Oct 26

Week 7 Review
Written by Wendi

Well another week is down and the B1G and the Mountain West FINALLY started league play and it did not disappoint.  Penn State lost to Indiana in OT in a controversial 2 point conversion.  Your thought?  Either way, Penn State is out of any championship talk.  Rutgers beat Michigan State which was funny as well.  Is Michigan State that bad or is Rutgers coming up???  In what seemed to be a struggle for Ohio State against Nebraska in the first half, Ohio State finally put the beat down on them in the 2nd half to win 52-17.  Purdue beat Iowa? I mean Purdue???  Northwestern beat the brakes off of Maryland (Laughing at mom picking Maryland).  Mom, just because Tua’s younger brother is QB there, isn’t an automatic win.  Maryland is not Bama.  Just saying.  And of course Michigan, although off to a worrisome 1st possession, Michigan never looked back against Minnesota.  

Of course we know Bama rolled ol’ rocky flop.  But what is with the Tennessee fans booing the WHOLE GAME?  I hate to be playing on that football team knowing the people that are suppose to cheer for you are booing the whole game?  Poor losers.  Auburn had and "Auburn” finish as usual.  Auburn cannot either just lose out right or win out right.  Why must they wait until the last moment possible to determine the outcome of a game?  I am glad I am not an Auburn fan because I couldn’t handle the stress but when you got points riding on the game, you need them to win.  And shockingly they did.  And Mike, you should never pick against your team.  You should be ashamed.  After a big win over Tennessee last week, Kentucky lost to Missouri….LSU man handled South Carolina which I think was a shock to a lot of us.  I thought the SMU vs Cincy game would have been a lot closer than what the score actually was.  

In what many thought would be a close game, Oklahoma finally showed signs of greatness over TCU by winning 33-14.  Oklahoma State handled business against Iowa State which if I am not mistaken, Oklahoma State is the only unbeaten team in the Big 12.  And of course for all you suckers picking Navy over Houston, have ya’ll not seen Navy play?  I mean I can understand picking Navy, but 7 points???  And of course North Carolina bounced back from an embarrassing loss to FSU last week and pummeled NC State 48-21.  FSU also lost this weekend to Louisville and lost bad.  Poor Adam.  Speaking of ACC, Wake Forest beat 18th ranked Virginia Tech.  

Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Did you know that Bo Nix did not throw a single interception against Ole Miss?

On to Pick’ems:

"In keeping with the election coming up”

There was some more shuffling within the ranks again.  With that being said, David, I wouldn’t be going all Hillary Clinton and planning your fireworks show just yet.  You might get disappointed in the end results.  Cindy is hot on your trail like Trump on Stormy.    Cindy is going to be all Nancy Pelosi and say she is going to impeach you if you win.  Seriously.  Cindy told me you are trying to suppress her by threatening to change her picks after she submits.  If that isn’t voter suppression, I don’t know what is.  

And Adam is still hanging around and not going away without a fight like ol’ sleepy Joe.  When he was at my house, he kept trying to smell my hair.  I was like dude, no.  Then he was like yeah and then I was like no….Then I caught him in my room while I was sleeping trying to sniff my hair.  Good thing I am a light sleeper.  No seriously, that didn’t happen but sounds like something he would do.

And mom is like Bill Clinton, "I did not have any relations with 1st place.”  Mom says she is glad she is not in first place because of the pressure but that don’t mean we have to believe her.  It’s ok mom, no one wants first place as much as David.  

I would compare Kim to George W. Bush.  Lets bomb everyone in the Middle East.  While I am at it, let me bomb my picks too because that is exactly what happened.  

Mike is like Obama..I like being mediocre and not doing what is best for my country home.  I like creating division amongst myself and 1st place.  

Marc is like Beto O’Rourke.  Look what happened after you stated you wanted to go against guns picks.  You had to drop out of the race.

I think I can describe myself as Elizabeth Warren – I can claim I am an Indian in 1st place or 3rd place and no matter how hard I try, I will still be in 5th place…tied with mom…ugh.

Sam and Noah are those little lobbyists trying to be heard and hoping David can submit some easy picks in order for them to have a good week.  I wouldn’t count on it but if the price is right?  

Most points for the week:  David and Adam tied for 49 on an impressive Saturday where many struggled.  

Least points for the week:  With only 18 points to show for, we know Marc isn’t winning anything anytime soon.  Just say "Uncle” Marc.  I mean Sammy is about to pass you.  

Best pick of the week:  For everyone picking Purdue to beat Iowa.  Oh wait, that didn’t happen….

Worst pick of the week:  Kim putting 6 points on NC State.  What were you thinking?  That picked helped excuse you from the big kids’ table.  

Who needs the $100 this week?   Mom will need to buy more bandages and gauzes.  She is still continuing to lick her wounds from 2 weeks ago and now that she had another bad week, she needs another store run to stop the bleeding.  

Here’s how we rank going into week 8:

1. David – 298 points
2. Cindy – 294 points
3. Kim – 269 points
3. Mike – 269 points
5. Mom – 263 points
5. Wendi – 263 points
7. Adam - 261 points
8. Noah - 249 points
9. Marc - 224 points
10. Samuel –216 points

There is an 82 point difference from first to last.  

Good luck this week!  Not really!