 8 points on Iowa State over Chokelahoma, he was able to inch his way close to being out of the gutter.  He is now only 4 points from Marc. 

Worst pick of the week:  Everyone including myself and mom who went high on Navy.  Don’t think we will be doing THAT again. 

Who needs the $100 this week?   Mike needs the money for therapy after watching a bunch of 4-8 year old kids play soccer the other night.  I know it is painful to watch Mike but they are just kids. 

Here’s how we rank going into week 5:

1.       Mom – 179 points

2.       David – 174 points

3.       Kim – 172 points

4.       Cindie – 168 points

5.       Mike - 159 points

6.       Adam – 158 points

7.       Wendi - 152 points

8.       Noah - 146 points

9.       Marc - 133 points

10.   Samuel –129 points

There is a 50 point difference from first to last. 

This week is going to be another "Make or Break you” on the picks. Good luck!