Oct 12

Week 5 Review
Written by Wendi

Why is it that every year Texas and Oklahoma drag this game out.  Can there ever be just a clear out winner?  It took 4 OT with an Ehlinger INT in the endzone to finally put an end to this madness.  This game lasted about 5 hours but felt like an eternity.  I just don’t know who is worse, Texas or Oklahoma.  

In a game where everyone thought Florida would beat the Aggies, Florida’s defense could not stop Texas A&M and lost 41-38.  The more the SEC plays, the more they look like the Big XII.  No defense.  LSU lost to Missouri 45-41.  Alabama struggled to shake Ole Miss and the final was 63-48.  The only teams that were not able to score more than 10 this weekend in the SEC was Vandy and Miss St.  Mississippi State had 5 interceptions that I actually saw.  I don’t know what the final amount of turnovers was but you cannot win a game like that.  And at what point do you bench the QB for that?  Are your backups that bad?  2 points was all they were capable of mustering up against Kentucky.  Auburn fought like hell to beat off Arkansas and got a big break at the end in which should have been a fumble recovered by Arkansas.  With the intentional grounding ruling, Auburn was able to kick a field goal to make it 30-28 with 7 seconds left on the clock.  Why is it that Auburn always catches those lucky breaks?  It took Georgia in the 2nd half to finally run away from Tennessee.  Georgia outscored Tennessee 27-0 in the second half to win 44-21.  

Iowa State handled Texas Tech like a bag of chips.  OPEN-EAT-THROW AWAY.  Oh and then my heartbreak of the day.  Pitt vs. BC…… I don’t know if some of you may remember but a couple of years ago Pitt had a kicker with the last name of "BLEWITT”….Seriously, look it up.  If he would have been the kicker on Saturday, you know he would have caught some major flack.  How can you make a 58 yrd field goal to tie the game to go into overtime but cannot manage to make a PAT?  I don’t understand it.  Unfortunately this kicker’s name is Keesman so I can’t say "You BLEW IT, BLEWITT”…Oh but I wanted to.  I don’t know what possessed me to put 10 on Pitt.  Lesson learned….Hopefully.  
Kansas State outlasted TCU 21-14.  Which I am actually shocked it was not a shootout considering it is the BIG XII.  Maybe there is "some” defense after all?  Or for a lack of better words, they just suck.    

A few of us hoped Virginia Tech would have won and they kept it close for a little while considering they had 15 players out and a few coaches due to COVID.  Some of us were not sure how the Clemson and Miami game was going to pan out but at the end of the day, we knew but were too scared to go high or even pick Clemson to win.  For anyone needing clarification, no Miami is not back…and neither is Texas.  
And just for you Adam- look at Florida State.  They hung in there with Notre Dame for a while and made it a competition.  Well, at least for a little while.  But it looks like Travis will be the starting QB from here on out unless he goes all "Blackmon”.  

Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Did you know that Ole Miss racked up 647 offensive yards against Saban’s defense?    

On To pick’ems…

Mom is just one upset away from David, Kim or Cindy from taking the lead.  If I were you mom, I would put 10 on all my picks for the week.  Just kidding, don’t be like me, I’m in 8th place.  Boy did I stink it up another week.  How is this possible?  I had North Carolina picked but entered in the website wrong.  I told David I would leave it as is…And look what happened.  

Why can’t I be like Auburn and have all the good luck.  I had to drag Sam to the local High School Football game on Friday night hoping that would help me in my picks.  It didn’t.  I still blame David for putting Texas on the picks.  I am feeling lucky though and expect a stellar weekend on the picks.  

Marc and Cindy had a fantastic week nailing 41 points on a disastrous day.  I think Marc was celebrating with some extra ramen noodle from the canteen.  Go ‘head Marc, you deserved it.  I hope you got an extra coke too.  But I know his celebration did not last long because he realized he had not passed anyone and is still in 9th place.  

David, why are you still putting more than 1 point on Texas?  You won’t ever beat mom by doing that.  Just quit putting Texas on the picks – problem solved.

Mike had another bad week.  When two 7 year olds are beating you for the day, that is a problem.  Oh wait, it happened to me too.  And Adam.  Can I forfeit?  How do I sign up for that?  Seriously…Inquiring minds want to know. 

David sent a photo with Noah missing his 2 front teeth.  Is it because David punched him in the face for having a better week or did they fall out on their own?  We may never know.  Maybe you need to take some advice from your kid David.  

I think Adam feels sorry for Sam too and wants to be down at the bottom with us.  A few more weeks with they way you are picking, you will be Adam.  

Most points for the week:  Marc and Cindy tied for the week at 41.  But I don’t think Cindy even cares, she only watches the Bama games.  
She probably doesn’t even read the articles.  She is too busy with home repairs.  

Least points for the week:  Yep, that is me….AGAIN…Maybe I just don’t want Sam to feel alone at the bottom.  

Best pick of the week:  Mike and Marc going Boston College over Pittsburg.  Just an extra point made the difference in overtime.  

Worst pick of the week:  Mom and Marc going Western Kentucky over Marshall. To be fair, Marc has no way of researching so what is your excuse mom?  

 Who needs the $100 this week?   With Marc spending all his canteen money on his celebration, he may need to recoup some of that money.  


Here’s how we rank going into week 6:

1. Mom – 214 points
2. David – 212 points
3. Kim – 210 points
4. Cindie – 209 points
5. Mike - 191 points
6. Adam – 188 points
7. Noah - 184 points
8. Wendi - 181 points
9. Marc - 174 points
10. Samuel –163 points

There is a 51 point difference from first to last.  
Good luck this week!  Not really!